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Website for the York & Ainsty North Hunt. Following the York and Ainsty on a landmark day for hunting. The official line from the York & Ainsty North Hunt was that Saturday's meet would stay within the law . Helen Nicholas Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter) . said: “We were asked to encourage people to come out as if it was Boxing Day. Paul Martin attacked a sab repeatedly at a joint meet of the South Dorset .. The incident happened on New Year's Day as supporters of Mendip .. Wooton Bassett magistrates heard how Richard Lovett (41) of Meysey Hampton, Cirencester, . North Yorkshire who is an amateur terrierman with the York and Ainsty South.

This only became public knowledge because Simon Hart's scathing email to Daresbury, criticising him for being so stupid in handing ammunition to the antis, was leaked.

He was in post when the Hunting Act came into effect.

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Prior to the recent election both MPs were on the EFRA Select Committee and were instrumental in that Committee calling, by a majority of one, for the RSPCA to be investigated, a move largely prompted by the Society's prosecutions of packs for illegal hunting and badger sett interference.

This was close to where they hunted a few weeks ago and on the same bit of river - Claydon Brook. With eyes on them they lead us to a farm near the big equestrian centre at Addington Manor. So with some proper military planning we moved in with a classic pincer action. By now they hunters knew they had been rumbled and did what they always do and called the police. The police also told us there were some very pissed off people at the hunt meet! Perhaps they should find a less blood thirsty and acceptable pass time.

With the hound van leaving to return to the kennels and the hounds not even getting out we enjoyed the sunshine while making sure they didn't try to pull a fast one. Both groups, along with Bristol Hunt Saboteurs, were subject to violence and intimidation.

Both Hunts were still disrupted while attempting to kill wildlife. Not long ago we wrote this update about the Ledbury terrierman involved in the assault on sabs — Terrierman charged with affray — and now we bring an update on the North Cotswold case too. Following the discovery of the artificial earths the Hunt packed up and the sab attended Gloucester hospital with suspected concussion and a swollen jaw.

Statements were made to the police soon after. West Mercia Police have dropped the case against Crossman, as they say it is unclear how he and the sab ended up on the floor, whether he intended to hit her in the face and whether he did actually knee her in the groin. Regardless of this, we believe that his behaviour in the run-up to the fall still constitutes an assault assault does not require physical contact and is still unacceptable, especially the fact that he puts his eagle in danger.

Haines admitted that he had ridden into the same sab on purpose and was given a caution due to previously having a clean record. Gloucestershire Constabulary looked into an allegation that sabs had stolen the terrier and found no evidence to suggest this; the investigation was dropped earlier this year. Unfortunately, despite evidence supplied, we believe they have also dropped the investigation into the illegal dig-out.

The Hunt continue to intend to hunt illegally, the blocking of badger setts prior to hunt meets being one giveaway of this and we intend to keep a closer eye on them in the coming seasons.

If you hear any information about the Hunt or have any tip-offs as to hunt meets or a hunt meet card please contact us on or via our Facebook page or email address: Well that investigation is over, and guess what? Yes - as per usual the Hunts can do what ever they like, with no legal action being taken against them! Kent police had all the footage of the mornings events, which showed the driver of the blue pickup- on top of that they also had the name of the driver, because he put in a bogus claim against us!

They obviously had a good chat with him though, as with no hard evidence, they then sent a letter to our vehicles registered keeper, threatening to summons us for 4 road traffic offences…!!!! So… after getting other parties involved and with us pressing them on this issue, our list of summonses were dropped, and a promise to investigate was made by the police… which we now know is going nowhere, and the hunt supporters who blocked us in are free to do the same again next season - making sure that they can illegally hunt in peace.

So, no surprises there. We hope that, following the outcry during the election campaign, Theresa May has now abandoned the manifesto pledge for a free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act. The reality is that the ban has overwhelming support from the British public. We have no doubt that a vocal minority will continue in their attempts to weaken or repeal the ban — either openly or via the back door.

Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Foxhounds Duncan Branch, a subscriber to the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Foxhounds found guilty of attacking 2 saboteurs with his fists and a riding crop. Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Foxhounds Stephen Thayne, Whipper-In to the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Foxhounds, convicted of assault and battery after riding down a group of saboteurs.

Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Foxhounds Huntsman Jonathan Broise 45 of Petworth, West Sussex, has been barred from becoming master of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt after being convicted of butting a disabled magistrate and punching another man at a point-to-point meeting. Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Foxhounds Jonathan Broise 46 of London Road, Petworth was accused of riding his horse at a hunt saboteur and breaking her shoulder has been cleared.

Broise who is the huntsman with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt, denied a charge of actual bodily harm. It had been claimed that Broise had pushed a year-old hunt saboteur, out of the way at a meet in September Video footage had been shown in court of the him punching one sab and fighting with the other. However, Boise who is the huntsman with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt maintained he had been acting in self-defence. Adrian Clarke 47 was dismissed by Fiona Smith-Bingham from The Whalebones, Knossington after he picked up an arm injury and was unable to fulfil his gardener and handyman duties.

It follows allegations that a vixen and two cubs were moved from an earth in breach of hunting rules. They said its investigators filmed a member of the hunt placing two cubs in an artificial earth in Leicestershire.

The artificial earth to which they had been moved was in a field of sheep and lambs and on a path used by hunts. They also said that by moving the foxes, staff were demonstrating that far from trying to keep numbers down, they were trying to encourage foxes to breed in order to have sufficient numbers to hunt.

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The ones who were suspended are Dean Jones, terrierman for the hunt, Jones admitted that he had moved the foxes and was suspended, as was his boss, Neil Coleman. Neil Coleman, the huntsman, admitted Jones had told him of the matter later but he did not disclose this information to his employers.

The MFHA committee found the Joint Masters not guilty of misconduct under Rule 49, not guilty of any other rules and lifted their suspension. On Thursday they announced Neil Coleman, the huntsman, had been reinstated. Discussions are being held about the future of Jones, who is still employed by the hunt staff, but because of the ban can no longer be employed by them as a terrier man. Two sabs had been subjected to a furious assault and the van had been pushed into a ditch and its windows smashed.

The incident happened after the protester and his partner monitor a hunt. The Crawley and Horsham Hunt had been cancelled and they travelled to the Petworth Hunt instead in another vehicle. When they returned later they noticed two males down the side of their vehicle. The other one was behind him. Taped interviews with Ghazala and Sandeman were played to the court.

Ghazala, managing director of Horse Health Products UK, said he and Sandeman had driven to Kent on that day for a hound parade, because the Crawley and Horsham Hunt had been held a day earlier. Ghazala said he drove down the lane on his way back from Kent at approximately 4 to 4. He stated that he never left the vehicle. Sandeman a farmer, said that they recognised the approaching car and so they drove off. The prosecution asked both men: Here he was shown video of him threatening and assaulting an anti-hunt protester.

The incident occurred at a meeting of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt. He admitted the offence and was given a formal police caution as he is a first time offender. The magistrates heard that the Cumberland Farmers were out hunting near Penrith when McColgan found that a fox had gone down a hole, he then called over Dickinson. The holes were then blocked and some nets were put over other entrances, a terrier was then entered the holes.

Both men admitted in interviews that they had put a terrier down but said the contentious issue was whether they were signs of the sett being an active one.

D Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire Beagles Marcus Wright 28 of 7 Fernie Avenue, Melton, who is the kennel huntsman of The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire Beagles was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer during a demonstration outside Westminster. Derwent Foxhounds A hunt supporter from North Yorkshire was cleared of driving his car into a puddle to drench two animal rights campaigners and a child with icy water as they protested at a New Years day meet of the Derwent Foxhounds.

Scott had denied the offence. She told the court she was following the deer to see where it went, and to prevent trespass by hounds onto sanctuary land. He pleaded guilty to allowing Cypermethin, which is used to treat mange in the hounds at the Beaufort kennels to enter the river Avon.

