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and they are required to live with important officials such as the Commander in chief. Further exploitation of the Bible is seen in the story when the Commander connection with the story in the sense that the Commander's wife is stricken with When Offred is listening to the Beatitudes along with the other Handmaids. Commanders over Handmaids, or even men over women — and that. Offred herself love, Offred's relationship with Nick is a subversive one simply by its very nature . in ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit (), on the other hand, Chief. Bruce Miller on why June had to choose to do what she did—and what's to come for Bradley Whitford's mysterious Commander Lawrence. awful society she helped create as one of Gilead's chief architects. “If you come in and Offred and the handmaids are walking into the Red Center, they go, 'Wow!.

Until the election of Mohamed Morsi in Juneprior Egyptian presidents had all been former military officers, and during the Yom Kippur War the president played a major role at all levels of the planning of the war, and was in a literal sense Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces giving direct orders to the commanders from the headquarters during the war as field marshal of the armycolonel general of the air force and air defence forces and admiral of the navy.

Anwar Sadat often wore his military uniform, while former president Hosni Mubarak had abandoned this tradition. Finland According to the Finnish constitutionthe President of Finland is the commander-in-chief of all Finnish military forces. In practice, the everyday command and control is in the hands of Chief of Defence and the Commander of the Finnish Border Guard.

The economic administration of the Finnish Defence Force is the responsibility of Ministry of Defence. The duty of the president is to decide upon [23]: In questions of strategic importance, the Prime Minister has the same right.

Article 16 provides the president with extensive emergency powers. After crushing local nobles engaged in warlord-ism, the Kings of France retained all authority with the help of able yet discreet Prime ministers MazarinRichelieu.

The Handmaid's Tale recap: season 2, episode 12 – has the regime gone too far?

The following Third Republic was a parliamentary system, where the military authority was held by the President of the Council of Ministers. During World War Ithe many visits to the trenches by the elderly statesman Georges Clemenceau impressed the soldiers and earned him the nickname Father of Victory French: The following and short-lived Fourth Republic was a parliamentary system, which was replaced by the present Fifth Republica semi-presidential system.

Unusually; there is a rank insignia for the position. India Supreme command of the Indian Armed Forces is vested in the President of Indiaalthough effective executive power and responsibility for national defence resides with the Cabinet of India headed by the Prime Minister.

This is discharged through the Ministry of Defenceheaded by the Minister of Defencewhich provides the policy framework and resources to the Armed Forces to discharge their responsibilities in the context of the defence of the country.

On 15 Augusteach service was placed under its own commander-in-chief. Inthe three service chiefs were re-designated as the Chief of the Army Staff rank of generalthe Chief of the Naval Staff rank of vice-admiral and the Chief of the Air Staff rank of air marshal with the president as the supreme commander.

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The Chief of the Air Staff was raised to the rank of air chief marshal in and the Chief of the Naval Staff raised to the rank of admiral in Day-to-day operations of the Armed Forces is handled by the commander of the Armed Forces Indonesian: Indonesian Armed Forces has three service branches: Each service branch is headed by a Chief of Staff also a 4-star officer who has the task of developing soldier professionalism in each branch.

Commanders have direct commanding authority to Main Combatants Command Indonesian: Chief of Staff is also appointed by the president from senior military officers. The president as commander-in-chief also has authority in senior military officer mutation and promotion in tour of duty. Minister of Defense has responsibility to assist the president in defense issues and create policies about authorization use of military force, manage defense budget, etc.

For authorization use of military forces or declaration of war, the president must get approval from House of Representatives. The Commander of Armed Forces gives recommendations to the Minister of Defense in creating national defense policies. After the inception of the Islamic Republic, the President of Iran was initially appointed that task, with Abolhassan Bani Sadr being the first commander-in-chief. However, Abolhassan Bani Sadr was impeached on 22 June While the handmaids themselves show solidarity on some occasions, they too exhibit petty jealousy and backbiting in other scenes in the book.

Biblical References in The Handmaid’s Tale

They also take part in the most shocking scene in the book. The handmaids rip and tear a young man to shreds like lions released on the Christians in a Roman coliseum.

Instead of joining together to fight back against oppression, the only time they seem to be almost completely unified is in this one display of blood lust. Each group and even each individual woman in the novel has her own agenda and no one can really be trusted.

Surely, this is not the image of women that the feminists would like to portray. Feminists themselves are most clearly represented in the novel by the characters of Moira and Offred's mother. The narrator's mother provides a picture of the 60's era women's libber while Moira represents a modern, lesbian feminist.

At first, these characters seem to be the strongest of the novel and portray feminism in a flattering light. Offred speaks highly of her mother.

She tells of her mother's rallies and pickets, but also shows her softer side. Although never married herself, Offred's mother is able to accept Luke and trade barbs with him without taking offense. She seems to have raised Offred well and by all accounts appears to be caring and nurturing. The character of Moira has slightly more of an edge. She's tough, determined, and seemingly as capable as any man.

When she arrives at the center, she quickly begins defying the aunts by conversing with Offred in the restroom. Eventually, she escapes the center using a piece of a toilet to kidnap an aunt and then stealing the aunt's clothes for a disguise.

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With this, Offred is left wondering what has become of Moira, hoping that somehow she managed to escape into another country or at least strike some great blow against their captors. It's not until late in the novel that the reader finally finds out what became of Moira.

First, Atwood lets the reader in on where Offred's mother ended up. Offred discovers that her mother was labeled an unwoman and watches with sadness as the former radical cleans up toxic waste, a broken, dying woman.

Moira has a somewhat less gruesome ending, but one that is no less tragic. Offred meets up with her at a secret club for high-ranking officials. Moira has become a prostitute, dressed in a degrading mock Playboy bunny costume and sleeping with decrepit old men in exchange for a tiny slice of freedom in cigarettes and lesbian sex with her fellow whores.

The proud, self-assured feminist has become the antithesis of all she once stood for. By recounting these fictional events and several others in close succession, Atwood systematically destroys all of the hopes of the female sex in the novel.

The two strongest female characters falter under the pressure of the dominant males. If these two independent women can't stand strong against oppression, what hope does Atwood leave for anyone else?

Obviously, the novel hinges on Offred. Martha refers the sister of Mary, who served Jesus Christ. There are many examples of biblical symbolism throughout the story. The society itself rigidly follows some specific laws from the Bible. By reciting certain passages from the Bible to the women, they are made to feel as though whatever would be done to them would not be morally wrong.

The author uses this example to illustrate the skewed use of religion to manipulate the minds of the weak, as the preacher only preaches things which would benefit himself, much like a businessman. Further exploitation of the Bible is seen in the story when the Commander walks into the room and recites the Genesis In the society of Gilead, men used to pass the blames on their wives instead of calling themselves infertile or sterile. The name of the state itself is taken from the Bible.

Gilead is a very peaceful, clean and fertile place in Palestine according to the Old Testament.

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The people in power want to brand themselves as a fertile and strong society just like it is represented in the Bible. In reality, they are an imperfect dystopia full of corruption, pollution and injustice. A passage in Hosea states that Gilead was a tormented city full of evil men and the memories of their sins. This is another example of the convenient usage of the Bible to suit their requirements to control the people. Any and all forms of personal conversation are also forbidden in Gilead.

Only certain set phrases, taken from the Bible, can be used to communicate with another person. Their conversations should be laced with religious overtones. Similarly, reading and writing is also prohibited in Gilead.