Avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

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avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

AU. Azulaang. Takes place 6 years after the end of the war. Azula thinks about her relationship with Aang and her fear of what might happen in. Zuko and Azula relationship staring at childhood moving on from there splits from the main storyline later on while everyone in in Ba Sing Se. Ursa is finally reunited with her kids, but they each get a different welcome. Shows the relationship between Zuko and Azula, as well as a.

Criticism is allowed but don't let it become a rant. Jose At the top of the Southern Air Temple stood a year-old woman, the former princess of the once cruel Fire Nation.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

She's leaning on the railing looking at the sun setting on the horizon. It's been exactly 6 years since the war was over and she was tossed at the mental asylum, 5 years since her brother let her go from the asylum to find their mother, 3 years since she reconciles with everybody she ever hurt and.

When they got together it shocked everybody, literally everybody, as expected though, the first couple of months of their relationship was rough, mostly because Aang's friends were worried about Aang getting hurt from Azula.

Even after she apologized and reconciled through her actions, but people still doubted her. Azula just shrugged it off and it never bothered her, but when she's alone or before Aang comes to bed at night, she lets everything go and cries. She scolds herself for being so weak, she scolds herself for falling in love with the Avatar, but she can't help it, Aang's kind and friendly nature is what rescued her and keeps her grounded and it keeps her from ever returning to the darkness. Today marks their 2 year anniversary, even though she's happy, there is a feeling in the back of her head that everything that she's experienced from the last 2 years will be gone and she'll be alone again.

Her actions from what she did back in the past; hurting and killing innocent people, her drive for power and control, still haunts her. She fears that Aang will up and leave her when he realizes who he's been with.

Tears start falling from her eyes when that thought crossed her mind. Over the years, she let her walls down, she's still the strong firebender that she was once, but she became more mellow and kind.

She quickly wiped her tears when she heard someone walking towards her; soon strong arms wrapped around her stomach and pulled her closer to the figure. Her dark thoughts were now gone and a smile was plastered on her face. Aang sighed, "Sokka," Azula just rolls her eyes, "What did the moron do this time," "Long story for another day, I just want to celebrate our 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend," replied Aang.

Azula deviously smirked and turned around to face Aang, wrapping her arms around his neck, "Well, because of the moron, we missed half the day, let's get into our celebration," "I'm in for that," replied Aang, he lean down to kiss Azula and she return it with a passion.

Azula quickly got dressed in a formal fashion dress, Aang as well dressed up in formal Airbender dress and he took her to the nearest town by the mountains which housed the best foods from all four nations. Aang and Azula enjoyed their dinner and took a small walk where Azula forgotten everything she thought earlier that day.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

When they returned, they had hours of passion in the bedroom, Aang fell asleep first while Azula stayed up and observed his calm face while he was sleeping. It was this time when Aang was sleeping where she felt more at peace, forgetting the world, her problems, and just rest and sleep beside the man she loves.

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That's a word that Azula never thought that she would ever use, maybe for tricking someone to get what she wants, but that was only fake. But this, this was real love and she love every second of it. She wouldn't trade this for anything, yes. She has change; she's not that person from the past, her darkness is still there, but with Aang, she can keep it contained.

She closed her eyes and snuggles closer to Aang, in which Aang tightens his hold around Azula, and she smiles. Azula wakes up and sees that it's still dark, she rubs her eyes and looks next to her and sees that Aang is not there.

She gets out of bed and grabs her robe, she lights a blue fireball in her hand and starts to walk out towards the halls to find Aang. She sighs and starts to run down the corridors. She later arrives the courtyard and she sees everybody having fun; Zuko, Katara, Mai, Ty Lee, Iroh, Sokka, and Toph having fun, playing around the courtyard.

She stops and quickly went into cover, she survey the area to find Aang, but he was not with them. She sighs and turns around leaving them "So has Aang finally left her? Azula stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Sokka say that. Everybody shook their heads 'no'. She quickly went back to cover near where they are so she could listen in.

Sokka wasn't very supportive of their relationship, she wasn't surprised when he asked that question, "Yeah, I'm getting worried for Twinkle Toes, I mean being together with her for 2 years? Now that's worrisome," said Toph.

Azula & Zuko ● The Showdown Meant To Be

Azula clenched her fists, she was sure Toph was now accepting their relationship. Azula's eyes widen, tears start forming in her eyes, her jaw clenched and her nails are digging into her skin about to draw blood.

Iroh sighs and sips tea from his cup, "Azula is getting better, letting people in, trusting them, but she still has darkness inside of her. One day it will be let lose again and I'm afraid that Aang will the greatest victim of the aftermath," Zuko then said, "I've warned Aang about her from the very beginning, I hope he's taken my advice into consideration, it's for the best," 'THAT'S IT!

She then proceeded from leaving her hiding spot and faced them. W-what are you do-doing here? Everybody then stood up and faced Azula.

Azula chuckled, "I just heard your conversation that you had and. I'm intrigued," That chuckled sent shivers down everybody's spine, "Azula, what did you hear? Zuko stepped up and said, "Listen Azula, it's not what you think, we're just worried about Aang that's all, I'm really happy that you found someone to care for you," She exploded in anger, blue flames were now appearing in the palm of her hands, "REALLY! These past 2 years has been the best time of my life," Azula chokes out a sob in the final statement.

