Relationship between job analysis description and specification

Job Description & Job Specification - Definition, Purpose, PPT

relationship between job analysis description and specification

May 28, Job analysis is a process while job description is a statement. It is helpful in the preparation of job description and job specification. is done in which the details of a particular job are extracted in relation to other jobs. SEC 7 Page 1 of 5. 7 Job Analysis - Job Description and Job Specification. 1. to fit that structure. 4. The relationship of the job with other jobs in the concern. 5. Information provided by Job Analysis Job Description and Job Specification in HRM. Job relations – Relation with superior, junior, co-worker, counsellor.

The preparation of job description is very important before a vacancy is advertised. It tells in brief the nature and type of job.

This type of document is descriptive in nature and it constitutes all those facts which are related to a job such as: The nature of duties and operations to be performed in that job. The nature of authority- responsibility relationships.

relationship between job analysis description and specification

Necessary qualifications that are required for job. Relationship of that job with other jobs in a concern. The provision of physical and working condition or the work environment required in performance of that job.

Job Analysis - Job Description and Job Specification

Advantages of Job Description It helps the supervisors in assigning work to the subordinates so that he can guide and monitor their performances.

It helps in recruitment and selection procedures. It assists in manpower planning. It is also helpful in performance appraisal. It is helpful in job evaluation in order to decide about rate of remuneration for a specific job.

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It also helps in chalking out training and development programmes. Job specification translates the job description into human qualifications so that a job can be performed in a better manner.

relationship between job analysis description and specification

Job specification helps in hiring an appropriate person for an appropriate position. Job title and designation Educational qualifications for that title Physical and other related attributes Physique and mental health. It helps in attracting, targeting, recruiting and selecting the right candidate for the right job.

It is done to determine what needs to be delivered in a particular job. It clarifies what employees are supposed to do if selected for that particular job opening. It gives recruiting staff a clear view what kind of candidate is required by a particular department or division to perform a specific task or job.

relationship between job analysis description and specification

It also clarifies who will report to whom. Job Specification Also known as employee specifications, a job specification is a written statement of educational qualifications, specific qualities, level of experience, physical, emotional, technical and communication skills required to perform a job, responsibilities involved in a job and other unusual sensory demands.

It also includes general health, mental health, intelligence, aptitude, memory, judgment, leadership skills, emotional ability, adaptability, flexibility, values and ethics, manners and creativity, etc. Purpose of Job Specification Described on the basis of job description, job specification helps candidates analyze whether are eligible to apply for a particular job vacancy or not. It helps recruiting team of an organization understand what level of qualifications, qualities and set of characteristics should be present in a candidate to make him or her eligible for the job opening.

Job Specification gives detailed information about any job including job responsibilities, desired technical and physical skills, conversational ability and much more. It helps in selecting the most appropriate candidate for a particular job. Job description and job specification are two integral parts of job analysis. They define a job fully and guide both employer and employee on how to go about the whole process of recruitment and selection.