Discipleship relationship between elijah and elisha 2

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discipleship relationship between elijah and elisha 2

Nov 1, 1 KINGS ; 2 KINGS INTRODUCTION Discipleship is defined as What is the relationship that existed between Elijah-Elisha and. Aug 22, I want my life to make an eternal difference in the lives of people. Some have described it as 'Leaving footprints in the lives of others'. 2 Kings. Jun 30, To get the full flavor, I recommend that you click the link and read the Elisha followed Elijah, serving him and learning from him as his disciple. In the story of 2 Kings –18, three times Elijah told Elisha to stay behind.

Everything is made as easy as possible for them.

Elijah and Elisha: A Double Portion

All obstacles are cleared out of their path. They grow up thinking that the world exists to serve their needs.

Lessons in Mentorship: Elijah and Elisha

But once they hit adulthood, there is a rude awakening. They have to work hard just to meet their basic needs. Many of them sink under the weight of an uncaring world that they were never prepared for. Elisha became a servant to Elijah. He had to endure the same hardships Elijah did. Before Elijah could pass on his mantle, he had to be sure that Elisha had enough iron ribbing in his character to withstand the harsh challenges of being a prophet of the Lord in a hostile world.

Right to the end, he tested him to see if he could be too easily turned away from the hard road he must travel. Similarly, the life of a true Christian is not an easy one.

discipleship relationship between elijah and elisha 2

We will be repeatedly tempted to stay where we are instead of moving forward on the difficult journey ahead. But if we wish to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, our master, we must develop the strength of character to push forward despite every distraction, discouragement, and resistance.

Contrary to the usual artistic renditions of this scene, the Bible does not say that Elijah rode in the chariot. And yet, as Elijah ascended to heaven, his mantle outer garment fell to the ground behind him. He immediately used the mantle to part the waters of the Jordan River and cross back over. And Elisha went on to do many more miracles while wearing that mantle. The lesson for Christians clear enough. Our childhood and teenage years are a time of learning and preparing ourselves for the future.

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But the time comes when it is our turn to take up the mantle of leadership not only for our own life, but in our community and nation. That is what our elders have been preparing us for.

discipleship relationship between elijah and elisha 2

And for Christians, this means more than just taking on economic, social, and political responsibility. It also means taking spiritual leadership and becoming a force for moral and spiritual good in the world. If we fail to pick up that mantle from our spiritual teachers, then we are not worthy to be called a Christian.

Look forward, not back Elisha knew his master was gone for good. But the company of prophets was not ready to accept it. They asked Elisha to let them search the region across the Jordan to see if God had dropped Elijah on some mountain or in some valley. Elisha told them not to go. They kept pressing and urging him until he relented. At this time an interesting test was set before Elisha.

It was common knowledge among the prophets of the age that Elijah's time had come.

Elijah and Elisha Discipleship Relationships 1 Kings 19:12-21.

Elijah three times told Elisha to stay behind, but each time his assistant refused to leave his side. Others were watching from a distance, but Elisha wanted a close up and personal view of what God was about to do in Elijah's life. Those watching from a distance were not left with the double portion, only the one who had persevered.

discipleship relationship between elijah and elisha 2

Then Elisha returned to the bank of the Jordan River" 2 Kings 2: At their first encounter, Elijah placed his cloak on Elisha's shoulders, but it wasn't time for him to take up the mantel of the Prophet yet. But after Elisha had proven himself faithful as an assistant, Elijah left him his cloak as a symbol that it was now time for the younger man to fulfill the plans God had for him.

Rather than rejoicing that his time had come, Elisha was crushed to see his mentor leave, proving that he wasn't serving Elijah just to propel his own future. After he mourned, he picked up the cloak that Elijah had left for him. Being under the tutelage of another can be difficult. At times we are asked to do hard things.

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Perhaps our perception of the mentor is challenged when we are introduced to the humanness of someone we greatly respect. Kim has been married to Steve, her best friend and biggest supporter, since and together they have reared a happy blended household of five.

discipleship relationship between elijah and elisha 2

As a Christian, Kim believes that her relationship with Christ is the most important thing in her life. He is all that matters and she is very grateful to be His girl. Kim loves finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and finding lessons in unexpected places.