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yeti tribe meet 2012

1) Hi Scott, welcome to the Yeti Tribe, You must be super stoked to be on forward to the Yeti Tribe festival in where I can meet other Yeti. Yeti Tribe Gathering. Jamie Edwards Friday 5 October Once a year, Yeti organise a tribe meet, where owners, and sponsored. Yeti tribe meet - 15 June. Organising a Are there many yeti riders attending the tribe meet in June? Never met that Wilier Cento Uno.

The Yeti's were well tuned and awesome to ride. The terrain spoke for itself - fantastic. Last and certainly not least, our guide - Chris Gibbs.

Simply outstanding, I echo what every other review on this site says regarding Chris. He has a love for his profession and that can make a rainy day fill with sunshine - which was necessary. Guide, comic, mechanic, friend They organize to put it loosely trips to the coolest places on the planet that a mountain biker could imagine visiting. The whole company is setting the bar of service and professionalism to a standard of bike tours that no one will reach.

Heidi and I were amazed at the effort and dedication put forth to make sure everything was going as well as it should. Bear, our guide, is cut from a rare mold. His skills and knowledge as a guide, mechanic, physicist, and lover of bikes put him in a field of his own. Add the fact that he's genuinely a nice person you quickly realize that the bar he sets is unattainable by many others. Besides his daily tasks of guiding a bunch of dirtbags safely through the mud all day, Chris was always going above what I'd expect from a guide.

No one in our group was unaffected by one of The Bear's herculean gestures of kindness.

Yeti Tribe Gathering 2017 - Crested Butte MTB

Still thinking about the trip. The team put together an amazing tribe, and took us to a world unknown, so amazingly beautiful this Yeti tribe may be hard to beat. It was lumpy,bumpy, techy, spicy and to be honest, pretty bad ass.

Mental note If anybody ever comes on a tour with me and flats every ride, you are buying the first round. Fist bumps for all the Yeti freaks that made the journey to Scotland. During our trip, it seemed that Scotland was more than kind enough to show us all she had. Beautiful vistas, Amazing terrain, soft grippy loam, great food, great drink, and some occasional sunshine.

Our amazing and patient guides made sure we had a taste of all of their favorite trails too, from steep loamy and rooty descents in their backyard on trails they help build themselves to some of the rockiest, technical gnar I've ever pointed by bike downhill on.

Scott Beaumont Yeti Interview

Scotland has certainly given me a new perspective on my own local trails. These folks are the best in the world at what they do. Sitting on the beach for a holiday is overrated.

Reading that in the office I thought, yea, cool. Turns out there were rocks, hike a bike, proper gnar, technical trails to challenge the best of us. There were also hoots and hollers, exhilarating, breathless descents, majestic mountains and landscapes that had a transcendent quality to them.

We were supported and assisted throughout the week by some very skilled and, at times, patient guides. It was amazing - and best summed up by spontaneous hugs at the end of an exhilarating day in Torridon. All the week was perfectly guided by Chris who made this week unforgettable for us.

From my initial enquiry to the moment I was collected on that very first day, the communication and information was excellent. Read all the information that was provided, but resisted the temptation of looking at what we were likely to be doing or forming any preconceived ideas. Day 2 was at Fort William, such a mix of trails and eased us into the trip, little did we know!

Great day finished off with a Pub meal and an ale. Day 4, Was another big day out, this was the first of the remote highlands I was hoping to see, hike a bike, great descent, bothys, bogs, boulders, water bars and more, and this was epic, reckon you struggle to wipe the smile off my face with a cricket bat!

Oh yeah, water bars, they are relentless.

Scott Beaumont Yeti Interview

As the fatigue sets in and the ambition overtakes the ability, mistakes happen. The bonus to this meant on Day 5 we had quite a crew, Catherine and Chris joined us for the easy day, the ride across Skye, such a great day out with great company. The Highlands at its best! You just need to experience it. Day 7, what a way to finish the trip some amazing technical singletrack. Thanks Euan and Chris what a way to finish what was already an amazing adventure. My adventure was also an adventure for three other people and without doubt they too were a key to a fantastic trip.

I have focused on the key reason all of us go on these trips, that is the riding and destination!

Torridon + Skye Scotland

So stiff out of the gate, it just transfers power straight to the ground with zero flex. They are being tested in sun, rain and snow all around the world, but the feedback and comments on the bike, all say the same — amazing bike.

yeti tribe meet 2012

Yes the plan is to race a couple of nationals towards the end of the year. The Yeti Super X is, again, amazing! It feels natural and easy to ride, which with the size of current BMX tracks, is a good thing! Yep, a is on the way.

yeti tribe meet 2012

With 4X tracks being so rough these days, it is always great to ride DH in the weekdays as some training as well. Of course there will also be some photo-shoots throughout the year as well where I will ride the There was no warning and the decision took everyone by surprise — including all the organisers of World Cup events.

That is now water under the bridge. It was an opportunity that Chris Roberts and myself grabbed with both hands and we created the 4X ProTour — www. It has been alot of work over the past 3 months, but we are now in a great position with full support from the riders, teams and most importantly the organisers.

yeti tribe meet 2012

Our series will visit: Now that all the media restrictions will be lifted on the sport, we believe that the industry media will now have their hands untied with the sport and be able to really bring everyone the best action from every event. I love to just watch a good DVD at home. I like to play golf, meet up with friends at home and go for nice meals.

Just normal stuff really. Although the perception that a pro rider has spare time, is pretty out of date now. Free time for me is a real premium, but I try to enjoy it when it comes along. And what bike were you on? It was my first real go over some big jumps on the DJ and a great chance to do some gate practice under the floodlights.

Dave Richardson also brought his DJ along for his first ride, so it was a pretty exciting night for us! I am trying to ride most days at the moment. We have talked about all of my bikes during this interview. The frames are perfect right out of the box. Nothing will need to be tweaked at all. Again, just so happy to be riding for Yeti.