Relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

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relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

Hamas and Fatah have ruled the occupied Palestinian territories of Under Yasser Arafat, and after the Arab-Israeli War, Fatah The biggest difference between the two movements today is their attitude towards Israel. In June , Hamas defeated Fatah in a civil war in Gaza. Since then, Hamas has ruled in Gaza, while Fatah continues to rule in the West Bank. The mutual. June Fighting between Fatah and Hamas gunmen in Gaza but its political platform conflicts with that of Abbas, chosen on a pro-peace.

After being pushed out of Jordan and Lebanon in the s and s, the movement underwent a fundamental change, choosing to negotiate with Israel.

relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

The word Hamas means zeal. The Hamas movement was founded in Gaza in by imam Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and aide Abdul Aziz al-Rantissi shortly after the start of the first Intifada, or Palestinian uprising against Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories. The movement started as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and created a military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, to pursue an armed struggle against Israel with the aim of liberating historic Palestine.

relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

It also provided social welfare programmes to Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation. Hamas defines itself as a "Palestinian Islamic national liberation and resistance movement", using Islam as its frame of reference.

The movement believes that the "establishment of 'Israel' is entirely illegal". This sets it apart from the PLO, of which it is not a member.

Hamas-Fatah reconciliation hard to achieve

Hamas entered Palestinian politics as a political party in when it engaged in local elections, and won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections inbeating Fatah.

SinceIsrael has launched three wars against Hamas and the Strip. After Hamas won elections in that year, Israel imposed an airtight blockade.

relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

Civilians in Gaza have borne the brunt of the fighting. In the last Israeli assault on the Strip, more than 2, Palestinians were killed, including children, over a span of 50 days. Recently, there are signs that unrest is beginning to pick again.

Just last week, Egyptian security officials met with high-ranking Fatah members in Cairo to discuss prospects for ending the rift with Hamas. They also discussed alleviating the restrictions that both Israel and Egypt have put in place to limit the flow of people and certain goods in and out of the enclave.

Fatah: Hamas is not a terrorist group

The PA is also seeking to limit fuel and other supplies from entering into the Strip as a pressure tactic to push Hamas into relinquishing its political control. Abbas has already encouraged Israel to limit the supply of electricity to the Strip and has threatened to impose more sanctions.

relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

Abbas has also maintained that only the PA has the authority to negotiate peace with Israel. He is also demanding that before the PA can resume power in the Strip, Hamas must disarm.

relationship between hamas and fatah conflict

For its part, Israel contends that its long-running blockade of the Strip is vital to preventing Hamas and other terrorist groups operating in the enclave from gaining a military advantage in future conflicts with the Israeli army.

Although the Gaza protests - under the banner of the Great March of Return —-were not initiated by Hamas, it had shown a willingness to support them, noted Diana Buttu, a former legal adviser to the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO. The hope must be that Fatah will soon realise this too - that they understand there is utility to people resisting.

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We want to break out of this prison," he told Al Jazeera. We are ready to live alongside Israeli Jews in peace — they need to set aside their fears. The right of thePalestinians made refugees by the war and their descendants to return to their ancestral lands originally lay at the heart of the platforms of all the political parties," he said.

But the Palestinians' historic compromise had turned into a dead-end. No one marches for it or is prepared to sacrifice their life for it," he said.

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Now ordinary people are going back to the roots of the Palestinian issue. He only accepted the partition of historical Palestine in the late s, faced with overwhelming western pressure. What was evident, said Khatib, was a "critical gap" between the national leaderships and Palestinian public opinion, especially among the youth.

The latter was increasingly interested in popular, non-violent struggle as a way to break out of the Palestinians' isolation.

They are bureaucratic governments, with structures, leaders and ideologies that militate against non-violence as a tactic.