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Filipino Football: Palarong Pambansa - CVRAA win secondary Division

Palarong Pambansa Save The Palarong Pambansa Filipino for "National Games" is an annual multi-sport event involving student-athletes from 17 regions of the Philippines.

The event, started inis organized and governed by the Department of Education or DepEd. Student-athletes from public and private schools at elementary and secondary levels can compete provided they qualified by winning at their regional meet.

For young Filipino student-athletes, Palarong Pambansa is the culmination of school sports competition, which start with local school intramurals, followed by the congressional district, provincial, and regional athletic meets. The objectives of the Palaro are: To promote Physical Education and sports as an integral part of the Basic Education curriculum for holistic development of the youth; Inculcate the spirit of discipline, teamwork, excellence, fair play, solidarity, sportsmanship, and other values inherent in sports; Promote and achieve peace by means of sports; Widen the base for talent identification, selection, recruitment, training and exposure of elementary pupils and secondary students to serve as a feeder to the National Sports Association NSA for international competitions; and Provide a database for a valid and universal basis to further improve the school sports development programs.

History The first game was held in Manila in It continued yearly until it was cancelled in because of the death of President Ramon Magsaysay. InTagbilaranBohol hosted the 10th edition of the game. Inand Palarong Pambansa did not run. It is a freely branching upright plant that grows as tall as three feet that propagates through seeds. To date, there are four known local varieties of adlai namely: But the two main species are: The origin of adlai is unknown, but it is native to southern and eastern Asia.

Interestingly, the Subanen Tribe has known this crop since time immemorial.

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Adlai has high production in the highlands and it even tolerates low pH. It can be grown even in barren lands.


The crop grows well in sloping areas, tolerates water logging, and it is pest-resistant. The super crop Subanens plant adlai in kaingin areas or mountainous parts of the town.

Of 33 barangays in Midsalip, 19 are growing and nurturing adlai.

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Imagine how adlai became part of the Subanen culture from the time their ancestors got in love with this crop.

It became their traditional source of food and a symbol of their customs. One of the striking characteristics of adlai is its ability to be ratooned three to five times after the main harvest, making it preferable to plant. It is resilient to flood and drought, tolerant to pests and diseases, and grown organically.

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Though very conventional, growing it is economical, environment-friendly, and sustainable. The fun is when it is cooked and served in plates. You may find its taste different compared to rice and corn.