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wwf 90s logo meet

Steve Borden (born March 20, ), better known by the ring name Sting, is an American .. Sting teamed with his old friend Luger, who had returned to WCW from WWF in September , despite Luger's standing as a heel. . Eventually Sting got his wish and he and Hogan finally met in December at Starrcade for the . The giant panda becomes the logo for WWF. and Mexico, during which the ambassador meets with government officials to build support for conservation. .. left in the s—and 11, white rhinos, up from fewer than a century ago. WrestleMania is a professional wrestling event produced annually between mid- March to early The official WrestleMania logo .. The event was the pinnacle of the s wrestling boom. .. WrestleMania X, which allowed fans to step inside a WWF ring, participate in games, meet superstars, and purchase merchandise;.

They would be facing the nWo's team of Hall, Nash, Hogan, and a fourth member yet to be determined. A vignette was shown where the nWo had a recording of Sting's voice playing in its limousine as Luger was being lured into the parking lot. Once he was there a man dressed as Sting, played by Jeff Farmerattacked him and the crowd at home was led to believe that Sting had joined up with the nWo and would be their fourth man against what was now a three-man WCW team.

Sting, however, was not at that edition of Nitro and showed up at Fall Brawl just as his teammates declared that they would face the nWo by themselves.

Sting told Luger that he did not attack him, but Luger refused to believe him.

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Once in the ring, Sting immediately took out all four members of the nWo. He then stopped, turned to Luger, and angrily said to him, "Is that good enough for you right there? Is that proof enough? The next night on Nitro, Sting came out unannounced during the middle of the show with no music or entrance pyrotechnics.

He entered the ring and, with his back turned to the camera side of the audience, launched into an angry tirade about what had transpired over the last week: I want a chance to explain something that happened last Monday night at Nitro. Last Monday night I was on an airplane flying from L. And I thought I was watching a rerun!

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It was a very convincing film. Often imitated, but never duplicated though!

wwf 90s logo meet

And what else did I see? That's right, doubted the Stinger! More of the same Which brings me to Fall Brawl. I knew I had to get to Fall Brawl and get face to face with the Total Package to let him know that it wasn't me. And what I got out of that was, 'No Sting So for all of those fans out there and all those wrestlers and people that never doubted the Stinger, I'll stand by you if you stand by me!

But for all of the people, all of the commentators, all of the wrestlers, and all of the best friends who did doubt me, you can stick it! From now on I consider myself a free agent. Superstars Tournament, where he defeated Masahiro Chono in the first round, but was eliminated in the second round by Shiro Koshinaka. It would end up being his last tour of Japan. On the October 21,edition of Nitro, Sting returned for the first time since the night after Fall Brawl.

In a match where the impostor Sting was wrestling Mr. JLSting emerged wearing a trench coat and white face paint with black marks around his eyes. He went in the ring and attacked nWo Sting who was still imitating Sting's old mannerisms at this point with his new finisher, the Scorpion Death Drop inverted DDT, two jumping elbow drops, a Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Deathlock while the rest of the nWo came to ringside.

Rather than intervene, they simply stood by and watched. Sting, after a pause, first called out the nWo Sting as a "cheap imitation," before telling the nWo, "the real Sting may or may not be in your price range," and then concluded by saying "the only thing that's for sure about Sting is that nothing's for sure". With that, Sting left the ring and would not speak on mic on WCW programming again for over a year. After this a silent, almost ghostly Sting, carrying a baseball bat as a weapon, began appearing in the rafters at WCW events and began painting his entire face with black and white corpse paint.

Sting's new gimmick was inspired by the film The Crow. In retaliation, nWo Sting, who was still imitating Borden, began painting his face this way as well. Sting maintains aspects of his "Crow" persona to date, occasionally with different designs and use of color of the face paint.

In a series of unusual loyalty tests over the next months, Sting would confront a WCW wrestler in the ring and shove the wrestler several times with his bat until the wrestler was provoked enough to advance on him. Then Sting would draw the weapon back as if he were going to assault him, causing the wrestler to stop.

