The last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

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the last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

In the end, Joel goes with her even though he pretends he only does it have made it very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with her. With titles like 's 'God of War' and 'The Last of Us', Sony has Because Sony bravely supports games that end made full use of quiet moments to establish a believable relationship between Joel and Ellie. . The best PlayStation 4 exclusives · The best PS3 games of all time · The best PS4 games. Danielle: Okay, okay, so the ending — did it piss you off in the final is a necessary moment in the player's relationship with the game, and.

He feels less like a protector and more like a warden. Joel has removed the opportunity she had to excel on her own terms. Now she cuts a defeated figure, following reluctantly behind him, waiting for him to show her what to do.

The final moment in this short, interactive scene sees Joel jog on way ahead of Ellie and climb up onto a log. He then hoists himself onto a ridge, making the log fall down behind him. Joel has been established by this point as a character determined to prove his masculinity: His running ahead and knocking the log down means that Ellie is unable to get onto the ridge by herself. She has to go to Joel, and his outstretched hand, for help.

the last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

This is controlling male behaviour, distilled. He kidnaps Ellie from the scientist so that he can feel like a father again.

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Joel knocking the log over is symbolic of destructive male ego. Unfortunately, just after this big moment, the Infected are drawn to their whereabouts because of the loud music. They run, but both end up bitten — a death sentence, as the infection begins to take hold in just one or two days. The two decide not to kill themselves, and instead fight the infection together. Of course, Riley succumbs to her infection, but Ellie manages to develop an immunity that spurs the events of the main game.

Did Joel lie to Ellie?

After Joel is impaled with an iron rod, Ellie becomes the player-controlled character, and desperately does everything she can to save his life.

This intentionally mirrors her failure to save Riley, and further underscores the importance of her reaching the Fireflies so they can create a cure.

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Love towards her father character, her romantic love, and her love for humanity all intersect at this pivotal moment. Five years have passed since the end of The Last of Us, and clearly Ellie is on a path for revenge.

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How did this wonderfully sweet though admittedly bad-ass and foul-mouthed girl become this way? What do the women in the second trailer have to do with Ellie and Joel? Is Joel even alive? Nobody wants a rehash of what came before, so seeing this unrelenting rage and hatred will be an interesting journey, to say the least.

Why The Last of Us is a Game About Love

The Lost Legacy are nothing short of fantastic. Why did Joel lie to Ellie?

the last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

This is mostly speculation on my part based on the events of the game, but I think there are two reasons why Joel lies to Ellie. Ellie is determined to finish her "mission".

the last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

Over the course of the game there are several dialogues showing that Ellie wants to finish her mission.

When they find the giraffes at the bus stop, Joel tells Ellie that she does not need to go through with all of this but she insists on going on: After all we've been through. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing. Look, I know you mean well … but there's no half-way with this. Also at the final dialogue when Ellie tells Joel about her friend Riley who was bitten and died it becomes clear that she feels guilty for surviving while other people have had to die.

It seems she wants to remedy this guilt by doing good and saving the lives of others. Joel does not want to lose Ellie Even though Joel always tries to pretend that Ellie is just annoying him, there are hints early on that Ellie reminds him of his daughter, Sarah, who died at the beginning of the outbreak.

The first subtle hint is given in a cutscene shortly before they arrive at the Capitol building.

the last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

Joel and Ellie have a short conversation about the beauty of the view from a rooftop, at the end of which Joel looks absently at the watch Sarah gave him. Towards the end of the game it becomes clear that they have bonded.

the last of us remastered ps4 ending relationship

The conversational tone between them changes remarkably over the course of the game. This can be seen by a conversation that takes place relatively early in the game shortly after Tess has died and Joel and Ellie have escaped the soldiers: And lastly, you do what I say, when I say it.