How do scout and jem meet dill

how do scout and jem meet dill

Dill was staying with his aunt, Miss Rachel. The children met him one morning when they heard noises coming from Miss. Rachel's yard. Jem (aged 10) and Scout (aged 6) meet Dill (aged 7), who has come to stay with his aunt in Maycomb during the summer vacation. Dill becomes interested in. The story starts with the first summer that Scout and Jem meet Dill, a little boy from Meridian, Mississippi who spends the summers with his aunt, the Finchs'.

That's why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird" page 90 Calpurnia takes kids to black church november 3 Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to a black church, this is when racial inequality is shown, they are discriminated against even though Atticus who is the father to these children is defending a black man in court.

Aunt Alexandra visits november 15 Aunt Alexandra is staying in Maycomb with Atticus to be a motherly figure. Alexandra does not want Scout growing up wearing overalls, she thinks girls wear dresses and men wear suits Dill runs away from home november 22 Dill runs away from his mom and new father to visit Scout in Maycomb and the innocence of young love started again Lynch Mob after Tom Robinson december 1 This is when a lynch mob intends on killing Tom once he is moved to the Maycomb county jail.

But Jem,Scout and Dill come along right as the mob does, Scout starts a conversation with mr.


Cunningham she makes him see how much Atticus has done for him. Cunningham clears the mob and goes home Tom Robinson trial december 6 The trial has begun, there are no more seats so Jem,Scout and Dill go up and sit on the balcony, they can see the entire courtroom from up there.

Atticus proving innocence december 7 Atticus cross-examines Sheriff Heck Tate, he is wondering if Mayella was so injured why was there no doctor called. This is the first time Atticus begins to realize the whole thing is a lie Mayella caught in her lie december 8 Atticus begins to question Mayella, when he catches her in lie so he starts firing questions at her. Atticus is yelling that she admit Tom did nothing wrong and that it was her drunken father who beat her.

Judge Taylor calls a recess because she begins to cry Tom comes on the stand december 9 Tom explains how Mayella had sent all her siblings out to get ice cream, he wondered why she had done that right while he was passing by. Then he describes the chores she always has prepared for him. Atticus proves that Mayella was the one who aroused Tom and it was not rape Meeting Mr. Dolphus Raymond december 10 Mr.

Gilmer reviews Mayella's testimony and it shows that she said everything Tom said was a lie, DIll begins to cry so Jem and Scout take him outside. The kids run into Mr.

how do scout and jem meet dill

Dolphus Raymond, Dill takes a sip of his drink it turns out to be coca-cola, the three kids have no idea why he acts drunk everyday. Raymond explains that he prefers to stay with Black people over whites, the only way that is acceptable is if he has an excuse, his excuse is always being drunk Jem and Scout are "lost" december 11 Calpurnia shows up to get the kids inside the courthouse, they all rush home to eat then run back to see what is happening.

The jury is still deciding who is guilty, finally after 11 at night the jury appoints Tom guilty. This tears Jem up he knew Tom was innocent Jem is devastated december 12 Later that night Jem begins to cry, he was very obvious to him that Tom was innocent.

The very next morning, the entire black population of Maycomb brought food and gratitude for Atticus's attempts at saving Tom. Miss Maudie invites Jem and Scout in for some cake, Maudie begins to talk about how many people in the town tried to help Tom and this town is taking a small step in the right direction Bob Ewell threatens everyone december 20 Bob Ewell scares everyone with his threats except for Atticus. Scout finds out that mr. Cunningham had appointed Tom innocent, she becomes very happy and wanted to invite Walter over for dinner.

how do scout and jem meet dill

Aunt Alexandra would not allow it because "Finch's don't associate with trash" Aunt Alexandra gossip circle january 2 Aunt Alexandra has a group of friends over for tea, Alexandra asks Scout to sit down and talk while they gossip. This maturity is foreshadowed by Jem's broken arm and the fact that the story is told in retrospect.

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Novels that deal with the formation of a maturing character are called bildungsroman or coming-of-age stories. Scout as narrator is key to the novel's success.

The reader has the advantage of a storyteller who can look back at a situation and see herself exactly as she was. Scout tells the story from an adult point-of-view but with a child's eye and voice, which gives the story a good deal of humor and wit. Scout's distance from the story also gives her some objectivity, although she admits that even in her objectivity, some events are questionable: Through Scout, Lee gives the reader a feel for the small Southern town of Maycomb, Alabama, which is loosely based on Lee's hometown of Monroeville, Alabama.

In this town, the rules of society are clearly set. One's social survival depends on how well he or she follows the rules.

how do scout and jem meet dill

Scout, Jem, and Dill come to question these conventions as the story progresses. Where a person comes from — his ancestry — is important, and like many small towns, Maycomb's citizens are suspicious of outsiders.

how do scout and jem meet dill

Dill is a crucial character in the story because he is both an insider and an outsider. He hails from a different state, but because he is a child and because "His family was from Maycomb originally," he is accepted readily. Throughout the story, Dill acts as an observant conscience for the town.

Chapters 1 - 3

The first example of Dill as conscience comes when he and Jem disagree about the method for making a turtle come out of its shell. A hefty portion of the story focuses on prejudice and the relationships between African Americans and whites in the Southern United States in general, and Maycomb, specifically.

This chapter makes clear that Maycomb has very different rules for blacks and whites in the town, as evidenced by the children's surprise when Calpurnia speaks ill of Boo Radley's father because "Calpurnia rarely commented on the ways of white people.

how do scout and jem meet dill

Much like a mystery novel, the first chapter gives readers the idea that things may not be what they seem on the surface, as when Scout's father, Atticus, says "there were other ways of making people into ghosts.