Relationship between malay and chinese marriage

Simply Shing: The malay chinese relationship

relationship between malay and chinese marriage

A Baba Nyonya DOES NOT mean a Chinese who gets married to malay. . So it depends on how further you want to bring your relationship to. Chinese-Malay couple enjoy the best of both worlds a journey that took her two years — was one of the biggest barriers to their relationship. Shikin and Yan Ho celebrated both Chinese and Malay wedding traditions with their pretty lovebird mint and coral wedding in Singapore.

Our wedding cake was special. It was home-made by my aunt. Our theme colours were coral and green so she put together a chocolate cake, with white fondant, pink stripes and coral flowers.

To surprise us, she even found a cute topper with the double happiness sign! I had six bridesmaids including my sister, the Maid of Honour. I did not want them to be in the same dresses because these were six beautiful and strong women — I wanted them to know how special they were to me so they were each given a different dress.

I spent my engagement year looking for the perfect dresses for them so all six dresses were from different vendors, ranging from Love, Bonito to Warehouse. There was a dress that I found, just walking along Arab Street!! I left the rest of their outfit to their imagination. I had 10 flower girls — although only eight were old enough to walk down the aisle with me!

Each of my flower girls was dressed in a pink dress either pale pink or bright pink and were given stockings, in case they got cold during the wedding.

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They were also given a pink flower to wear in their hair or even as a corsage if it was more comfortable for them. Aww we did not have as many page boys as flower girls. Boys will always be boys so we wanted them to be comfortable enough to run around and get into all kinds of mischief! Tell us about your wedding celebrations.

Shikin and Yan Ho’s Intercultural Chinese and Malay Wedding

I wore four wedding gowns on our wedding day! I wore a beautiful white modest dress, with a mermaid cut for our solemnisation ceremony.

For my second march-in during the wedding dinner, I wore a champagne-coloured dress with red detailing.

Now, every girl has a dream dress she grew up dreaming about. A dress she would treasure and keep for future generations and for me, it was my Vera Wang wedding gown which I wore for our first march-in during the wedding dinner. It had enough flair to fit my loud personality while still remaining classic, and I fall in love with it every time I look at it, even today! I wore a pair of encrusted black heels from Aldo, because it reminded me of stars! I also wore a pair of white laced flats, which matched the coral laced flats that all my bridesmaids wore.

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Similar to Shikin, I wore four suits during our wedding day. As part of our engagement, Shikin gifted me two full suits — one from Hugo Boss and another from Armani. I wore the Hugo Boss suit for our solemnisation and the Armani suit for our first march-in during our wedding dinner.

During the afternoon festivities, I wore a green traditional Malay suit and for our second march-in, I wore a champagne coloured suit.

We were so blessed to have had Fatimah Mohsin as our makeup artist and hairstylist, and she was assisted by her professional executive, Mazni. Fatimah got us styled for our solemnisation at the start of our wedding day as well as the start of our wedding dinner. Mazni styled us during the timings in between to make sure there was not a strand of hair out of place.

They made sure we looked great from start of the wedding day till the end of the wedding dinner! That was no mean feat since we started our wedding day at 8am and only ended our dinner at 10pm! Truly an amazing talented pair!

When we got engaged, I think we both agreed that there was no better place for our wedding since we wanted a large space with air-con and good food! We loved the venue for so many reasons but here are the top few: It could accommodate a large number of guests — My family is quite big with my mother having 14 siblings so we were expecting to have a huge wedding.

From the very beginning, we knew that we had to have a venue which was big enough to accommodate our family and their guests. It was air-conditioned and there was a prayer room! So air-conditioning was a must for us: D Plus, there was a room catered for us right next to the ballroom which made it a perfect place for prayers especially since our wedding started at 9am and lasted till 10pm! Wheelchair-friendly — My paternal grandmother is wheelchair-bound and we wanted her to be around for the festivities without feeling inconvenienced.

Given that this was the first wedding for both our families, having people who were willing to share their experiences and give us tips on how to make our wedding a beautiful experience for us and our guests was just amazing. We had a buffet for the wedding day from 11am till 6pm, serving various Indian and Malay traditional dishes. We just recently attended his wedding solemnisation!

relationship between malay and chinese marriage

Even today, when we attend weddings at the same venue, we will drop by to see them! Yan Ho selected a beautiful platinum ring with a half circle of round brilliant diamonds for me to complement my solitaire engagement ring. I wanted a simple band which I can wear on a day to day basis. This word means a lot to us — a few years back, we asked each other what was the most important thing to us, as a couple. We realised that for us, the most important vow to each other was to inspire one another to be the best person that we can be, every single day, and hopefully, that would inspire the rest of the world to do the same: D Can you share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding?

There were so many! Yes, I did not know that the traditional Malay gate-crash involved everyone but it was great seeing how much they loved her and how they worked together to create the most amazing atmosphere for a fun wedding!

When it ended, they requested for a second round and it was just so beautiful to see all of them sing with such passion! During our second entrance for our wedding dinner, his younger brother played the violin and his younger sister and mother took turns at the keyboard to put together a beautiful piece to welcome us into the ballroom. Family is so important to the both of us and it really meant a lot to us when they performed! Can you tell us the cost of your wedding and where you spent the most?

We spent the bulk of it on food and catering because we wanted to make sure our guests had a good meal and were comfortable at our wedding.

Chinese-Malay couple enjoy the best of both worlds

Any advice for couples preparing for their weddings? Remember to laugh the stress off! This helps you to focus on what is important to each person and devote the time and commitment to those areas instead of fussing over every small thing. It was all so wonderful that we will always recommend them to our friends!

Give and take, eventually the people who love you will see the light and respect your choices. Both are Malaysians and they got to know each other online whilst Nichiren was studying overseas.

relationship between malay and chinese marriage

Everyone tells me that too! The daily struggles they face as a couple leads back to race and religion. It was pretty heartbreaking to be in a situation like that.

If your relationship makes you happy, nobody else gets to have a say in it. Never forget that without the investment of time and work, there will be no ROI. The couple has been together for 8 months and they met whilst Amir was teaching Lin how to navigate Photoshop. Not to mention, it is also difficult to communicate with a different community of people at the start. Struggles and differences may affect the relationship but if you both have the drive to strive through any struggles, it will just be a phase.

Hardship and arguments exist in any relationship but what makes it meaningful is to go through it together every step of the way. They have been together for 3 years and they met through a mutual friend. Rizal was drawn to Fiona because she is smart, kind, strong and independent.

They met whilst in college and has been together for 6 years now. The fact that Malays can marry up to four wives legally also concerns my family in terms of how loyal and faithful he will be to me and if I were to have kids with him.

She tries her best to allow her boyfriend and family to spend more quality time together to get to know one another and for her family to understand and accept Razif for who he is. Never forget to have mutual understanding on the difference in culture and practices. And for those who are thinking of converting to another religion, be open and ready for the change that will come with it.