Z fighters meet androids

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z fighters meet androids

The androids have been present in the Dragon Ball saga since the early days of Cell is the obvious exception, posing Goku and the Z Fighters their . of the park in the series, he meets up with his sister every now and then. Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo meet Krillin halfway to Sasebo and they see the As the Z Fighters cannot sense the Android's ki, they split up and go down into the. The Z Fighters are surprised to see Bulma there, and top of that, she has a baby. Goku tells "Yamcha Meets Droids" - When Yamcha encounters the Androids.


Gero releasing several of his creations unto the Earth in his attempts to kill Goku. Cell is the obvious exception, posing Goku and the Z Fighters their biggest android threat to date discounting the non-canon events of GT. The androids have been around for so long and they remain a part of the franchise to this day that the forethought gone into their history and roles within the series is sure to uncover a few hidden gems of information.

Toriyama had never intended for Cell to transform at all, but by having Cell absorb the previously dismissed androids, he and Torishima eventually settled on Perfect Cell as the Android saga villain.

Gero created 16 in the model of his fallen son, which partly explains why Gero was so reluctant to release him in the Android saga.

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Their bases allow them to reproduce like regular humans, though the aging process takes longer as their cells deteriorate more slowly, and they no longer need food to survive.

Androids 16 and 19 are fully-fledged androids, created from scratch with entirely mechanical parts.

z fighters meet androids

The androids tend to look less human than their cyborg counterparts, but they can also be identified by their blood, which is essentially a power oil. Cell, on the other hand, is known as a bio-android, having been constructed biologically from the cells of various races.

The first has an unlimited energy supply. Strangely, this type is the most common, even though they are said to be the most difficult to keep under control. Androids 8, 16, 17, and 18 have unlimited energy sources, as do 13, 14, and 15 outside of canon.

The Androids Appear

This means that they can battle for longer periods of time, while still being able to get stronger through training. There are space pirates, evil genies, demons, and of course, homicidal androids; it might sound like overkill, but each villain is unique and interesting in their own way.

One group of antagonists that threatened the planet like never before were the villainous androids created by the insane Dr. Fueled by a healthy hatred for Goku, Gero turned himself into an android and created more mechanical monsters, to do his dastardly work of killing the Saiyan and conquering the planet.

z fighters meet androids

Even the diabolical Cell, though inspired by Gero to rule, would later have his own delusions of grandeur. Goku is the hero of the Dragon Ball franchise.

During the Android Saga, Goku is surprisingly absent, bed-ridden on account of a heart condition. Before that however, Goku fights Android 19 and loses rather badly. The only reason he fought the android was to give his son Gohan a chance to see how Cell fought and formulate a plan to defend himself against the monster.

Goku also never has a chance to battle either 17 or 18 since Cell absorbed them.

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Turns out, Akira Toriyama was inspired by The Terminator film series. When "The Android Sag" was experiencing its manga release, it was inthe same year as Terminator 2: Dragon Ball lore is notorious for having an expanded history that only truly dedicated fans know about or take time to discover.

Gero kidnapped them while they were teenagers.

z fighters meet androids

Deciding they were perfect for his needs, Gero abducted them. The twins almost never speak of their past. Not much is known about their upbringing except they were born to human parents, and 18 is the older of the two. Alas for some, their purpose is to be served up as food to a genocidal bio-android.