Breaking dawn part 2 relationship between jacob and renesmee fanfic

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breaking dawn part 2 relationship between jacob and renesmee fanfic

Disclaimer: Breaking Dawn is written and owned by Stephenie Meyer. I'm just " Another time, Renesmee," he said as he kissed the top of my head. . I pointed the difference out to him. Could I focus an image enough for Jacob to tell me some of its parts? . I replayed part of the conversation for Esme. Forever Dawn A Jacob and Renesmee fanfiction - Chapter 8: The Best Week Ever and Read Chapter 1 from the story Forever Dawn A Jacob and Renesmee fanfiction by with reads. . The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part 2: Nessie and Jacob Twilight Live it, Learn the difference, Love The Twilight Saga. Setting Moon*Sequel to Rising Moon*~Jacob and Renesmee Fanfiction ~ Whoever has not seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet,go for it but I gaurntee you that if .

I watched Emmett fill a cup from a strange looking sack. Looking in the chamber that he'd removed it from, I saw boxes and bottles, but nothing else that held liquid this way. Why was blood stored like this? It didn't seem a good way to dispense it as he unsealed the end and emptied half into one cup and half into another. He put one back in the fridge. Of course she likes it warm. I reached for Rosalie, wanting to see what was inside.

We're boiling water to warm the cup. I could see bubbles forming on the bottom. I started to see vapour rising. I stretched out a hand to the mist. Rosalie snatched me back, but not before I felt the warmth in it and then the wetness.

That could be what the clouds were, lots and lots of mist risen very high. Of course they could be made out of the same things as my clothes. Edward could hear me and tell me, but I doubted anyone else would understand the image I put with that thought. But it hadn't boiled; I didn't know what boiling was. I repeated Rosalie's words back to her, boiling water. Enjoy ignorance a little, you can get away with a lot when people think you don't know better.

The bubbles increased in number, the mist grew thicker, and finally I heard the bubbles rising and breaking. I drank the rest of my cup while watching the water and getting some heat from the burner and steam.

I didn't mind the cold of my family's arms, but the heat was nicer. I gave Rosalie the cup back and blinked drowsily. Before I could drift off too much, Carlisle was back with his tape measure. I looked up at the ceiling, so far away, and wondered what I could do to stop growing. Part of me didn't want to. I was sure when I was bigger, stronger, I could push the keys on the piano myself. But still Carlisle frowned at the numbers he read.

I might want to keep growing, but I needed to grow more slowly. I asked for Emmett now, wanting to make sure he still knew how to hold me and that I liked his laugh. He laughed hearing his own laugh from me. The dimples popped into his cheeks and I raised my hand to touch one. Did I have those? I smiled and touched my own cheek. I was pretty sure I did. What was it Jacob did? He did it twice more before a look from Rosalie made him stop. I replayed his comment about ignorance for him and he laughed.

I was unable to conduct any of these experiments for myself, but made sure to keep them in mind for when I was. What was a frog? Where could I find shaving cream? What was it used for? Around proposal number seven, Jacob came in. He picked up the thread quickly and added a couple of his own. What was that, and why did everyone fall silent when he mentioned it? It's kinda like this," he said, throwing me up in the air, "but you fall a lot longer. I showed him Rosalie playing the piano.

Course, I'd introduce you to some other tunes. The sounds hopped between high and low so quickly it made a slur in his throat. I liked it; I showed him so. Emmett whispered something to Rosalie and they headed upstairs. I noticed the sun was setting again and wanted to go outside before it was gone completely. I asked Jacob to name the trees and bushes. He was happy to oblige, giving me two names for each. The first usually sounded similar to the other words I heard, the second sounded like it belonged to the language of his song.

breaking dawn part 2 relationship between jacob and renesmee fanfic

I pointed the difference out to him. It's very old and not well known. My head was full again and the dark made it harder to see the trees.

I heard a hooting, and he told me it was an owl. I saw it fly from one tree to another. Could I focus an image enough for Jacob to tell me some of its parts?

I showed him the beak, the wing, the foot, hoping he'd get the idea. That's how they fly.

breaking dawn part 2 relationship between jacob and renesmee fanfic

They have two feet and some have talons. They are covered in feathers. Their hard mouth is called a beak and most have such small ears that you can't see them under their feathers.

Owls can turn their heads far enough to see behind them. Then I saw another pair of eyes, lower and much larger. I'm just going to take Ness back inside; must be her bedtime. I'll join you soon. I didn't want to go to sleep; I was learning so much. But once curled up in Esme's arms, I didn't fight sleep for long. I woke in Edward's arms this time. Bella was still lying in the room, but she was clean and wearing a pretty blue dress.

Not just empty but whiter, too. I knew Edward would hear my question. Like I am growing? You change in addition to growing larger. Yes, clouds are water, and when they gain too much water, it falls back to the ground.

