Difference between wikileaks and wikipedia relationship

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difference between wikileaks and wikipedia relationship

The huge controversy over the site Wikileaks and the close proximity of its name to Wikipedia has led many to question what the connection. Key difference: Though Wikipedia and WikiLeaks are non-profit organizations, they function totally differently, that is, Wikipedia is a free online informative. What's the difference between WikiLeaks and Wikipedia? WikiLeaks is not associated with Wikipedia. They are both different websites with different objectives.

Difference Between Wikileaks and Wikipedia

The news published includes the businesses and whistle-blowing type of matter. Julian Assange, Australian Internet activist is the general recognized founder, director and the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks. He exposed its availability to the society on January WikiLeaks is a news exposure website, where the unrevealed matter, business deals and government hidden contents are exposed to the society.

It makes the society and public aware of the present scenarios going on the economic and social world. One such important activity is to publish the original source material with the news stories, to the readers and historians, in order to represent and view the evidence of truth.

Its prime motive is to leak the important and real news regarding any confidential matter.

Wikipedia:WikiLeaks is not part of Wikipedia

There are journalists and whistleblowers working in WikiLeaks, who know that, they are free to present the true news. The news which WikiLeaks receives, undergoes several crucial procedures before getting presented to the society, as it plays a vital role of being confidential information.

It generally includes the news forms such as the potential criminal prosecution, insurance files, financing, government related matters, etc.

difference between wikileaks and wikipedia relationship

In recent times, the group of WikiLeaks has released a number of significant documents which have become the front-page news items. One such recent release includes the documentation of equipment expenditures and the holdings in the Afghanistan war and corruption in Kenya. Comparison between Wikipedia and WikiLeaks: WikiLeaks has been involved in some large stories related to politics recently, and there has been some resulting confusion due to the similarities in our names.

Difference Between Wikileaks and Wikipedia | Difference Between | Wikileaks vs Wikipedia

A member of Congress confused Wikipedia and WikiLeaks in a televised interview, prompting many news stories about the mistake. A news anchor also mixed them up. We are not related. As a c 3the Wikimedia Foundation does not support or oppose political candidates.

What are you doing to make sure Wikipedia stays neutral? The Wikimedia Foundation does not create or curate the contents of Wikipedia or the other educational sites we manage; instead, this work is done by a vast community of volunteers.

Wikipedia:WikiLeaks is not part of Wikipedia - Wikipedia

The crowdsourced work of tens of thousands of editors helps to check and balance Wikipedia. Content is not created, reviewed or controlled by a central authority, but rather by anyone from the public who is interested in joining in to spread knowledge.

difference between wikileaks and wikipedia relationship

Those tens of thousands of editors make updates of all kinds—including checks and balances on subjectivity—continuously Wikipedia is edited, on average, — times a minute. This community of editors holds neutrality as one of its main ideals. All encyclopedic content on Wikipedia must be written from a neutral point of view NPOVwhich means representing fairly, proportionately, and, as far as possible, without editorial bias, all of the significant views that have been published by reliable sources on a topic.

These policies jointly determine the type and quality of material that is acceptable in Wikipedia articles, and, because they work in harmony, they should not be interpreted in isolation from one another. Editors are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with all three.