Beerus and whis meet champa

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beerus and whis meet champa

So mainly a strong character like Whis in case of Beerus and Vados in case of Champa are assigned to them so these God of Destruction do not create havoc. Speaking of Beerus' brother, Champa is also a god of destruction, . each other, a meeting every thousand years further helping them cooperate. an assumption that Whis makes when reporting Beerus' actions to Zen-Oh. So when they meet again in the bleachers, Beerus is obese and .. Maybe Champa eats MORE sweets to prove that he can eat more than his.

Dragon Ball Super beerus,whis meet champa and vados.

This inspired Toriyama to base the design off his cat, scrapping the lizard concept altogether. Toriyama also incorporated elements of Egyptian mythology, specifically its deities. Beerus's design was partially influenced by Egyptian Gods Seth and Sekhmet, deities that brought destruction in various forms upon the earth. Well, that's apropos, especially since Sekhmet shares the same "occupation" as Beerus. When Gohan broke the Z-Sword, the Old Kai was released, having been sealed in it by someone who feared his power.

Regardless of the retconning, this reveal was actually a great callback and a great way to connect the two series. When Beerus learned that he could find a Super Saiyan God on Earth to fight, he remembered he'd been to the planet before. While there, he said he killed off the dinosaurs. He originally planned for Beerus to infect others with evil like a virus, leading him to name the character "Birusu" a Japanese pronunciation of the german pronunciation of "virus.

It doesn't get much more interesting than that. The creativity of Toriyama really shines through in Whis and Beerus, which is why there are a ton of strange and interesting facts about this strange and interesting pair. As such, we decided to gather all these interesting facts in one place and give you some fun and strange facts about the pair.

What is Whis' actual job? Do they have hobbies? What do their designs have in common? Find out here with 15 Dragon Ball Super: However, this would be an incorrect assumption, as Whis is superior to Beerus in terms of power and knowledge. Whis' power is far greater than that of the God of Destruction, which is why Goku and Vegeta were so eager to learn from him. Whis also claims to be the fastest in the universe, which is true in both his reflexes and fighting speed as well as his travel speed.

Well it entails a lot of important duties in regards to the Destroyer they are assigned to. At the next pitch, Champa hits it and begins running the bases. However, Trunks fires an energy blast at the ball, which prevents Champa from getting a home run. Aggravated, Champa claims that Trunks cheated. Later in the game, when Yamcha runs the bases, Champa hits him in the knee, which Vados declares unfair.

Later on, Champa throws the ball at Yamcha as he runs, and believes that he won the game. However, Yamcha is declared safe and Vados explains to him that he needed to be holding the ball to have Yamcha out.

Champa mocks Yamcha and calls Beerus a wuss, causing the two brothers to clash and destroy the arena. Whis and Vados end the battle before it gets out of hand. On their way back to Universe 6, after losing, Champa claims that their team won't lose again.

Champa wonders why Goku can't land a strike on Hit. Vados asks Champa if he knew the reason for Hit's Time-Skip being called by that name, and Champa claims it was because he stopped time.

beerus and whis meet champa

Vados, however, states that Hit wasn't stopping time, but actually "skipping" time, and Champa wonders what "skipping time" meant. After Vados's explanation, Champa comically states it was so amazing that he couldn't even understand.

beerus and whis meet champa

Champa comes to the conclusion that Goku will be a threat in the Tournament of Powerand claims that Vados was right in hiring Hit to assassinate Goku, believing it was her who hired Hit.

Once the fight is over, Champa and Vados depart afterward as Goku's friends arrive. Universe Survival Saga Main article: Champa watches the exhibition matches and is frightened after hearing the news that the losing universes in the tournament will be erased from existence. Champa also appears distressed upon learning that Vados will live on should Universe 6 lose. When Goku fights Bergamo in the final exhibition match, Champa boos him and notes how Goku's power is unfathomable.

During the 40 hour preparation for the Tournament of Power, Champa holds a God of Destruction meeting after finding out the Supreme Kais did the same thing. After Frost knocks out Krillin, Champa mocks Beerus, saying the countdown to Universe 7's erasure has started. Champa is angry once Botamo is knocked out, insulting the latter, saying he is a useless clod.

