2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship

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2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship

Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake was the first film in the franchise I wasn't . Tim Burton's ending is pretty much just a random gimmick. This movie was the starting point of her relationship with Tim Burton. Now that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is out, it's time to assess where the apes at the beginning, just as he was at the end of the film. Tim Burton's attempt to reboot the Planet Of The Apes franchise is regarded so much so that Tim Roth, who starred as the film's villain, has now had to For those of you who have erased the ending to 's Planet Of The.

Davidson was sent back to the Earth of 3, years earlier, but Thade, although leaving much later, ended up earlier than Davidson.

The reason this happened is that the order in which someone exits the electromagnetic storm is the reverse order of whoever entered it. In other words, it's an inverse relationship.

“Never Send a Monkey to Do a Man’s Job”: Looking Back at the Remake of PLANET OF THE APES

This is the reason the Oberon crashed on Ashlar before Davidson did and Pericles landed after Davidson. One theory is that Thade arrived on Earth somewhere in the 19th century. There, he staged a revolt among the apes, not unlike Semos once had done, making the apes once again the dominant species on the planet. So when Davidson arrived years later, he found his own planet conquered by the apes, and a monument erected in Thade's honor.

Another theory is that Thade arrived after the Oberon went through the electromagnetic storm in and that Davidson actually returned on 26 Octoberthe last year seen on the chronometer. Rather than an alternate timeline, Thade would have led the apes of Earth without changing the past centuries and had the Lincoln monument changed in his honor during the or so years before Davidson's return.

2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship

This explanation would explain why Washington still looks the same as it ever did. It has been suggested by some that Davidson may have landed on a future version of Ashlar that appears similar to Earth. However, the planet that he lands on at the end of the film does not appear to have two moons, and given that Davidson set a course for Earth's location at the end, it would be unlikely that he'd end up on another planet.

It has also been suggested that Davidson landed on a different planet, neither Ashlar nor Earth, that is ruled by apes. If this is so, then the reason that their Washington D. Another very unlikely theory is that the anomaly took Leo Davidson to an alternate universe where Earth is ruled by apes, and the Thade in that universe is not the Thade from Ashlar, but a version of him that lived on an alternate Earth.

According to Tim Burton, this ending was a nod to a similar ending in the original novel, but also meant as a prelude to a sequel that was never made. Helena Bonham Carter believes that the ending is explained simply by Thade beating Leo to Earth, but there is still much to be desired.

Rich Handley's Timeline of the Planet of the Apes contains the following note: Ty Templeton, author of Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, had intended, in his initial concept for that title, to explore how Thade changed Earth's history.

Fox, however, opted to keep the two Apes incarnations separate. Ian Edgington and Ben Abnett had also planned to reveal Thade's fate in an unpublished storyline for Dark Horse, which would have featured characters from Semos' world visiting Earth's past in the Oberon's remaining pods, via the anomaly.

Their plan had been that the Earth Davidson returned to was not the same Earth he left, but rather a parallel planet similar to that which Ulysse Merou returned to in Pierre Boulle's novel, The Monkey Planet. Before he can begin to get his bearings, Davidson and native humans are hunted down by apes led by the evil General Thade Tim Roth. But instead, the scene mostly serves as an introduction for Ari Helena Bonham Carterwho believes that humans should be well-treated or at least as well-treated as an enslaved person can be.

In order to protect Davidson whom she crushes on immediatelyAri buys him and reluctantly Daena, and then puts them to work in the kitchen before having dinner with her influential father Sandar David WarnerThade who wants to make a power-grab by marrying Ariand some other wealthy apes. Following a dinner scene where Ari argues that humans have souls and everyone at the table laughs her off, she helps Davidson, Daena, and some other humans escape, and the plot splits into two, uninteresting plotlines.

2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship

The problem is that both of these storylines are led by one-dimensional characters, or in the case of Davidson, a 0. Films like Boogie Nights and The Fighter work because they take his imposing, chiseled physique and then highlight vulnerability and other subtle personality traits thus providing a compelling juxtaposition movies such as The Italian Job and The Departed are able to ride on his charisma and adding brains to brawn.

Throw him in The Happening, Transformers: Age of Extinction, or Planet of the Apes, and you get mindless beefcake. Planet of the Apes gives Wahlberg absolutely nothing. At best, you could describe Davidson as irritable.

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Then you have Roth chewing scenery and being as over-the-top as possible. Whenever the plot gives Thade the opportunity to get angry, the character screeches like crazy and jumps around like he wants to break his back doing wirework. Inside the artifact is a gun, which is foreign technology to the apes.

No good ever came from sending primates into space. In a surprising inverse of the original movie, the remake appears more enamored of religion than science. Thus, a messiah figure puts an end to war and the enmity between apes and humans.

2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship

Concepts such as science-versus-religion and the barbarism of slavery were core issues of the original Planet of the Apes. The movie is built around these issues from the opening scene to the conclusion.

Rather than a single dinner scene, the story pauses for plenty of conversations, and characters stopping to test the status quo.

2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship

The trial in the original is terrific encapsulation of scientific proof coming to odds with religious dogma. These are weighty ideas, and the movie treats them as such as do the sequels with their respective themes.

2001 movie planet the apes ending a relationship