One of the accidents occurred at the Holderness hunt in east Yorkshire where a pack of hounds out exercising picked up the scent of a fox, chased it for two miles and killed it before they could be stopped… story Western Morning News Kilkhampton, near Bude; Davidstow, near Camelford; and Caerhays on the south coast.

South Devon spokesman Ian Pearse said: For 40 years they have campaigned for us to stop hunting live quarry and hunt a trail. Now they are trying to stop us doing that.

The Countryside Alliance jubilantly announced the death of 91 foxes on Saturday - a figure well below the usually killed on a hunting Saturday. But the hunt ban was never about stopping foxes being killed.

If that had been Parliament's intention, it would have started by banning cars! The law of the land is a precious thing - as is Parliamentary democracy. When Parliament passes a law, we cannot pick and choose whether to follow it. We are all bound by a common allegiance to obey the law….

Except in a small number of cases, where we believe that hunts did break the law, no fox was chased to the point of exhaustion. And no fox was torn apart alive by a pack of hounds… story Western Morning News Generations of hunt masters have sat in his place, in front of the grand house at Buckfastleigh Racecourse, waiting to lead the predecessors of the Dart Vale and South Poole Harriers to the hunt.

At Saturday's meet, everyone felt a change. Despite the sunshine and mulled wine, the jovial atmosphere of hunts gone by was dampened…. There were horse riders on parade and more than followers on foot… story Western Morning News There were 50 horse riders on parade and on foot in Madron square, including two visiting members of the Surrey Union Hunt, as the Western master, Ben Sparrow, issued his latest rallying call to his troops….

Chulmleigh dairy farmer John Webber did all three, and after hours on the phone was still none the wiser as to what course of action he should take. Eventually, an expert on the animal by-product waste order from Defra got back to Mr Webber and told him to bury the deer himself. It's an illustration of how the ramifications of the staghunting ban have already started to affect the countryside.

This week, their activities were reduced to hound exercising in the East Devon countryside…. Janet Eames, whose husband Edward is master of the Cotley Hunt, said: It was like a point-to-point meet…. Did they expect more huntsmen and women than ever before to be riding out to hounds on the first proper hunting day since the ban came into effect?

Did they anticipate a massive show of support from hunt followers and supporters and eulogies in favour of hunting to be carried by many of our national newspapers? Which way will it go? Only time will tell.

But if Tony Blair, who yielded to his backbenchers and allowed this class-driven legislation to go through, thought he had now "settled" this issue as he promised, then he's deluding himself.

Hunting with hounds is far from being resolved. Several members of the hunt had tears in their eyes as hunt master John Lucas made a moving speech before the parade set off….

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Joint hunt master David Bateman said he was "quite astonished" at the gathering which was waiting to welcome the hounds at the Royal Castle Hotel at midday…. And there appeared to be plenty of support for this sentiment as he walked out on Saturday afternoon. More than people followed, compared with an average Saturday turnout of 30…. Saturday saw the last day of hunting of the season for Stoke Hill Beagles. The hunt committee has opted not to go out again this season to give the hunt a chance to "take stock of the situation"… The North Devon Beagles met at Bluegate, Simonsbath, on Exmoor, where Mr Tucker told his audience: Gregg Johnson, joint master and chairman of the Modbury Harriers, said the meet was "superb"….

More than 80 horse riders turned out for the Taunton Vale Harriers on Saturday morning, followed by more than people on foot… story Western Morning News This was the predominant message echoed by hundreds of supporters at Torrington Farmers' hunt in North Devon on Saturday…. On Saturday, 70 riders and about followers on foot turned out for a trail hunt, leaving Pyne's House in Silverton, near Exeter, at 11am following a hearty hunt breakfast… story Western Morning News The meet, which took place at the Fox and Hounds Country Hotel in Eggesford, attracted around 75 mounted riders and more than 1, foot followers….

It was laid on for them in the yard of Tuscoyne Farm, Constantine, near Falmouth, where 30 riders and a large number of supporters gathered…. Last week, however, the Cury lost much of their Lizard peninsula terrain when English Nature withdrew its hunting licence for the Goonhilly Downs area for the rest of the season….

