Shake it up meet gunther and tinka

shake it up meet gunther and tinka

This is a list of the characters from the TV series Shake It Up. Contents. 1 Main characters In "Opposites Attract It Up", CeCe meets and starts dating James, who is the total opposite of CeCe. But in "Psych It Up", James Ty, Deuce, Gunther, and Tinka usually refer to Rocky as CeCe's sidekick. Rocky's relationship with her. Gunka (Gu/nther and Ti/nka) are fraternal twins. They spend a lot of time with each other and are best friends. Gunther and Tinka have a motto -- Gunther: "I'm . Shake It Up, Up & Away: Gunther and Tinka plot to get CeCe and Rocky kicked . of Shake It Up/Jessie/Good Luck Charlie/Austin & Ally/Girl Meets World/Best.

shake it up meet gunther and tinka

In the episode "Ty It Up," Gary has been replaced with a new producer, Phil, who makes everyone re-audition. Ty tries to become a dancer on the show which effects Rocky. Phil will only let one of them be on the show which causes a feud between the both of them.

shake it up meet gunther and tinka

Ty unexpectedly becomes the new host of the show, but Rocky still doesn't get the gig. He then gives her the job back on the show, but Rocky wants to earn it by re-auditioning. She finally decides to take her job back and is now back on the show. Georgia starts dating firefighter, Jeremy Hunter and they subsequently get engaged and plan a wedding.

The couple break up a few episodes later after Logan won't make an effort to befriend CeCe. Opening sequence[ edit ] Selena Gomez sings the theme song. The opening theme starts with Rocky and CeCe dancing in grass skirts as shown in "Boot It Up"then showing various clips of the cast members some clips from the previous seasons are also includedstarting off with Zendaya and Bella Thornethen going in order with Davis ClevelandRoshon FeganAdam Irigoyenand Caroline Sunshine.

Kenton Duty is not a main cast member in this season, so he is not included in the credits. It then shows more various clips of the cast members as it gives credit to the creator of the series, Chris Thompson. A final clip shows the same thing that was shown in the previous seasons, but Rocky and CeCe are wearing different outfits. The theme song is also shortened only in this season.

I Love Dance " was released on March 5, List of Shake It Up episodes Kenton Duty is no longer a main cast member and is removed from the opening credits.

Initially, she performs poorly in school partially because of dyslexia though this isn't revealed until laterbut also in part because of her "trouble-making" behavior and her lack of motivation. She gradually improves academically as the series progresses.

Being fearless, Cece is constantly getting into trouble. Despite her initially failing audition due to stage frightshe eventually earns a spot as a background dancer on the local dance show "Shake It Up Chicago". In "Shrink it Up", it was revealed in a flashback that CeCe and Rocky met together in a ballet class when they were around 5 years old. It was there that they became best friends and CeCe gave her the nickname "Rocky", stating that it was easier to say than her real name, Raquel.

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CeCe cares for her family very much. She loves her little brother, Flynn, but is irresponsible when babysitting him, such as when she and Rocky forgot him at the park in season one, and when she forgot to buy ingredients for Flynn's cookies in season two.

shake it up meet gunther and tinka

CeCe and Flynn are shown to have a love and hate relationship, but they comfort each other when the other is down. CeCe has a great relationship with her father, JJ Jones. The two share almost the same personality. CeCe and Flynn say their parents get along better when they're divorced. CeCe's best relationship is with her mother, Georgia Jones.

They fight sometimes, but always make up. CeCe helps Georgia take care of Flynn, and some times kisses up to her, such as in season one when she wanted a cell phone, and in season two when she wanted to go down to the movie studio her mom worked at and meet Taylor Lautner. In season three, CeCe desperately wanted her mom to find a boyfriend, so she and Rocky set her up with a firefighter named Jeremy Hunter. It turned out, though, that at the altar Georgia and Jeremy realized they didn't want to get married and broke up.

CeCe also became a Broadway star. Overall, CeCe has a pretty bad romantic life aside from Season 3. But in "Psych It Up", James breaks up with her before she can because they have nothing in common. Later on in the episode, she meets with a psychiatrist who tells her she will meet the love of her life soon. When CeCe goes to meet him, it turns out to be a dog who CeCe takes home. In the end though, the dog's owner, Monroe, takes home his dog and asks out CeCe. It is never confirmed if they broke up or not.

CeCe is one of only two characters to appear in every episode; the other, appropriately enough, is her best friend Rocky. Rocky Blue[ edit ] Raquel "Rocky" Blue, [1] portrayed by Zendayais a book-smart girl whose heart belongs to dancing.

She is a vegetarian and supporter of animal rightsas mentioned in "Meatball it Up". She is always trying to get CeCe out of trouble, which often gets them both into trouble. She is Ty's younger sister. Their dad is never seen until one Season 2 episode but is mentioned briefly by Ty throughout Season 1, explaining his absence, as he's always on business trips.

Though Rocky's real name is Raquel, CeCe gave her the nickname "Rocky" when they first met, which eventually caught on with all of Rocky's friends and family. Rocky does not take well to people disliking her, as seen in " Give it Up ".

Her father is a doctor for Doctors Without Borders. Rocky is referred by others as freakishly tall for her age, while CeCe is freakishly short.

Gunther and Tinka Get Mocked by Randy and Candy.

Rocky is shown to love Taylor Lautner. She also seems to make a joke out of something at the wrong time, but sometimes she can make a joke that no one will usually catch on to. It is shown in "Made in Japan" that she is "deathly afraid of flying", a fear she developed after she and CeCe had to dance on the wing of a plane. Rocky is usually pulled into CeCe's crazy schemes, and is usually punished or grounded with CeCe in the end.

Rocky tries to be CeCe's voice of reason, but CeCe usually doesn't listen she only follows by her own rules.

Rocky's relationship with her family is very strong. Rocky and her mother, Marcie are on good terms, but her mother is overprotective when it comes to Rocky dating.

shake it up meet gunther and tinka

Rocky and her father have a good relationship, and although he wants her to be a doctor, he sees how much Rocky loves to dance, and eventually accepts it.

Rocky and her brother Ty have a great, and strong brother-sister bond. Ty is overprotective of his little sister, but at the same time, they can fight. Rocky's romance life is just as bad as CeCe's. Rocky hadn't had any major love interests until season three. CeCe's future stepbrother, Logan Hunter asked Rocky to teach him how to slow dance, but while Rocky was teaching him, Rocky kissed Logan twice and he kissed her back.