Educating rita relationship between frank and

How do Rita, Frank and their relationship change in ‘Educating Rita’ Essay Example for Free

educating rita relationship between frank and

Rita's education and confidence both grow as the story progresses. Frank's attitude towards life declines dramatically en route for the middle of the play but there. Educating Rita study guide contains a biography of Willy Russell, literature does not care about teaching, has trouble with relationships, and excoriates He is hostile to the idea of Frank as her teacher, to her taking of birth. relationship between frank and rita in educating rita. Extracts from this document.. . Introduction. How Does Willy Russell Present the Development of Frank and.

Frank is a fifty year old university lecture whose boredom and isolation have led him into being an alcoholic to alleviate his depression. Due to his excess drinking Frank has started giving Open University courses to cover his drinking cost, thus teaching Rita.

The audience first get the impression that Frank does not care about anything except going to the pub when Rita commenting on the objects in Franks room which he never knew they existed and also because Julia nagging him to stop drinking. Rita is a working class twenty six year old hairdresser who has taken the decisive step of enrolling on a literature course at the Open University.

educating rita relationship between frank and

It was a difficult decision for her to enrol into this course as she had to break away from a close knit society that does not care or know much about literature. Rita is hard working and her mind is very hungry.

How do Rita, Frank and their relationship change in ‘Educating Rita’ Essay

Rita give Frank a different perspective of life as seen through making him aware of the window in the classroom which has a symbolic effect. Rita is probably a hairdresser because Willy Russell was one; this probably matches his struggling in his education.

When Rita came into the room talking colloquially and swearing, Frank is shocked as he was expecting a polite lady with a formal register like the rest of his students. Although the bad impression the audience get from Rita, they quickly realise that she wants to learn as she keeps looking around the room trying to find good books.

educating rita relationship between frank and

Frank is unorganised as there are a lot of books and essays thrown around anomalous places in his room. Franks register and style of works conveys to the audience that he is a middle class man but his isolation and cynical attitude tells us that Frank is running out of money, because his drinking of alcohol.

educating rita relationship between frank and

Willy Russell usually conveys the social difference between Frank and Rita using misunderstandings which creates a clear contrast between them and also adds to the comedy of the play. In the beginning of the play the contrast is very strong as they both struggle communicating with each other, but the contrast gets weaker near the end of the play.

More misunderstandings occur not from communication but from their knowledge and the environment they have been brought up in. For example when Frank talks about the 19th century author Jane Austen Rita immediately thinks of Tracy Austin the tennis player the same case is with WB Yeats the Irish playwright and Yeats the wine lodge.

educating rita relationship between frank and

Willy Russell uses these differences in their two cultures to create humour in an ironic manner without insulting any of these two cultures or characters.

The audience and the characters are both astonished by the events on stage. As Rita walks on to the stage the audience are startled due to her swearing and unacceptable behaviour. Rita takes out her cigarette in the university without asking permission this tells the audience that she comes from a poor background where it is acceptable to smoke in public places.

Rita And Frank's Relationship In Educating Rita

During the tutorial she is constantly moving around as she wants to learn everything and can not focus on one single concept this is because her desire to make the most of her life. In the act 1 scene 7 a lot has changed about the characters therefore their relationship has changed. At this stage Frank has become more aware of his surroundings and Rita has started using a more complex and polite vocabulary.

Frank does not realise how hard it is for Rita to go to his party as he has always taken his education and higher class culture for granted; he would naturally know what to do if he was invited to a dinner party. During this period frank has stopped drinking, or at least cut down. This shows that Rita is having an influence over him, and that she is giving him something to care for in life other then just drinking his life away.

The audience would think that by being with a partner he would already have this, but the relationship is one of mostly of duty rather then any love.

How Willy Russell dramatises the relationship between Frank and Rita | Essay Writing Service A+

The consequences of his actions has a long term effect on their relationship. Rita begins learns how to make new friends and this causes her to gain confidence and tear away from Frank for support and guidance.

Rita also meets her new friends in summer camp during an interval between Act one and Act two. The interval between Act one and two symbolises the disintegration of their relationship and the changes taking place in Rita.

I think Willy Russell created an interval on purpose for impact on the audience because the changes taking place in Frank and Rita after the interval will be very obvious to the audience.

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Heroes in the climatic scenes Essay This change in Franks character and actions also tells the audience that he is now a dependant on Rita; their roles have completely reversed since the start of the play. This is also a reversal of their earlier relationship when Rita always used to come to him. Franks reaction to this is bitter with jealousy which drives Rita further away from him.

educating rita relationship between frank and

Despite the huge argument in scene 5 there is still a bond connecting Frank and Rita together in the play. In the next couple of days Rita comes to Franks office to apologise, this shows the audience that she still cares about him even though previously she was swallowed up with self pride and arrogance.

Frank accepts the apology because he obviously still wants to remain friends with Rita or possibly more because he asks her to come to Australia with him. Rita learned from Frank one of the most important highlights of the play; Independence.

Independence has given Rita the knowledge of how to support herself and most importantly of all, choice. With all the support and comfort from Frank, Rita has learned to have confidence in herself again.