How did noel fielding and dee plume meet

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how did noel fielding and dee plume meet

Oct 24, Noel Fielding: the wackiest man in comedy “ The Times: Saturday “I'd split up with a girl [Dee Plume, of the band Robots in Disguise] I was much more into meeting interesting people, climbing on the roof of Soho House. Apr 8, Friends say Pixie has been obsessed with Fielding, who is a close friend of " She first started talking to him after they met at a party at Maddox Noel, who was in a long-term relationship with comedienne Dee Plume. Dec 14, Profile: Mighty Boosh comedian Noel Fielding is making multimedia was particularly famous, the dandyish, kohl-adoring pair met at the NME awards. in Disguise singer Dee Plume, who has made several appearances on.

Henry Normal, who founded Baby Cow productions with Steve Coogan, remembers falling under the duo's spell almost at once. It's like a party - you just want to enjoy that world and be at that party. He is also a brilliant graphic artist and painter. Brand, who will again team up with Fielding for the annual Channel 4 Big Fat Quiz of the Year, argues that his talent is more noteworthy than his looks.

how did noel fielding and dee plume meet

He is a very talented artist with his tongue or with his brush. Painting comes very naturally to him. I will be going to his exhibition and may even make a purchase. You can believe it.

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Idle once tweeted that Fielding looked like Elvis in a photograph. I was much more into meeting interesting people, climbing on the roof of Soho House. His parents were in their late teens when they had him, and the house in Pollards Hill, south London, was always full of guests. Which explains a lot. His inveterate surrealism was often mocked by Simon Amstell, the acerbic former host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Anyone can do that.

Robots in Disguise

After graduating, he started doing stand-up and met Barratt when he saw him performing a solo show. They started developing their Mighty Boosh characters in the late s for TV sketches, before taking them to Edinburgh and transferring to radio and TV, where they ran for three series from Barratt was the ideal sounding board. He nominates Henri Rousseau as his favourite artist and Jungle Book as his favourite book. No danger of tigers becoming extinct in Fielding's universe: But it is Fielding's bold drawing of camel with a "floppy hump" that wins my vote.

You can pack it underneath in a little papoose. But the hump is like a road map, you can never put it back the way it was.

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It may not have competed with the jungle but it was wild in its urban way. He was born on 21 May and grew up in south London nowadays, he lives in Highgate. His parents were very young — barely He has described how they would party through the night and he would have to step over the bodies of their sleeping friends en route to breakfast.

how did noel fielding and dee plume meet

They weren't given to saying "no" to anything. His father, Ray, worked as a Post Office manager. His mother, Diane, worked and still does for the Home Office. He was brought up, mostly, by his French grandmother. Fielding compares her to Elvis's grandmother pictured in the book in cool scarlet sunglasses. My grandma is really strong.

I like strong women. That's what I respond to. That is how his career as a dreamer began. And for Fielding, Ferry fever has been ongoing throughout his life. The book is stuffed with Ferry portraits. And last year, he got to meet his hero, interviewing him for NME. Ferry, a former art student, was appreciative — if bemused — by Fielding's renderings of him and of captions such as, "Bryan Ferry fell on me like a giant foam wardrobe. It is not cruel, morally ambiguous or politically dodgy.

And that is because he is such a lovely character: Wardrobes may topple but are made of foam. No one gets hurt. It is obvious too that he is good at making and keeping friends.

He talks appreciatively, for instance, about his ex-girlfriend Dee Plume's contribution to the book.

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He is the sort of bloke to wear his heart on his sleeve. But what is his heart up to? He prefers to keep mum. What about his wish to have children? About six months ago he was reported as saying he would love to have children but found it a "tricky" ambition because he knew he would not want his children brought up by a nanny. He then added that he hoped not to leave it too long.

He said he would not want to become the sort of dad who would be mocked in the playground for his age. Of course his real problem would be the difficulty of getting into the playground: But I think he would make a fab father with his wild nursery humour — after all, he is already elbow deep in Plasticine. I am not sure how much he will want to reveal about the new television show for E4, which C4 comedy commissioner Nerys Evans has described as a "passion piece".

But when I ask about it, Fielding and Brown erupt at once.

how did noel fielding and dee plume meet

They all shared a house in Hackney, east London: I live in a Rousseau-esque jungle and there is a huge fish tank underneath my tree house. There is a manta ray inside the tank who is a music producer called Tony Reason. My brother is in it — he plays an anteater who is my butler.

My cleaner is a robotic Andy Warhol. The lion is going: I love your stuff! He shows me the figure he created on his mobile phone of Joey Ramone "with long legs, no arms, a yellow face, red glasses and blue hair". And then he is away: It is time for Fielding to go back to the fans and all those cameras.

how did noel fielding and dee plume meet