Differences between athena and poseidon relationship

Athena found Love

differences between athena and poseidon relationship

Original Question: book 13 of the az-links.infos relationship with Odysseus and Posiedens anger at his own az-links.info you explain the gods relationship. Both Athena and Poseidon wanted Athens to be their patron city. According to Deacy, the difference between Athena and Hephaistos was. Zeus; Poseidon; Hades; Hestia; Hera; Ares; Athena; Apollo; Aphrodite; Hermes Hera's marriage was founded in strife with Zeus and continued in strife.

Other divine figures are present at the miracle. At the corners, the horses of Helius the Sun and those of Selene the Moon set the momentous event in cosmic time. On either side, figures of Athenian divinities and heroic kings are witnesses. Athenian men and women are shown as marshals, attendants, horsemen, hoplites and assistants in the worship, along with the animals of ritual sacrifice.

differences between athena and poseidon relationship

At the climax the ceremonial robe is presented to a priestess of Athena while, on either side, enthroned Olympian deities witness the joyous celebration of civic piety.

The surfaces of the standing goddess were made of gold and ivory and she held a figure of Nike Victory in her right hand; she wore a helmet and the aegis with the head of Medusa, and a spear and shield are at her side; elaborate decorative reliefs enhanced the statue, which has not survived.

As the result of a quarrel, Athena impulsively wounded Pallas. Pallas died and Athena was distraught when she fully realized what she had done. Through the agency of Zeus this Palladium fell into the territory of the Trojans, where, as a talisman, it carried with it the destiny of their city. She quickly grew to dislike her invention because her beautiful cheeks became distorted when she blew into the instrument, and so she threw it away.

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Arachne was foolish enough not to admit that Athena was her teacher and challenged her to a contest. Disguised as an old woman, Athena warned Archane about the danger of her hubris but Arachne persisted.

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Athena in anger threw off her disguise and accepted the challenge. She wove at her loom, with surpassing skill, a tapestry depicting noble scenes from mythology.

Too little Athena energy is reckless or "happy go lucky. She's judgmental, critical, conscientious, clean, thrifty, and efficient.


She expresses criticism, but her criticism of others is minor compared to her inner self-criticism. Things have to be a certain way.

She expects to feel love only in a perfect relationship, in a perfect home.

differences between athena and poseidon relationship

Shadow Overactive Athena energy becomes paranoia or phobia. Athena women can't stand people who break the rules. This isn't the same as being ethical-ethics require compassion.

Athena women will follow or enforce the rules even when the result is unethical. She didn't break any rules, but allowed questionable conduct to happen around her.

Medusa was a monster with serpents instead of hair. Her gaze turned people into stone. Athena helped Perseus kill Medusa.

Athena’s Relationship with Other Gods and Goddesses

Then Athena used Medusa's head as one of her symbols. Athena women can intellectually dissect an opponent, making the person feel she is "turning to stone" and unable to think or speak. Athena women can take the life out of a party or conversation. The "Medusa effect" can destroy a relationship. Athena girls consider other girls to be silly.

differences between athena and poseidon relationship

They prefer to play with boys. Athena killed her childhood friend Pallas granddaughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite in a competitive game. Similarly, Athena women's competitiveness can kill their friendships with other women. Athena executives can be unsupportive of other women, especially lower-status women such as secretaries. But, as Athena grieved for Pallas, Athena women later grieve for their lost friendships.

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This symbolized the new patriarchy succeeding the old matriarchy. Athena women defend men against women's interests. Athena women support feminist principles as long as the issue is workplace equality. Don't expect support for other feminist issues. Athena mothers hire nannies to raise their children.

They'd rent surrogate mothers to produce the babies, if they could.

differences between athena and poseidon relationship

They can be good mothers of competitive, extroverted, intellectual children-but not of sensitive, physical, or emotional children. Under Stress Under stress, Athena women become Hestia. Gardening, nature, children, and pets help them reduce stress.

They see in these creatures purity, without rules or judgment.