Relationship between nigeria and zambia


relationship between nigeria and zambia

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos keen to strengthen the diplomatic relations with Zambia and to work. As Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence, BBC reporters There is no mistaking the ancient cultural and linguistic ties between the neighbours. . Zambia is host to churches with origins from Nigeria and a number of. Zambia has excluded Nigeria among the African and Commonwealth countries that do not require visa to enter the country. Ordinarily.

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Burkina Faso has an embassy in Abuja. Nigeria has an embassy in Ouagadougou. See Cameroon-Nigeria relations A long-standing border dispute with Cameroon over the potentially oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula was resolved by a decision by the International Court of Justice which granted Cameroon ownership of the region and the signing of the Greentree Agreement which led to the withdrawal of Nigerian troops from Bakassi in and complete administrative control being taken over by Cameroon in August Cameroon has a high commission in Abuja and a consulate-general in Calabar.

See Chad—Nigeria relations Nigeria's economic austerity campaign produced strains with neighbouring states, including Chad.

relationship between nigeria and zambia

Nigeria expelled several hundred thousand foreign workers, mostly from its oil industry, which faced drastic cuts as a result of declining world oil prices. At least 30, of those expelled were Chadians. Despite these strains, however, Nigerians had assisted in the halting process of achieving stability in Chad, and both nations reaffirmed their intention to maintain close ties.

relationship between nigeria and zambia

Chad has an embassy in Abuja and a consulate in Maiduguri. Nigeria has an embassy in N'Djamena. Central African Republic has an embassy in Abuja.

relationship between nigeria and zambia

Nigeria has an embassy in Bangui. Nigeria has an embassy in Abidjan. DR Congo has an embassy in Abuja. Nigeria has an embassy in Kinshasa.

It is about 7, square kilometre in the South of the Continent of Africa.

relationship between nigeria and zambia

Many people know Zambia for the Victoria Falls but there is much more to Zambia than that. Zambia and Nigeria have been friends ever since the Africans started waging war against apartheid. They were both front-line states, meaning that they were very pivotal in the fight against the defeated racist regimes in Africa.

Ever since, the two countries have remained close and the relationship is very warm and cordial. In Diplomacy, if you have embassy in another country, we call it bilateral relation.

But after the fight against apartheid and the end of the cold war, that has changed and we now talk about economic diplomacy instead of political diplomacy.

relationship between nigeria and zambia

Zambia and Nigeria are workin g very hard together to make sure that the two countries can accrue benefits from the relationship that exists between them. So far, we have rekindled a number of things between the two countries. I do not know whether you are aware that my President and your President met recently to move the relationship forward and a protocol was signed which spelt out a number of things we need to agree on.

Before the visit, we were able to look at the technical aid co-operation between Nigeria and Zambia and I am proud to inform you that this went very well. We have sent 58 persons from Nigeria to Zambia as technical assistants. These experts are in the field of education, health and other areas.

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I have met some of these people in Zambia and they were well received over there, they are operating in various areas of Zambian life. What does Nigeria benefit from this sort of deal? You must understand that technical aid is a type of assistance to Zambia. What is going to happen is that very soon we shall be signing a trade agreement between the two countries. One of such agreement is to open up the air space between Zambia and Nigeria. Our two countries will then be able to make direct commercial flights operating from Lusaka to Abuja.

It would mean economic growth for our two countries and there are also other areas of interests.

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The agreement will be fashioned in such a way that there will be mutual benefits to the two countries. To do that, we would have what we call the Permanent Joint Commission that will comprise of experts from the two countries. What is the volume of trade between Nigeria and Zambia at the moment?

There was none and that is why we are holding this talk and looking at the situation. Nigeria became real and we were exposed to Nigerians telling their stories and not us being told stories about Nigerians. I have an uncle who has a mammoth collection of Nigerian movies and a few other relatives who swear on the integrity of Nigerian pastors. And as people were exposed to Nigerians, either on the big screen on in person, other elements of Nigeria made their way into the lives of Kenya - notably in fashion and music.

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Huge and colourful head-wraps, accessorised elegant and colourful boubous traditional gowns and for a number of women, that was the outfit of choice at social gatherings. So Kenyans now dance to a very different Nigerian tune. Liberia - by Jonathan Paye-Layleh: Nigerians serving with Ecomog or the UN have been in Liberia for years Economic links between Liberia and the giant of West Africa have always been strong - the most visible sign of which is the 85km 50 mile Ibrahim Babangida Highway named after a former Nigerian head of state to Sierra Leone's border.

But it is Nigeria's peacekeeping efforts that Liberians are most grateful for. When the civil war broke out, Nigeria led a West African intervention force, Ecomog, which prevented the rebels of Charles Taylor from overrunning the capital, Monrovia, in August Ever since, Nigeria has been in the vanguard of peacekeeping efforts in Liberia, and in recent times, has also sent doctors and teachers to help with the country's acute shortages.