Relationship between elrond and thranduil x

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relationship between elrond and thranduil x

Thranduil. House of Oropher. Cadet branch of the House of the Sindar. Born:? Years of the Trees Died:? Years of the Sun. Ancestors: Elrond is the son of Earendil, who basically saved the day in the It also seems that he had a good relationship with Thranduil (and. Through Celebrían's wedding to Elrond, Galadriel was the grandmother of After the fall of Sauron she, with Thranduil of Mirkwood and their elven allies.

If we were to look at it from a strictly political point of view, Thranduil comes out on top every time, being the only actual king in the group. But there are other things to take into account: Galadriel is the daughter of Finarfin and granddaughter of Finwe.

relationship between elrond and thranduil x

Her brothers, Finrod, was one of the greatest lords of the First Age. Her cousins both the children of Feanor and Fingolfin were the movers and shakers of Beleriand. Galadriel spent centuries learning from Melian, the Maia Queen of Doriath. She married Celeborn, a lord of Doriath.

Hierarchy Among the Elves

By the time of the War of the Ring she is over 7, years old, and one of the very very few elves left in Middle Earth who saw the light of the Two Trees. Instead she is simply the Lady of Lorien.

And in later revisions, Tolkien actually went back and kept making Galadriel more important and powerful. Elrond is the son of Earendil, who basically saved the day in the First Age. He married Celebrian, the daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn basically the most eligible bachelorette in Middle Earth.

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Rumor has it Elrond could have made a claim to be the next High King of the Noldor, and his brother became the first king of Numenor, so the potential for a royal title is certainly there. But Elrond is only the Lord of Imladris. The Dwarves were captured by Thranduil's guards and, suspicious of their intentions, he had them locked in his dungeons from which they later escaped inside barrels.

After the death of Smaug, Thranduil along with the people of Esgaroth demanded a share of the treasure of Erebor, beginning a confrontation with the Dwarves, who were reinforced by an army from the Iron Hillsthat nearly led to war.

War with the Dwarves was averted by the intervention of the wizard Gandalf upon the arrival of the allied forces of Orcs and wargs. The combined army of Elves, Dwarves, and Men was victorious in the ensuing Battle of the Five Armiesbut at great cost of life.

relationship between elrond and thranduil x

Following the battle, Thranduil established generally positive relations with the re-established kingdoms of Erebor and Dale, but ancient grievances and prejudices between the Dwarves and Elves continued to strain the friendship between the peoples. Thranduil did what he could to aid his allies during the War of the Ringincluding holding the creature Gollum in his dungeons for interrogation by Gandalf on the history of the One Ring.

Gollum soon escaped with the aid of Orcs, and Thranduil sent his son Legolas to Rivendell to seek the counsel of Elrond and Gandalf on this and other matters. Elrond nodded slowly, standing up. We'll be right back.

Rivendell to Erebor — Elrond and Thranduil’s relationship

The brothers sought out Erestor and ran to him, holding the horse like a prized trophy. He took the horse carefully from Elrond and examined it. Erestor smiled and wrapped a rag around the horse's neck.

Let it set for at least an hour before you play with it again, and stay out of trouble. I wish I had your sense. I broke it after all, sorry about that. He had about a dozen of them, counting the broken one. Elrond and Elros shrugged, sitting to play with the smaller child.

relationship between elrond and thranduil x

Behind him, Oropher loomed haughtily, scowling at Thranduil over Gil-galad's shoulder. Thranduil shifted to be partially hidden behind Elrond. He could tell you their histories for hours, if given the time. Elros pinched his arm. Elrond stepped on his foot.