Sting would hand the bat to the offended wrestler and turn his back, offering the wrestler a chance at retaliation. When the wrestler hesitated or declined, Sting would nod, retrieve the bat and leave the ring.

wwf 90s logo meet

For the next few weeks the two were seen in the rafters together and coming to the ring together. As Sting left, Savage went to the ring and helped Hogan win the match, thus going back on his word and joining the nWo. Over the next couple weeks, Sting would accompany the nWo, indicating that he too joined the group. However, at WCW Uncensored in Marchas the nWo celebrated a victory in the main event battle royal which guaranteed them title shots whenever they desired with their newest recruit, Chicago Bulls NBA star Dennis RodmanSting rappelled from the roof of the arena on a vertical zip-line.

In subsequent weeks, Sting frequently rappelled from the rafters or came up through the ring to attack unsuspecting nWo members, came to the aid of wrestlers once subjected to his loyalty test as they battled the nWo, and employed decoy "Stings" to play mind games with the nWo during the closing segments of Nitro. Dillon tried many times to get Sting to return to wrestling by making contracts to fight various nWo members. Sting, however, did not accept any of the contracts, often tearing them up in Dillon's face.

A confused Dillon then asked Sting who he wanted on one edition of Nitro, and Sting went out to ringside, picked up a fan's sign, and pointed out one name on it: The finish of the match was supposed to echo the Montreal Screwjob finish that the WWF had used to double cross Bret Hart just one month earlier at their annual Survivor Series event. Nick Patrickthe referee for the contest, was supposed to execute a fast count on Sting while Hart, whose signing with WCW was the linchpin for the Montreal Screwjob, would come out to protest the decision and, since he had already served as the guest referee for the match between Larry Zbyszko and Eric Bischoff earlier that evening, order the match to be restarted and Sting would emerge victorious by forcing Hogan to submit to the Scorpion Death Lock.

However, Patrick did not do his part properly and instead counted the pin at normal speed, which added an unintentional level of controversy to the finish. The match ran over Nitro's allotted time slot and the finish was aired later in the week on the inaugural episode of Thunder. Similar to the Starrcade result, two different referees declared the two different men as the winner.

Sting responded with his first words on mic since October when he told Dillon, "You've got no guts! You're a dead man! The Wolfpac — [ edit ] Borden after a taping of Nitro in As began, the nWo began to splinter. Nash and Savage officially split from the original nWo on May 4, forming the face group nWo Wolfpac, while Hogan's heel faction became identified as nWo Hollywood.

Sting seemed to have joined nWo Hollywood when he appeared wearing a black and white nWo shirt, but he soon tore off the shirt to reveal the red and black of the nWo Wolfpac. Sting began wearing red and black face paint and tights as a member of nWo Wolfpac. On February 3,Raw went to a two-hour format, [1] to compete with the extra hour on Nitro, as an edgier, more hostile attitude was starting to come in full stream in the WWF.

The show—notable for featuring the initial awarding of the WWF European Championship to The British Bulldog —was very poorly received by fans earning only a 1. The April 13, episode of Raw Is War, which was headlined by a match between Austin and McMahon, marked the first time that WCW had lost the head-to-head Monday night ratings battle in the 84 weeks since Matters were so heated between the two programs that, when both shows were in the Hampton Roads area on the same night Raw Is War in Hampton, VirginiaNitro in Norfolk, VirginiaDX was sent to film a "war" segment at the Norfolk Scope where they berated WCW and interviewed fans on camera who stated that they received their Nitro tickets for free presumably in an attempt by WCW to pack the arena to capacity due to low ticket sales.

On orders from Bischoff, Nitro announcer Tony Schiavone gave away this previously taped result on a live Nitro and then sarcastically added, "That's gonna put some butts in the seats", consequently resulting in overviewers switching channels to Raw Is War to see the underdog capture the WWF Championship.

The following night on Raw which was named Raw Is Owenthe entire episode was dedicated to the memory of Hart with various WWF personalities delivering out-of-character comments on the accident.

While the episode was the second highest rated episode of Raw up to that point, [6] it was regarded by several critics, including Hart's brother, Bret, as being in bad taste. A few exceptions still exist, most notably during the Christmas and holiday season when WWE will tape two weeks worth of shows so their superstars go home for the holiday season.

Raw will also often air on tape delay whenever the company is touring overseas, such as its biannual airing of Raw from the United Kingdom which is shown live in that country.


In a send-up of the TV series This Is Your LifeMankind presented people from The Rock's past, such as a home economics teacher, gym teacher and old high school girlfriend, all of whom were hilariously rejected by The Rock. The This is Your Life segment remains one of the highest rated segments in Raw viewership history, with an 8. The final episode of Nitro aired on March 26, Following the purchase of WCW and the September 11 attacksthe program was retitled as Raw on October 1,permanently retiring the Raw Is War moniker in the wake of the upcoming United States invasion of Afghanistan.