During Hit and Dispo 's fight, Champa is scared that his Universe's strongest warrior might be defeated, however, he calms down once Goku helps Hit.

beerus and whis meet champa

He later gets worried when it appears that Frost is challenging Friezabut cheers the duo on when Frieza seemingly betrays his universe and fights Gohan. He is left shocked and confused when Frieza knocks Frost out and later terrified when Zeno erases Frost for attempting to attack from outside the ring and threatens to erase all of Universe 6 if any of them try to cheat again.

After Hit is defeated by Jiren, Champa is very proud of Hit and his best attempt on trying to find Jiren's weakness and was confident that Hit's efforts would go on to inspire the remaining warriors of Universe 6.

He later orders the rest of his universe to only engage Universe 7 and focus on making sure their universe has the most fighters left.

Dragon Ball Super beerus,whis meet champa and vados. - video dailymotion

He cheers on Caulifla and Kale as they team up against Goku, and is delighted that their Potara fusion, Kefla is so powerful. However, he panics and is stunned when Goku once again reaches Ultra Instinct.

After Kefla gets knocked out, Champa is forced to depend on his only two remaining warriors, Saonel and Pirina.

Champa bids farewell to his brother Piccolo and Gohan's battle with Saonel and Pirina reaches a climax and ultimately the two Universe 6 Namekians were defeated, thus dooming Universe 6 to erasure. As the Zenos prepare to erase Universe 6, Champa comes to terms with his fate and calls out to Beerus, playfully making one final rude face at his brother before being wiped from existence. Champa, along with the rest of Universe 6 are revived when Android 17 uses the Super Dragon Balls to restore the erased universes in the tournament.

Champa says out loud to himself that he won't say "thank you" to his brother. Xenoverse 2 Hero Colosseum Saga Beerus and Champa above Earth with their attendants in Xenoverse 2 At the beginning of the story for the Hero Colosseum, Champa and Beerus are in space above the Earth arguing about the best topping for a fried egg.

Beerus argues it is ketchup while Champa argues it is a sprinkling of sugar. Beerus asks if he child due to his tendency to sweetening everything that goes in his mouth, however, Champa argues Beerus has no taste as putting ketchup on something will only make it taste like ketchup. Beerus calls him an idiot, however, Champa retorts only idiots call people idiots, only for Beerus to point out Champa said idiot three times which proves Champa is the idiot.

Champa tells him to quit counting how many times he says idiot and calls Beerus a jerk after almost saying "idiot" a fourth time. The two then argue on how to settle the matter, with Champa suggesting baseball only for Beerus to point out it almost came to blows the last time. Before their argument can lead to a fight Whis and Vados step in with Vados suggesting trying Chili Oil as a topping, while Whis suggests Yakiniku sauce, which both Beerus and Champa agree to try ending their argument for the time being.

Power Manga and Anime Champa is trained by Vados, making him incredibly powerful. After Team Universe 6 is defeated by Team Universe 7Champa prepares to destroy his team for their failure, confident that not even Hit's Time-Skip or Cabba's Super Saiyan will be able to stand up to him.

He is only stopped from wiping out his team by Zeno 's arrival. While having the same position of power as his brother, Vados says it should be obvious from the builds of Champa and Beerus to see who is stronger, thus implying that Beerus is stronger. This is further supported when Beerus laughs at the idea of Champa asking to fight him.

beerus and whis meet champa

When Beerus and Champa once engaged in a clash, with his physical strength alone, Champa possesses enough power to destroy planets just by punching their surface. Early in the fight he is also shown to be able to fire energy spheres capable of chasing an opponent with Champa claiming they would follow Beerus wherever he goes which is supported when they follow Beerus to a nearby planet, forcing Beerus to resort to deflecting them instead of continuing to dodge them showing that he at least has some skill as a fighter.

When the two were both about to clash with their Spheres of Destruction, it was implied that the universe they were fighting in would be destroyed if not for Vados and Whis knocking them both out. Likewise, during another sibling scuffle, their destructive energy begins to destroy both the Sixth and Seventh Universe, requiring Whis and Vados to step in again. In the anime, it was also revealed that his overweight frame also causes him to have had low stamina, unable to continuously move about for long periods of time before getting exhausted.

While Vados states that it is obvious who is more powerful, Champa was shown to give Beerus a significant challenge several times, as seen when he and Beerus were bickering about the rules of baseball and fought in hand-to-hand combat.

  • The 6th Universe's Destroyer! His Name is Champa!

Both appeared to be about equal in power, as seen with their several bruises and cuts on their face.