Relationship between array name and pointer

C Pointers and Arrays

relationship between array name and pointer

relationship. You can use array name as a pointer pointing at zeroth element of array. Relationship between pointers and array. Consider. The difference between a pointer variable and an array name is that you can never change the address of the array name. It will always point to the first element. There is a close relationship between array and pointer. In C++; type var_name [size];; //In Java. type var-name[ ];; var_name = new type[size];.

Things such as you can interchangeably use array and pointers. You can also use array name as a pointer pointing at zeroth element. In context of array and pointer, all of the following statements are valid.

For the above case I have assumed integer size as 4 bytes. Hence, next array element i. Since array elements are stored sequentially, hence you can easily apply pointer arithmetic to iterate though elements.

relationship between array name and pointer

You can use following pointer arithmetic operations to access array elements. This is because scanf function accepts memory address and pointer variable contains memory address. Hence, there we can use pointer variable directly in scanf. Is name of array is constant pointer to zeroth array element? As I spoke earlier whenever you use array name directly, the C compiler assumes it as a pointer pointing at zeroth array element. This pointer is not modifiable.

Pointer and Array Relationship

Therefore, you may think it as a const pointer. Constant pointer is a special pointer whose value cannot be modified. Means a pointer that once point to a memory location cannot point to another memory location later in the program. In the modern operating systems like windows XP, windowscalculator is provided under tools menu. Under the view option, select scientific view. Here we can do hexadecimal calculations. So we can key in the addresses our programs are displaying on the screen and by subtracting, we can see the difference between the two addresses.

Try to write different programs and experiment with these. We have seen that we can do different arithmetic operations with pointers.

Let's see can two pointers be added? Think logically what we can obtain by adding the two memory addresses. Therefore, normally compiler will not allow this operation.

Relationship Between Array And Pointers

Can we subtract the pointers? Suppose we have two pointers pointing to the same memory address.

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Definition of Pointer The pointer is a variable that holds the memory address of another variable. The datatype of both, the pointer variable and the variable whose address is being assigned to a pointer variable, must be same. The pointer variable is as declared as follow.

relationship between array name and pointer

For example, the integer pointer will store the address of integer variable. There are only two arithmetic operators you can use on pointers i. If you apply increment on an integer pointer variable, it will be incremented by the size of datatype i. Same is the case with decrement. Key Differences Between Array and Pointer An array stores the variables of similar data types and the data types of the variables must match the type of array.

On the other hand, the pointer variable stores the address of a variable, of a type similar to a type of pointer variable type. We can generate an array of pointers i.