44 kvs national sports meet and gre

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44 kvs national sports meet and gre

Our primary students participated in various competitions at KV NTPC . I have great pleasure in presenting the annual report of the session . Kho at 44th KVS National Sports Meet held at KV Ambala in Chandigarh. Sub: h KVS National Sports Meet Sir/ Madam, Games and Sports is an integral part of the KVS curriculum that ensures an all-round development of the students. SPORTS & GAMES ACHIEVMENTS IN NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL & SGFI . NITU BARDEWA. VIII C. GOLD. SHIWANI RAWAT. VII C. GOLD. 46 . The Annual Day of the Vidyalaya was celebrated with great pomp and show, well .

44 kvs national sports meet and gre

The detailed Modalities for conduct of 46 1 hkvs National Sports Meet as approved by the competent authority are enclosed here with for ready reference and compliance which can be seen at Annexure The standard of National Sports Meet should be maintained at all levels and all the Deputy Commissioners are to personally ensure while sponsoring teams for the National event. Students should be sent for the participation after duly evaluating their strength, stamina and skills required for the particular event.

Clarification, if any may be sought from the Assistant Commissioner Sports of concerned region. In case of any query the following officers may be contacted.


The contents of this circular and Modalities attached herewith may please be brought to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority. This is pertinent to mention here that each Vidyalaya should raise a team of its own at least in some games as per their students' talent and interest. Matches can be organized at inter school level. A player can take part only in quad or in-line event.


No player can take part in both the events quad and inline. If the Gold medalists are more than three, then marks will be calculated as maximum points. The list will be circulated separately. This should be brought to the notice of all concerned. Sports and Games Meet- General Guidelines: Tournaments at Regional Level 2. Thereafter, the matches will be played on knock-out basis in Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and final.

For Individual events of Badminton, Table Tennis, and Tennis, top five seeds" can play for Individual singles and top five winning students of individual Singles can be selected for the next higher level. The regions will invite entries from individual players for Regional level singles tournaments and conduct the Regional level competitions directly.

44 kvs national sports meet and gre

Teams should not be deputed just for the sake of participation. Participants will be permitted to participate in maximum three events, excluding relays This is to inform you that there will be three rounds in each match. In each round maximum number of points will be nine.

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Any player who wins maximum number of points in all the three rounds in each weight and age category will be declared winner. There is no restriction of number of players in weight I age category of all individual events. EveningJuice ml with snacks i. Milk- ml, for sleeping time- any mosquito repellent. The above food chart is illustrations only. In case, a Region wins the trophy for three consecutive years, it will keep the trophy for ever.

All the regions should ensure that required number of escorts is sent with the teams. The safety and security consideration should not be compromised in any case. All regional teams will bring at least 10 flags of their region with them. The flags will be of the size of 4ft. The colour of the flags will be the same as has been allotted for the playing kit of the players of that region as per given in Annexure- I.

44 kvs national sports meet and gre

Social Science and Science Exhibition Social Science and Science Exihibitions are also a part of scheduled activities in the vidyalaya. In Maths Olympiad held in K. Under national adolescence educational programmes eminent doctors and counsellors enlighten our students regarding adolescent health. They organize activities and enjoy participating in various activities. Games and Sports Vidyalaya also shows excellent performance in sports organized at Cluster and Regional Level.

Nine students from our vidyalaya were selected at the regional level to participate in the 44th KVS National Sports Meet, During this sessionClass Magazines were released by each and every class having a collection of ingenious efforts of our students in giving expressions to their musings in a creative manner.

It is an attempt to showcase the young talents and to motivate them to sharpen the creative skills.

44 kvs national sports meet and gre

The marvels of our primary section are no less than that of the secondary section. We have achieved a lot in the past years but we are not complacent, rather these achievements make us more resolute to move forward with firm conviction and confidence to fulfil our promises and obligations.