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The lyrics of many Cirque du Soleil song are not a real language and entirely made up. Saltimbanco???, which still tours the world today and was created while the previous Cirque show??? . Quidam (Official Sound Track/OST) quidam-ost-cd-disc-cirquemusicv2 The Worlds Meet (Zed) Cirque du Soleil [ You are here: Grand Chapiteau Lyrics /// René Dupéré Source /// Fan Return to Lyrics Page }-. Mirror of Two Worlds The Worlds Meet. Zed was Cirque du Soleil's second resident show in Asia. It premiered on October 1, at . Charivari: The worlds united, and every act came together in this amazing finale. of the two halves of Zed, Baton Twirling); The Worlds Meet (Hand to Hand); Fiesta (Trapeze); Hymn of the Worlds (Charivari and Finale ).

The various existing technologies are of interest to the specialists, who study the possibility of applying them to costume designing. Certain materials, called starting materials, are used as is, while others are transformed to give texture to a costume, create a special effect or even an illusion. Materials used for dentistry, plumbing, aviation or even water sports may be found in the components of one costume or another. A technological watch is performed on certain types of products batteries, adhesives, miniature lights, etc.

The production of costumes Inthe Costume workshop has produced some 14 pieces bodysuits, hats, wigs, dresses, pants, shoes, etc.

To dye fabric, various techniques are used, such as bath-dyeing, silk-screening a stencil-based printing process done through a silk screen madedirect application hand-painted fabric and sublimation a process in which an image is changed from a solid into a gas then transferred onto material.

Hats can be seen in every Cirque du Soleil show and are a key part of the costumes. Like the costumes, they are custom-designed and made in the workshop. To do this, precise measurements of each of the artist's heads are taken by a portable scanner and the milliners build the hats with the help of 3D prints obtained with these figures.

Versatility is key in the work of a props person. Cirque du Soleil's team of props people must know how to sculpt, weld, paint, mould, sew and saw, be familiar with such fields as mechanics, electronics and plumbing, demonstrate ingenuity and especially have an artistic approach to all projects.

A wig-making team is also part of the Costume workshop. These artisans master "ventilation," one of the longest and most arduous wig-making techniques, which involves building the wig one hair at the time onto a base using a hook. Shoes are hand- and custom-made for all artists by the artisans of the Shoe Workshop. The leather pieces are dyed, trimmed and assembled on location.

Brand new sports or dance shoes are sometimes altered to meet the specific needs of a costume. Approximately 1, pairs of shoes will be produced by the Workshop this year. With the need to dress 1, artists appearing in Cirque du Soleil shows in performance, and costume doubles also required for each, we estimate that nearly 4, costumes are found on all show locations every night.

Numerous costume replacements for one show or another are made with great care and attention to detail by the Workshop artisans. Moleskin is the type of Lycra most used at Cirque du Soleil. Among the materials most commonly used in making and designing costume accessories are an array of composite materials such as silicone, latex, plastics, leathers, foams and urethane.

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The ten crickets have detachable legs that break away from their bodies, which give the impression that there is an insect invasion going on. It takes more than four weeks to make such a complex piece. It requires the implementation of two cones on the top and then it is fully ventilated, hair by hair.

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The wig is then carefully cut and styled. It is renewed four times a year. The same line starts at the hat, goes through the jacket and ends at the shoes. As a result, it echoes the image of some of our big tops to perfection. His literally dazzling costume is entirely covered in small mirrors and crystals to create a ball of energy when he comes down from the sky in a beam of pure white light.

The glittering mobile mosaic is made up of about 4, mirrors of three different sizes and crystals on a stretch velvet leotard. In Zarkana, the lead singer, who plays three of the four mutants characters, had her entire body, together with the harness she wears throughout the show, scanned with precise measurements. The data were used to produce a cast that minimized the need for in-person costume fittings. It shows a majestic cloud system captured at a distance of km above the earth's surface.

It is made of a high-end French fabric woven from a plastic material that gives the costume a liquid shine.

When the rhythmic gymnasts do cartwheels, their coat seem to hang in the air, emphasizing their graceful, swirling motions. Two clowns named Oulai and Nalai. One is a petty dictator and the other is just lazy. The People of the Sky: These characters are dressed in turquoise, blue and iridescent colors, resembling dragonflies or elves. The Nymphs, who also belong to this people, look like jellyfish with fiery tails.

These characters embody the forces of nature; they wear justaucorps and flames that go over their heads like the horns of goat. Some of them as a know name, like Le Corbeau or Le Renard. The acts of Zed featured various circus skills: The opening of the show, a vortex effect was created by a large silk sheet that covered the stage plummeting into a hole.

Four female performers represented the sky by flipping and twisting off a trapeze with bungee chords. A Chinese troupe manipulated lassos, they would spin the lassos while tumbling through them, this act represented the earth. A group of men from the earth tried to reach the women of the sky by jumping from a trampoline and climbing poles. A jaw-dropping tissu act, the artist wrapped the silk around her body, she flipped and twisted to unwrap herself.

This act represented the air. A trio of performers walked a high wire precariously, the wire was in the border of the sky world and the earth world. A group of men representing the earth juggled clubs, discs and even fire clubs. A large group of acrobats were flung high in the air by porters, and created high human towers. Two women, each representing the different worlds performed tricks in perfect synchronisation.

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A world champion baton twirler spun and threw up to three batons at a time, Hand to hand: A woman of the sky and a man if the earth united in this touching balancing act. Artists swung between four trapezes, performing flips throughout. Sincethis version of the act along with its music has been performed in Mystereanother resident Cirque show in Las Vegas. The worlds united, and every act came together in this amazing finale.

Costumes[ edit ] Central to Zed's theme was the uniting of the people from the earth and sky. Zed, who united this group, was clad in darted, all-white organzaand his outfit was reminiscent of a Pierrot.