Brand extension — [ edit ] Main article: The brand extension was publicly announced by Linda McMahon during a telecast of Raw on March 18, and became official the next week.

Wrestlers became show-exclusive, wrestling for their specific show only. Return to USA Network —present [ edit ] Brand extension continues — [ edit ] Raw began once again using a full-time three man team with Michael ColeJerry Lawlerand John "Bradshaw" Layfieldwith their fourth appearance as April 1,until December 29, ; they also provide commentary on Raw on December 17,January 14 except main event and 28,and in all pay-per-view events since November 18, at Survivor Seriesuntil December 13, at TLC On March 10,Viacom and WWE decided not to go on with the agreement with Spike TVeffectively ending Raw and other WWE programs 's tenure on the network when their deal expired in September Coachman also did the play-by-play over the next three weeks before Joey Styles revealed that he would be the new lead announcer for Raw on the following week after the firing of Jim Ross by Linda and Vince McMahon on October 10, WWE announced that Raw received its highest ratings in three years.

On-camera, the show began to be referred to as Monday Night Raw again. Spotlights were the only lights running in the house, thus the opening match between Lita and Candice Michelle was contested in the dark. Power in the presentation was later restored. Beware of Dogwhen a major thunderstorm hit the Florence Civic Center causing major chaos for the pay-per-view.

That Tuesday, Beware of Dog returned to North Charleston, South Carolina to finish out three matches that were not shown because of the lost power feed.

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That October 9, episode of Raw held a three-hour season premiere called the "Raw Family Reunion", where the Raw brand debuted a new logo and theme song, Papa Roach 's " To Be Loved ".

Out on the field, the rest of the contestants take on their new Life Lesson — to learn a cheerleading drill and perform it at Universal City Walk.

On day three Steve begins the next Skills Challenge: Martin is declared the winner after Eric tires out. Steve and the trainers announce the bottom three — Ryan, Rima and Mickael.

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At elimination, Steve is impressed that Rima asked for one-on-one help and sends her back to the house. Steve pits rivals Ryan and Mickael against each other in a promo duel. Ryan impresses Steve with his passion, and Steve decides to send Mickael home. Big Show and Stacy Keibler guest star. Michelle's belt was already displayed on the wall at the end of the episode though Austin didn't give his comment on her withdrawal.

He dropped some of the nice guy persona and got me because he had to. You don't have the rest of your life to win Tough Enough. Hey tonight at elimination, Ryan manned up. It's him versus Mickel and he at his ass up on a promo. Bill puts her through a grueling workout. The next day, Steve introduces the theme of agility.

The test for the day is a series of leaps over the top rope of the ring. Luke and Jeremiah both excel. The next day, the contestants are sent to Friscoe's, a s style diner, and are told that they will be working as waiters and waitresses — on roller-skates.

wwf 90s logo meet

At the Skills Challenge the following day, the cast is given a sequence of moves to perform to test their agility. The challenge comes down to Andy, Martin and Luke. Martin wins the challenge. Steve Austin returns to announce the bottom three. He calls Rima's name then tells her he's not going to call anyone else and eliminates her on the spot.

Rima heads back to the house to pack up her bags. She brings Steve Austin her Tough Enough belt. Despite her drawbacks in the ring, Austin tells her that there are other ways to break into the business, and she may still have a future in it. Bret Hart guest stars. She's got a great heart and her mind tells her, "Yes.

wwf 90s logo meet

And that's just the way it is. The contestants play basketball against a professional team of dwarf players, who win handily with superior shooting and passing skills. The contestants also undergo a grueling outdoor obstacle course, which shows the lack of endurance some have. The bottom three are Ryan, Luke and Christina; Steve Austin tells Luke he is annoyed at his appearance and apparent attitude, but Ryan is sent home because it is his "third strike.

He showed everyday and he tried his best, but you cannot be in my bottom three for three weeks in a row. He's a nice a guy and I wish him well. But three strikes at Tough Enough? The contestants are taken through a rope course that involves climbing, balance and focus during which Ivelisse falls off a rope she was expected to repel across when her injured leg gives out.

She returns to the course, however, and finishes.