Relationship between turkey and china

relationship between turkey and china

The Turkish president had met with his Chinese counterpart, because of its soured relations with Washington, but also due to concerns about. China may have emerged as an alternative ally for Turkey while its relations with the US have deteriorated, but it is yet to become an all-out. China will host Turkey's top diplomat in Beijing as part of an effort to advance their “strategic relationship of cooperation,” the Chinese Foreign.

President Erdogan said he would like to form "a new alliance" with China, Russia and Iran to resist economic pressures created by the Trump administration. What does this "new alliance" relationship exactly mean? President Erdogan is a visionary leader who values Turkish-Chinese cooperation. Our bilateral relations have improved steadily and turned into a strategic partnership in President Erdogan and President Xi Jinping have met five times in recent years.

Our leaders share the view that there is a vast potential for cooperation between the two countries. Indeed, Turkey has shown active interest in the Belt and Road initiative. President Erdogan took part in the Belt and Road forum last year in Beijing. Moreover, Turkey also promotes Caravanserai Project, which fosters increased cooperation among customs authorities of the Middle Corridor countries.

Turkey has completed a joint railway project with Azerbaijan and Georgia, which connects Baku-Tbilisi-Kars. This will be a crucial link within the overall Middle Corridor project. Turkey has also been negotiating with the Chinese side on high-speed railway system to run between easternmost and westernmost cities of Turkey.

relationship between turkey and china

All these projects are planned to connect with the Belt and Road initiative. We observe a steady increase in Chinese direct investment and a growing number of Chinese firms doing business in Turkey.

Turkey’s closer ties to China ‘will be economic’ as Nato and EU retain share of loyalty

Turkey, which is 17th largest economy worldwide and the sixth largest in Europe, would like to host more of these investors, since it holds the unique advantage of geographical convenience as it is located between Asia and Europe, and provides incentive packages to foreign investors.

Even though our diplomatic relations with China started in the 20th century, our relations in trade, culture etc go back many centuries, even going back to ancient Silk Road times.

Regarding our relations with Iran and Russia I can say that we are neighboring countries and our relations with them go back hundreds even thousands of years. Turkey is also in close contact with Russia on a number of important projects in the field of energy and other sectors.

Central Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries are likewise counterparts of Turkey. This trend shows Turkey's choice for working with multiple actors and promoting political and economic relations with them. Does it imply Turkey would shift its strategic orientation from the West to the East?

In other words, is Ankara really interested in replacing its traditional partnerships, or it just wants to teach Washington a lesson? Turkey does not consider this array of developing relations with China and other countries to replace its existing ties with the US or the EU. Turkey has the strength and confidence to place itself at a position where it can work with all these actors on an equal footing. Turkey does not favor one partner over another. Our goal in developing relations with China is to enjoy bilateral cooperation in a win-win setting.

Chinese economy and market offers important opportunities for Turkey, and we want our business sector to further engage in markets in China.

relationship between turkey and china

Turkey is ready to cooperate with all on the basis of mutual understanding and mutual benefit. When Turkey bolsters its relations with China, Russia, Iran or any other country in addition to Western world, some claim that Turkey's axis is shifting.

China-Turkey relations transcend prejudices - Global Times

Let me remind one thing especially to the countries that claim Turkey's axis is shifting. Turkey was trading with China even before discovery of American continent.

Turkey is a country with strategic and trade importance and it has always been like this throughout history. French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in China and inked deals worth billions. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited China 11 times since she was elected. Britain has declared its relations with China as being in its "golden age. No one questioned them for any so-called "shift of strategic orientation.

It is difficult to understand why Turkey faces questions on strategic shift when it pursues its interests and does similar agreements with China in a mutually beneficial way.

China–Turkey relations - Wikipedia

Chinese people have mixed and complicated feelings about Turkey. While some think Turkey is a beautiful and nice country, others are disappointed with its attitude toward Xinjiang.

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What would you say about this? I would like to thank you for asking this question.

relationship between turkey and china

Due to geographical distance between our countries, people of Turkey and China don't know much about each other. In addition to this, Turkish people read the news stories about China through Western eyes and Chinese people read the news stories about China again from different sources.

This is one of the reasons why there is misperception among some Chinese people about Turkey and it explains why some Chinese people have mixed and complicated feeling about Turkey.

I believe those people who believe Turkey is beautiful have visited Turkey. Tourism is one of the important elements to overcome this misperception and thanks to our efforts through Turkish Tourism Year in China, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Turkey has almost doubled this year.

We expect that by the end of the number of Chinese tourists who visited Turkey will increase to aroundI believe they will all come back with good feelings. Thus, people-to-people exchanges not only in tourism, but also in education and in other fields are important to overcome misperception. Thanks to President Xi Jinping's great vision, the initiative has transformed into one of the largest joint development projects in human history.

Led by Turkey, the "Middle Corridor" initiative is at the heart of the project. This railroad not only connects Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, but also allows a train from London to reach Beijing within two weeks. Aimed at expediting the Middle Corridor initiative, the negotiations with our Chinese friends over the joint construction of the Edirne-Kars fast track, which will connect Turkey's easternmost and westernmost cities, are nearing a conclusion.

Increasing cooperation between our countries due to the Middle Corridor initiative and the Belt and Road Initiative, and the strengthening trust-based relations between the presidents of the two countries have greatly boosted bilateral relations.

China and Turkey seek to build a common future

Moreover, the crucial phone call between the two leaders in April and the meeting at the BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, last month indicate the importance both leaders attach to the future of bilateral relations. Every significant political development between China and Turkey along with the increasing cooperation boosts bilateral interactions, leading to mutual benefit in tourism. The year has been declared "Turkey Tourism Year" in China, and our extensive promotion campaign has started to yield results.

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The number of Chinese tourists who visited Turkey in the first six months of this year increased by about percent year-on-year. Which shows the common political approach of the two leaders has brought the peoples of China and Turkey closer.

relationship between turkey and china