The same way the mist became wet on your hand. I tried to clap my hands together, but missed. Apparently I needed to work on physical things, too. Your aunts and uncles will be happy to care for all those needs as long as you'll let them. Need a drink, Nessie? That was only marginally better than the formula.

At least it wasn't sour, but it curdled on my tongue. Esme set me on the floor with a number of small hard objects.

Breaking Dawn Book 4: Renesmee Chapter 2: Baby Steps, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

They were all cubes and each one had a letter, a number, and several pictures on them. As I picked them up, she told me what was on each face. After I'd learned what each cube depicted, I practiced picking them up and throwing them; that got a laugh from Emmett. Finally I tried stacking them. I often knocked my own stack over with my arm before learning how to reach properly. Then I tried putting numbers together. I soon worked up to groups of two's, but I only had thirty blocks and they only depicted the numbers one through twenty.

After that, I needed to imagine more plentiful things, like blades of grass or beats in a minute. I didn't know what the larger numbers were called, but with ten and twenty, I started to imagine how they would look. When I had stopped playing with the blocks, working out what ten tens of ten would be, Esme thought I had become bored and used the letters to spell c-a-t, then found another block with a cat pictured on it.

My mind expanded further, putting the sounds with the letters to make words. I kept the A and C, pushing the T away. I took a J and B instead. Then I pulled more letters toward my self. Esme found a second L and corrected it. Then I tried for Edward, but didn't get much past ED. Esme filled in the gaps for me.

Right, A could be ay or ah. I put the A back in Jacob and pointed to it. Carlisle came then with the tape again, and his eyes nearly fell out of his head at the blocks. The scent had intrigued me, and I wondered at the taste.

The taste wasn't good, but the smell reminded me of Jacob somehow. I looked closer at the block and saw the lines in the wood. It was the same as I had see in the broken trees last night. Wood came from trees. I bit the hard block, and a piece came off. Carlisle took the block from me, "No, Renesmee. I put my hand to my mouth and licked my finger to see the chunk I had broken. It had a sharp point. When I pressed it to my finger it dimpled, the skin turned slightly whiter and then pinkish as I let go.

I grabbed another block and watched my nails turn white and then pink with the pressure. The pink was blood.

I had blood in me, just like Bella had had blood in her. Was I hurting people when I drank blood? No, it came from a pouch. I laid still for Carlisle and then asked him for some. The warmth on my tongue helped me sleep again.

The sun hadn't moved far when I woke. Edward didn't get angry very often but when he did it was undoubtedly going to involve Nessie and me. Edward, I'm getting impatient. I want to know what Alice saw. Why don't we just go outside to talk? He nodded his head very softly and stood. Your dad and I are gonna go outside. We'll be right back.

Edward ran halfway to the cottage before turning around to face me. I was getting really fed up with the secrecy.

Whatever Nessie had thought of or decided to do that made Alice see a disturbing vision, I could handle it. He sighed and shook his head. She's been thinking about imprinting a lot lately and has a lot of questions. I think we need to talk to her. I didn't understand what the problem was. To me this was good news. I hated keeping her in the dark when I knew she wanted to understand. After Nessie was born Bella, Edward, and I decided that we wouldn't hide the fact that I had imprinted on her; but we also wouldn't go into details about what that meant for as long as possible.

Six years was longer than I'd thought we'd last before she demanded to know the part of the story we always left out. So why the big deal in the house then? What did Alice see? I demanded in my head. I could tell this was hard for him but I still hadn't been told what was going on.

breaking dawn part 2 relationship between jacob and renesmee fanfic

It's bad enough hearing Emmett and Rosalie's thoughts on the subject but this is my daughter! Most parents have at least 15 years before having to deal with these sorts of issues. What is he talking about? He continued before I could form a more coherent thought.

It's only natural that you be included in that mix. She's confused as to how you feel about her; about how imprinting affects your feelings for her. Alice saw a vision of Nessie confronting you about it. I wasn't ready for this. I always assumed I'd be the one to bring it up once I finally got the green light from Edward.

I never expected Nessie to be more eager than me. I didn't even feel that way about her yet. I didn't know how long it would be before I did. The only other pack member to imprint on a child was Quil and he still had nine years to wait before Claire was at the developmental stage Nessie was now.

I felt pressure in my chest and my heart was racing. I only had one chance to explain this to her.

I couldn't bear to hurt her or make her feel that I was rejecting her. I was being pulled in so many different directions. I wanted our romantic relationship to evolve slowly as she became more mature. Edward and Bella wanted us to remain plutonic for a few more years, and apparently Nessie wanted to jump my bones.

Edward hissed at that last part. I would need a little time to figure out what I wanted to say to her. Bella and I have always agreed to let you explain how it works since neither of us fully understands. And you're right that we want you to continue to wait to court her.

She may look seventeen but she is still my little six year old. Does she have a crush on a boy at school? What if someone else stepped in while I waited for my dumb ass to start thinking of her in a romantic way?

I don't think I could handle my competition being any of those hormonal teenage boys at her school.