How do hakeem and anika first meet quotes

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how do hakeem and anika first meet quotes

Hakeem, first introduced as the youngest, lively, fame-hungry son, seems to get to his head. The Devil Quotes Scripture .. Then, Anika, Cookie, Hakeem and Andre all meet up to discuss what they plan on doing, but Cookie and Anika get. Cookie Lyon's 16 Fiercest Quotes on Season 2 of Empire has come a long way since we first met her in season one, going from a just-released jailbird to a respected hip-hop powerhouse in her own right. . to Anika in Season 2, Episode 2. Anika Calhoun was a main character in the television series, Empire. Anika was portrayed by actress Grace Byers, and she first appears in Pilot. when confronting one another during a meeting to discuss a future hostile takeover of Empire. Pilot · The Outspoken King · The Devil Quotes Scripture · False Imposition.

When he puts in his security key and reactivates the elevator, Lola is on it with a suitcase and a stuffed animal, intimating that her mother is nowhere in sight. When Jamal arrives at Empire Entertainment, he notices Lola's presence, and enters Lucious's office for a conversation, about his break-up with Michael, his radio interview, and the possibility of Lola being his daughter.

Cookie leaves to check on Jamal and Hakeem, Anika comes to sit with Elle and they talk.

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Elle says Cookie pulled her together as a fan comes to take a selfie with her. While Jamal and Hakeem are arguing, Cookie forces them to call a truce, in which they make up. Lucious gives a speech at the event, and he, meanwhile, introduces Jamal and Hakeem to perform at the showcase. Jamal and Hakeem perform Money for Nothing as Cookie watches proudly backstage.

how do hakeem and anika first meet quotes

As everyone arrives, Lucious's ALS symptoms continue to limit his abilities. However, he meets Hakeem's flame, Camilla, who poses as a private investor from the U.

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Camilla uses her reputation to compliment Hakeem and his accomplishments. Meanwhile, Elle returns to her drug habits before the event, and Cookie discovers her unusual behavior, and disappointedly tells Elle she is unable to perform. When Lucious's ALS symptoms continue to affect him, losing the ability to make a speech, the family debates on who should have his speech.

However, Lucious appoints Cookie to make the speech for the sake of promoting Empire as a family-orientated record brand.

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Cookie begins with an impromptu speech, describing Cookie and Lucious's life before and after Empire. She praised Lucious for evolving from a rapper to an entrepreneur for Empire Entertainment. After her speech, Lucious gathers pride, much to Anika's disappointment. Anika eventually leaves for her Chicago trip to meet Lana Del Rey. Cookie is determined to know the health troubles Lucious has; therefore, he brings his family, including Rhonda, to his house to reveal that he has ALS.

Because the symptoms are worsening, it may be fatal.

how do hakeem and anika first meet quotes

While the family revels in his health concerns, Andre continues to focus on the IPO, leading to an altercation with Hakeem. Andre's anger reaches an apex as he hyperventilates and sits in the shower. Rhonda calms and consoles him, and tells him that he will run the company. False Imposition Continuing to encourage Hakeem to record more music, Lucious encourages Hakeem to prove that he can be a successful artist. Lucious's next plan, meanwhile, is to get Titan on the Empire Entertainment label because of his authenticity as an artist.

After Titan is incarcerated for a physical altercation at his concert, Lucious plans to get Titan on his record label to increase the competition with Billy Beretti and Creedmoor Records. As Lucious lies about his presence while Bunkie was shot, Andre covers for him, leading to a flashback of Andre and Lucious's relationship years ago, when the police arrives at his house.

Anika and Lucious assemble a meeting to continue the quest of moving Titan to Empire Entertainment. However, when a drive-by shooting occurs, Lucious insists that Anika should stay out of the situation because of the dangers. Lucious, meanwhile, reunites with former manager and archnemesis, Billy Beretti, who threatens to jeopardize Lucious's career, company, and his family.

Later, Lucious arrives at a jail to have a conversation with Titan, encouraging him to join Empire Entertainment, and leave Creedmoor Records in fear of Titan selling his soul to Beretti. He gives Titan his cellphone to write lyrics and officially sign on to Empire. As Lucious revels in the success of his schemes, he celebrates while watching Hakeem perform with Tiana during the Teen Choice Awards nominations concert at Laviticus.

He also thanks Cookie for her involvement in bringing Titan to the record label, leading to flirtatious banter. At Empire EntertainmentLucious is proud and impressed of Hakeem's new single, " Drip Drop " and Hakeem's vision for his music video to the song.

how do hakeem and anika first meet quotes

Although Andre fears of the budget for the music video, Lucious demands that he finds a way to get the money. Lucious, meanwhile, converses with Andre in his office about a need for Tiana 's involvement in Hakeem's video, implying that it's the strongest alternative for money. However, this would put Anika in danger of having no money, so Anika's father agrees to give him a bill of good health.

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Later on, Lucious encouraged Hakeem to make amends with Tiana after discovering her affair with India Spring. He wants Hakeem to continue the music video. Meanwhile, Lucious arrives unexpectedly at Cookie's apartment, reminding Cookie of their anniversary.

how do hakeem and anika first meet quotes

It is revealed that Lucious gave Cookie the roses, which she believed were from an old nemesis. Out, Damned Spot Although Cookie assumes that Lucious hopes to rekindle their relationship, Lucious invites Cookie and the family to a dinner party, only to announce his engagement to Anika.

