Winter sounds meet fm4

Kosovo Counts On Its Youth -

winter sounds meet fm4

Meet the bright sparks hoping to improve a dark situation. Pristina, fuelled by a reliance on dirty coal power plants that makes the winter air hard to breathe. Great suggestions guys, really like the way fm4 sounds wish it was auv3 tho but that Kronecker is just what I was looking for Thanks again you. We arranged to meet at a pub called the Plumber's Arms, I can imagine a very harrowing situation with neither the benefit of sight nor sound!.

winter sounds meet fm4

Birthday cards too, with a message in her beautiful handwriting. Journalists scribble, taking notes quickly. But Julia kept her fine well-formed script. In all these years she was always impeccably dressed. Radio journalists are — fortunately some of the time — invisible.

winter sounds meet fm4

But Julia appeared in stylish hats in winter, fashionably but elegantly dressed year round, gorgeous shoes. At home, she had a photo of herself as a young woman, in a white dress, stunningly beautiful.

Meeting Syrian refugees living in Jordan

She still had her looks. Not that she was superficial. She cared deeply that life should be better for people far beyond her own orbit, and was distressed that the media spotlight would shift so quickly from suffering, drawn away by another story. Julia was a sun-lover, and irritated if the sun shone when she had news duties but the weather turned rotten on her days off.

She was supposed to be in Turkey this week. She was a small woman, but she strode purposefully, that was her style. Ihr kehliges Lachen und ihre feine, offene, freundliche Art werde ich sehr vermissen. Diese Freude werde ich in meinem Herzen speichern. Das letzte Mal, als ich sie gesehen habe, bin ich nur schnell an ihr vorbei gehuscht. Ein paar Minuten mit einer lieben Person zu reden ist doch so viel Wert. Stimmen, die Stimmungen und Bilder im Kopf erzeugen. Das Bild, das wir von ihr kannten, wenn das Mikrofon im News-Studio abgeschaltet war.

Ein herzlich lachendes, unterhaltsam freundliches, mit starkem Akzent deutsch sprechendes, lebensbejahendes Bild einer humorvollen Britin. Irgendwann im Laufe der Jahre fand sie aber immer mehr Gefallen daran. Julia reagierte darauf jeweils mit ihrem unglaublich herzhaften Lachen, das einen unmittelbar ansteckte. Trotz meiner Trauer zauberte es mir sofort ein breites Grinsen ins Gesicht.

8 Hours Howling wind & Blizzard Sounds - Heavy Snowstorm - Winter Storm Sounds

In der Aufnahme versuchte sie einen Namen richtig auszusprechen, der mit ihrem britischer Akzent nicht und nicht hinzubekommen war. Im darauf folgenden Lachanfall sagt sie: Christian Pausch Julia Barnes was a wonderful colleague and a dear friend. I can recall the many times we had fun in our work-breaks or on weekend shifts when the office was half empty and there was more time to chat.

We never talked about work issues though, always about our next holidays or evening plans.

winter sounds meet fm4

Julia knew how to look forward to the things that make life great: With groupie-like pride she told me that the band even organized a chair for her, so she could sit through the whole concert. She placed it in the first row and I think I never saw her more happy than sitting in the middle of this concert crowd. Whenever we met in the hallway after another horrible event occurred, I could see in her eyes how Julia took those stories to heart.

News was not a business for her, she saw the people behind every story. As cheesy as this may sounds, in her case it was certainly true. Even though she was a very serious news reporter, she always had time to record funny material for the radio as well.

The Last Adventure of Winter -

The last piece we did together — just a few days ago - involved her mimicking the voice of Queen Elizabeth II with her British accent.

It was a blast recording it, with lots of laughter in between.

winter sounds meet fm4

Julia, thanks for all the laughs and all the hugs, I will miss you. Den sie so gehasst hat. Das uns verbunden hat. Das ist auch ihr letzter Eintrag auf Facebook.

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Er macht mich traurig. Jetzt, wo der Sommer endlich kommt, bist du nicht mehr da.

winter sounds meet fm4

Ich hoffe, Julia, da wo du jetzt bist, scheint immer die Sonne. Sometimes I got them without any reason at all.

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One time I ate a whole box of sweets she had given me at home, then told her so in a Facebook chat - and she was happy I liked them. Last week she told me of her planned vacation and she was excited. Julia was a heartwarming person, loved by everyone. Robert Zikmund Liebe Julia. I was just thinking that she deserved a medal for a selflessness that probably cost her several places, when she was presented with a trophy instead.

If you don't win a trophy, the best rewards you take home from an international bike race like this are the people you meet on the route. There was a rider in our part of the field who I'd seen every day during this race and come to admire a lot. Her name was Luciana, she was from Brazil, and she had pink flowers poking up from her helmet and a pink horn that she used to honk back at the cheering spectators. But, more rhan the pink bike, it was the pink aviator-style glasses that I liked.

I first saw her struggling in the freezing, pelting rain on the way to Lermoos. She couldn't have looked more desolate. But now, with the sun out, she was honking all the way to Bregenz. Who says you can't look stylish in Lycra? By this time the serious racing was long over. The winner of the overall race, Christoph Sauser from Switzerland, had been in Bregenz for over two hours crossing the line with Austrian rider Alban Lakata who cemented his overall podium place.

With 1, starters, the last rider was in the saddle for double the time of those in the leading pack. Overall I was over seven hours behind the winner!