The foundations of a healthy relationship

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the foundations of a healthy relationship

Those with weak foundations attract unstable relationships as they don't . incident as indicative of gaming instead of as a mental health issue. Here are some essential foundations for creating healthy, nurturing Communication is the foundation of a healthy, nurturing relationship. "A solid foundation for marriage doesn't rest on the intensity of the love you choose but rather on whether the relationship is good for you.

This does not mean you accept inappropriate behavior, but realize that no one is perfect. You embrace your partner, warts and all. Loving from a place of respect triumphs many a challenge and checks many a negative reaction. Communications is the very means by which you send and receive all the signals and information in your relationship — keep the lines open and the messages regular.

Meeting in the middle ground and both being willing to go halfway will give you the extra miles to go the distance in your relationship. Knowing what to expect from your partner allows each individual to lower their guard, be vulnerable, and give their whole heart.

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Just the two of us: We can make it if we try Safeguard your relationship and the sacred space between you and your partner by implementing these relationship rules as the golden standard. Do the same with your partner.

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Try active listening, repeating back what you have heard, to ensure a fuller understanding. Listen without defense, listen without rationale — hear what your partner is really saying beneath the noise of words.

the foundations of a healthy relationship

To be heard and acknowledged opens the space for true communication and connection. Mark Twain wisely said that comparison is the death of joy. There will always be someone who is in a better position and someone who is in a worse position than you. Create your own markers to aim for.

10 Signs You Have A Solid Foundation For A Marriage

But the ordinary challenging stuff -- he leaves his dirty socks on the nightstand, she looses her keys -- isn't going to disappear once you say 'I do. Reillymarriage and family therapist 5.

You can talk about the tough topics. None of us are perfect at it, but when we can talk about difficult topics like money, sex, kids, religion or politics, and do so respectfully, we've got a good foundation for a happy future together. You respond to each others' needs for connection.

This means that they connect in small ways when they spend time together. If one tells a joke, the other laughs.

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If one texts, the other texts back. If one is hurting and needs to talk, the other stops what they're doing and listens.

the foundations of a healthy relationship

This builds a strong sense of intimacy and a strong sense of emotional connection over time. It also builds trust, which is fundamental in a good strong relationship. You make each other feel valued.

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Is there a sense of safety, ease and comfort in the relationship? Does the person you want to marry enlarge, rather than diminish, your sense of possibility and worth? Healthy relationships help both people grow: You are your own person, and should have the space and freedom to function separately from your partner, without them getting jealous or angry.

Your partner should support these relationships. Phone passwords and social media or email logins are not offerings of trust so your partner can feel closer to you.

the foundations of a healthy relationship

This is another sign your partner wants to control and patrol your life outside of them — you should have a world separate from them, and they should trust you and feel comfortable and secure with that. People can only change if they want to.

It might be time to move on from the relationship. Make sure you have a support system — friends, family, counselors — you can turn to. Make sure you have contact with people outside of your relationship.