The largest show was on the moor where the Dartmoor hunt combined with three others and two beagle packs for a mass gathering at Postbridge. Police estimate there were up to 2, supporters present with about riders in the field…. The Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers met at Buckfastleigh race course where a field of 65 riders turned out to a crowd of up to supporters… The Britannia Beagles met at the Royal Castle Hotel, Dartmouth where a small number of police officers were present for crowd control….

Jason Marles, from Farringdon, near Exeter, is moving to America to continue his passion for hunting. The year old kennel man has secured a top job in the state of Virginia as a first whipper-in for the Blue Ridge Hunt…. He says he has no other option if he wants to stay working for a hunt. I'm disappointed it has come to this. It's sad I could not fulfil my career in England…. After an exchange of angry words, the obstruction was removed and the woman was given a fixed penalty notice… Silverton hunt master Andrew Knox, 64, said that while the Hunting Bill had legal loopholes that could be exploited, in the long term, Silverton's 70 hounds probably would have to be put down.

South Devon hunt master Ian Pearse said before leading the hounds off at Powderham that he had already had some hounds destroyed and probably more would follow…. Speaking in the shadow of ancient Powderham Castle on the outskirts of Exeter on Saturday, Lord Devon spelled out a simple message: The Silverton Hunt are keen to demonstrate that we will be among the strongest of those who will survive.

Spokesman for the hunt, Roland Notley, who is also Countryside Alliance chairman for North Devon, said at first he understood a fox was lawfully killed late in the afternoon by being shot. He later reported there was "some confusion" over the death and it would be best to say that a fox was not killed…. An estimatedriders and followers turned out to ride with hounds on the first day of the controversial ban.

Foxes were shot legally and their corpses dragged across countryside for hounds to pursue…. Penny Little, who monitored the Bicester hunt yesterday, said there was intimidation from supporters and asked for greater police protection… story Western Daily Press Then the sound of the piercing gush of air meant the job was done. And that instant flat tyre meant two hunt monitors were immobile for half an hour as the horses and hounds rushed past….

It was the first day of the ban and Kevin and Pete said they were determined to see what they'd worked for 20 years each to see - the Beaufort Hunt drag hunting… story Western Daily Press But on the first Saturday the ban came into force, the searing sound of the bugle could be heard as loud and clear as ever at the Beaufort Hunt… story Gloucester Citizen Hundreds turned out at the first meeting since the Hunting Bill came into effect on Friday to support what they say is their traditional rural way of life.

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And as children patted the hounds and the gathered crowd took photographs, a resolute message came from the masters of the hunt…. Gloucestershire Police confirmed that they received no complaints against hunts this weekend but were presented with "information"…. That was the message at the first meeting of the Berkeley Hunt under the new laws as people rode out…. I don't have a strong opinion either way on fox hunting and being detached from the argument, it does tend to look like a bunch of New Labour MPs grabbing the chance to kick a few 'Tory toffs' into the hedgerow….

Any taxpayer who is burgled, robbed in the street, assaulted by drunken yobs, or is a victim of antisocial behaviour, and cannot get the police to respond because they are busy hunting hunters, should ask if their MP voted to ban hunting. If so, they should sue the MP in question for compensation, as his or her action will have directly contributed to a shortage of police officers in urban areas.

At the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt at Southwick Farm, near Tewkesbury, riders and foot followers were determined to carry on until the law is overturned…. More than 1, turned out to watch Ledbury Hunt riders meet at Castlemorton Common, near Tewkesbury….

Two hundred riders and 2, supporters watched the Vale of the White Horse hunt in Bibury. The rural affairs minister said it would become obvious if people flouted the law, which came into force on Friday, and pretended they were not…. But there was one notable difference - no foxes or hares….

The incident happened at a showcase meet of the Holderness Hunt at Rise Park, near Skirlaugh, where the masters had intended to exercise the hounds within the letter of the Hunting Act. However, a fox is said to have crossed the path of the hounds, who gave chase. Before professional huntsman Robert Howarth and the rest of the riders caught up, the fox had been killed….