She then glares back at them. She didn't need childhood. She didn't need love. Azula looked away almost immediately, and closed her eyes tightly. There was a brief moment of silence and Azula thought her mother had gone again, just like the last time before her coronation, but threw her head back when she felt her mother's fingers stroking her cheek. She watched in horror as her mother disappeared in the flames, and felt something else breaking inside her as she let out another anguished cry and stopped fighting her tears, and everything else inside her.

Being isolated from the rest of the world had its advantages, and she was willing to take what she could and make the best of it. Every single day she sat in silence in her room, listening to the footsteps of the guards that patrolled the corridors, and took note of when they changed shifts, or when they took a break. It wasn't that hard—the guards usually never whisper, their arrogance blinding them to the fact that Azula was still the same cunning and intelligent prodigy as before.

The former princess delighted in their carelessness and slowly gained back whatever was left of her confidence, knowing that soon, freedom would be at hand and true liberation would begin.

She closed her eyes and breathed calmly, feeling the vibrations in the ground. She had always been impressed with that little blind girl—Toph Beifong—and wasn't afraid to admit that her skills would improve her dexterity greatly. It would help in her coming departure from this wretched island. She wished she could see Zuko's face when he finds her room empty, but she decided that seeing him would only make her want to stay and initiate another needless duel—an unnecessary waste of time.

She knew he'd also have the Avatar by his side, and she wasn't about to go down that road again and get herself locked up once more. No, this time, she had to think about her own safety.

Inhaling through her nose and exhaling through her mouth, she began watch her surroundings through the eyes her senses gave her. Feng was a regular man. He was honest, he was hardworking and he was happy that Fire Lord Zuko had trusted him and his men enough to station them in the mental facility that housed the infamous Princess Azula.

He had sworn to himself that he wouldn't let his nation's leader down, mostly because Azula had been one of the worst people to almost become Fire Lord and Ozai had been a most cold-blooded ruler for a period of time.

His family had lived in fear the moment Ozai stepped up to take Azulon's place, so this time, he was sure to treasure the fact that a kinder leader had emerged from the ashes, nearing the end of the Hundred Year War.

He had celebrated so happily with his family when they learnt of Phoenix King Ozai's defeat to the Avatar Aang, and Azula's defeat to her brother, the once banished prince, Zuko and her subsequent mental breakdown.

Of course, he wasn't without sympathy. He did feel sorry for the young woman that used to be the gem of the Fire Nation, the firebending prodigy that wowed thousands with her trademark sapphire flames and the princess that could do no wrong.

He had heard stories of her loveless childhood, and how she had depended on her skills to impress and find her place as the right hand of her father, all the while believing that Ursa had never loved her. Feng admitted that he'd understood Azula's emotions once. He never had a great relationship with his father to begin with, and though his mother loved him, his father was always impressed with his older brother.

No matter what Feng tried to do to please the man he looked up to, the same eyes always looked away and found his brother instead. He had grown up swearing to be a better man than his father was, and almost lost control of his own marriage when he found the love of his life. His beautiful wife helped him out of it with her love and patience, and that was where Feng began to feel sorry for the fallen princess. She had no love—she didn't love anyone and no one loved her. She used fear and manipulation to keep people by her side, but everyone knew such bonds were only temporary and extremely fragile, so she truly never knew friendship and genuine love.

Feng wondered if the princess had ever felt inclined to open up her heart to someone before, but decided that it was all useless. The princess was no longer the person she was, and everyone who knew her had already deemed her too mentally unstable for any hope of a proper recovery.

These things usually took time, love and an inner spirit that was strong enough to fight such depression and brokenness. Azula had time, but she didn't seem to have the last two things. What a shame, she would have made a great leader with the right heart and spirit. He glanced at the afternoon sun and realized that it was time for food to be served to the princess. Usually, he would accompany the attendant that would allow Azula to be free of her chains for the moment, to eat her food and keep a stable diet.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

He went through the same procedures again today, dreading the look of anger and hatred he would receive from the young woman once they entered the room. She usually never attacked, but when she did, it was usually during breakfast. Feng believed that by the time they visited her in the morning each day, she would have just woken up from a nightmare.

The rings around her eyes spoke volumes of how well she rested in this place. Zuko gently placed a hand on his siter's shoulder, before she let him wrap his arm around her. I shouldn't have let her hit you. At the mere mention of those words, Azula broke down. What was so wrong with me? Azula sat up, tears in her eyes. Zuko gently held his sister, hearing her cry, a knot in his stomach making him regret his decision to tell his father the Avatar was alive.

Ursa watched her son hold her daughter, listened as they talked. She knew what she had to do, and she knew that it wasn't going to be easy. She had to make amends with Azula. Cautiously, she walked over to her children.

Through her red and stinging eyes, Azula managed to glare at her. Ursa took a deep breath, prayed to Agni herself, then sat down. Zuko gave his mother a nervous glance as he walked away.

For a few minutes, the mother and daughter sat in the darkness, the only sound being the wind. Azula turned to face her, and for a minute, she saw her little girl again. I was a young mother, and a fool. I'm sorry that I favored Zuko over you. I see now that I was wrong in so many areas.

If I could take it all back, do it all over again, I would have taken both of you with me. You were such a brat as a child, there's no denying that, but I still handled it wrong. Instead of giving you love, all I showed you was abuse, and neglect.

I never once thought about you, until now. Azula, please, forgive me. Azula faced her mother, this time tears once again forming in her eyes. After he burned Zuko, and after you left, her hurt me.