Who wrote meet me tonight in laredo

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who wrote meet me tonight in laredo

Maybe tomorrow a bullet may find me. Tonight nothing's worse than this pain in my heart. And at last here I am on the hill overlooking El Paso I can see Rosa's. Lyrics to Meet Me Tonight in Laredo by Marty Robbins from the No. 1 Cowboy album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!. "El Paso" is a country and western ballad written and originally recorded by Marty Robbins, and At the end of the song, the singer recounts how Feleena has " found me," and he dies in her arms after "one little kiss." . "Devil Woman"; "Ruby Ann"; "Begging to You"; "Ribbon of Darkness"; "Tonight Carmen"; "I Walk Alone".

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Origin[ edit ] The song is widely considered to be a traditional ballad. James Infirmary Blues ". The Irish ballad shares a melody with the British sea-song " Spanish Ladies ". The Bodleian LibraryOxfordhas copies of a 19th-century broadside entitled "The Unfortunate Lad", which is a version of the British ballad. Had she but told me when she disordered me, Had she but told me of it at the time, But now I'm cut down in the height of my prime.

I boldly stepped up to him and kindly did ask him, Why he was wrapp'd in flannel so white? My body is injured and sadly disordered, All by a young woman, my own heart's delight.

El Paso (song)

My father oft told me, and of[ten] times chided me, And said my wicked ways would never do, But I never minded him, nor ever heeded him, [I] always kept up in my wicked ways. Get six jolly fellows to carry my coffin, And six pretty maidens to bear up my pall, And give to each of them bunches of roses, That they may not smell me as they go along.

Marty Robbins Sings 'Meet Me Tonight In Laredo.'

And fire your guns right over my coffin, There goes an unfortunate lad to his home. The song plays a prominent role in the book and film Bang the Drum Slowlyin which a version of the song is sung. The words from the title replace the words "beat the drum slowly" from the lyrics below. The song is featured in the films Brokeback Mountain and Night on Earth.

Meet Me Tonight in Laredo Lyrics

The lyrics are also indirectly the source of the title of Peter S. Vince Gill recorded a version of three verses of the Irish ballad The Bard of Armagh which takes the same tune followed by three verses of this song on the album Long Journey Home, a compilation of songs about Irish emigration and the links between Irish and American folk and country music also featuring Van Morrison, the Chieftans, Mary Black, Elvis Costello and others, in The rhythms of the poem resemble the lyrics of the song, and the book Holes in the Sky states that his wife Hedli Anderson sang the poem.

The Kingston Trio performed this comedy version as "Laredo? As I walked down in the streets of Laredo.

who wrote meet me tonight in laredo

As I walked down in Laredo one day, I spied a young cowboy dressed in white linen, Dressed in white linen and cold as the clay.

Beagle 's travelogue "I See By My Outfit" takes its name from this version of the song; in the book, he and his friend Phil refer to it as their "theme song. A portion of "Streets of Laredo" was sung by a group of cowboys in Season 2, Episode 5: The song deliberately echoes "Streets of Laredo", beginning: And so when I asked him, "Why are you dejected?

Fife in Songs of the Cowboys say, There are hundreds of texts, with variants so numerous that scholars will never assemble and analyze them all. Johnny Cash's recording substitutes "dram-house" for the traditional "Rosie's," i.

This bowdlerization renders nonsensical the next phrase, " After Lolita along with her Western Trio had a hit in the US with Seemann Deine Heimat ist das Meer she reciprocated by recording a German version of the song which became a hit in the German world and contributed to a long series of bi-national songs such as Wenn der Sommer Kommt and two songs which would top the U.

A parody version, "El Pizza" by H.

who wrote meet me tonight in laredo

Barnumwas a radio hit in It moved the action to Azusa, Californiawhere Rosa's Cantina became a pizza place where Feleena worked as a waitress. Homer and Jethro also parodied the song "Velvita's Cafe had standing room only; wall-to-wall drunks all the way to the door.

who wrote meet me tonight in laredo

I looked around for a place I could sit down; a lady got up, and I grabbed her char. Reininger, a founding musician of San Francisco band Tuxedomoon, included this song on his solo album Book of Hours. Sequels[ edit ] Robbins wrote two songs that are explicit sequels to "El Paso", one inone in He also wrote other songs that told Western stories in a similar vein, but they are not sequels to "El Paso", as they involve none of the same characters.

This track was over eight minutes long.