While Cookie was enraged, Lucious claims the rose he gave for their anniversary had friendly intentions. Feeling unprotected, he turns to Vernondemanding that Walker is fired. Ironically, Vernon demands the truth, whether Lucious killed Bunkie or not. Lucious reveals that he killed Bunkie to protect his reputation and the company.

Lucious introduces Cookie to Elle Dallasone of the legendary artists of Empire Entertainment, as Elle's new manager. Later, Lucious continues to appoint security for his own protection; he unhesitantly hires Malcolm DeVeauxwho is determined to protect him and the company by all means.

Lucious meets with a concierge doctor, Dr. After Vernon makes a deal, Lucious is protected, and he thanks Vernon despite the tension and distrust. At the end of the episode, Lucious witnesses Olivia 's appearance, when she claims that Jamal is the father to her daughter, Lola. As more bad news surrounds him, and Cookie continues to deprecate him, Lucious collapses to the floor, assumed to be symptoms of his ALS, and he is sent to the hospital.

While Lucious is hospitalized, he is informed that he has liver damage, and Dr. Lester Mason 's license was revoked for administering illegal drugs on other patients, meaning that Mason's cure for ALS was a scheme. Dissatisfied with this information, he demands everyone to leave, while Cookie watches him from the window, he gives a brief smile.

As Lucious recovers, he continues to ensure that Empire Entertainment is prepared for the investor showcase, making suggestions that Elle Dallas should open the show. Meanwhile, Lucious arrives at Jamal and Hakeem's rehearsals while they argue, and Cookie lectures them. Meanwhile, Lucious converses with Jamal over the possibility of Jamal being a father, and his current success as an artist. As the big event, the investor showcase, starts, Lucious meets Hakeem's girlfriend, Camilla Markswho poses as an investor to express her interest in Hakeem.

Lucious introduces Jamal and Hakeem during the showcase, but he suffers from the ALS symptoms, and he appoints Cookie to making his speech. Once Cookie presents an impromptu speech about Empire Entertainment, Lucious is proud of her, much to Anika's disapproval. Lucious brings the Lyon family together, besides Anika, who leaves for a Chicago trip, to reveal his fatal disease.

After a prattle between Andre and Hakeem, he encourages Jamal and Hakeem to stay strong for him and Cookie. Finally, Lucious and Cookie share a toast and reminisce of their past. Lucious asks Cookie to dance, and the two share a romantic encounter, only to be discovered by Anika. The Lyon's Roar In a flashback, Lucious, Cookie, and their sons waits at the courthouse for the verdict.

As Cookie fears the consequences of losing her family while going to jail, Lucious sings You're So Beautiful to Cookie. The morning after Cookie and Lucious's affair, Lucious is faced with the dilemma of breaking up with Anika for Cookie.

He, then, agrees with Cookie producing a Legacy album in dedication to his artistry, but Cookie convinces him to break up with Anika before her idea is in effect.

Unto the Breach Lucious and Anika 's wedding plans are disrupted when Cookie discovers and exposes Anika's betrayal towards Lucious. After he realizes that Anika and Billy Beretti have teamed up together, Anika leaves.

After a failed attempt of convincing Anika to stay, Lucious threatens her father, ensuring that she doesn't tell Billy Beretti that he has ALS, which would impact the future of Empire Entertainment. Meanwhile, Empire is in jeopardy due to increased competition with Creedmoor Records.

So, he demands his team to make sure that Empire's statistics and business ventures are protected before Beretti interferes. After days of keeping Empire Entertainment under heavy guard, Lucious and Beretti face-off in a confrontation.

Later, Lucious performs a newer rendition of You're So Beautiful with his newly-signed artist DelphineJamalHakeemand Tianaand the rest of the family.

However, Lucious witnesses Andre's meltdown, which forces him to be restrained, and Lucious signs medical papers that keeps Andre in an institution for 48 hours. Sins of the Father Lucious, in this episode, first appears in a flashback that further reveals Andre 's battle with bipolar disorder.

Lucious, by this time, forced Andre's wife, Rhondanot to reveal Andre's condition to anyone, and he refused to believe that Andre was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He refused to visit Andre at the Holden-Jones clinic, and also confronted Vernon for being an accomplice to Andre's plot to take over Empire Entertainment.

Later on, Lucious Lyon attempts and succeeds at forcing Hakeem 's girlfriend, Camilla to move back to London and leave Hakeem. Meanwhile, Lucious confronts Rhonda after realizing that she was given proxy to sign the shares.

Afterwards, Jamal's ex-wife, Olivia and her boyfriend Reg disrupt the household.

Anika Calhoun

When Reg puts Jamal at gunpoint, Lucious reveals that he is Lola 's father, and he promised Olivia stardom if she married Jamal. Despite experiencing double vision, Lucious blows off his medication. As he keeps looking for Cookie to be his inspiration, Lucious is furious when he receives an injunction from rival Billy Berettiwho becomes a threat to the concert. After Hakeem humiliates Lucious during a rap performance with Snoop Dogg, Lucious punches him in the face backstage.

Aware of Cookie 's relations with Malcolm DeVeauxLucious angrily reacts by addressing to Cookie that she had no claim to Empire Entertainment, and she was never on the Board of Directors.