Where to meet backpackers in thailand

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where to meet backpackers in thailand

I am lone female backpacker, I have been to Thailand a few times, I love Phi Phi for its crazy vibe and endless partying and still think every. What is the best way to meet other backpackers when you arrive in Bangkok? I can't Thailand is very "tourist friendly" with all sorts of places to stay from basic . If you're wondering where to meet people in a hostel, the answer is Whether you're sharing your love of food in a Thai cooking class.

An overnight bus or train is a good way of getting from A to B while also saving the cost of a hostel. The overnight trains are operated by the State Railway of Thailand and run on four useful routes out of Bangkok, including services to Ayutthaya, to Chiang Mai and to Surat Thani a jumping off point for many of the southern islands.

Second-class berths are the best bet for solo travellers, with the communal comfortable seats converting into fully flat curtained-off beds come nightfall.

where to meet backpackers in thailand

Bring snacks and drinks and settle in for a long journey. Flying also means not having to go back to Bangkok — trains and buses use the capital as a hub meaning you will keep ending up back there. Where can I try some Thai delicacies? The best food is often found at the local night market, where mobile kitchens sell noodles, fried rice, sticky rice cakes, pancakes and fresh juices, and seating is communal and lively.

What are the best ways to meet people? If you want to meet people, sticking to the main backpacker destinations including those listed above is the best bet. In Bangkok stay on or near the Khao San Road for the best chance of impromptu Singhas with your new friends — NapPark is a good choice, with its communal tamarind-shaded courtyard and TV room.

You can try everything, from day trips to Thai cookery courses. For more of an adventure, take a zipline tour through the rainforest near Chiang Mai with Flight of the Gibbon or learn to scuba dive with The Dive Academy on Koh Samui.

Even in a busy place like Chiang Mai, Thai who speak near-fluent English are few and far between.

where to meet backpackers in thailand

Not speaking anything beyond basic Thai is my short-coming, and I may get to work on it if I end up 'living' here on a longer term basis. Travelling to an entirely new city where you know absolutely nobody can be very socially isolating if you don't engage in the odd bit of chin-waggery with fellow ex-pats.

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People want to chit chat so we chit chat. Sometimes it leads to cool buddies to hang out with or a cutie to help me around. Not that often a local guy unless he is a little more educated than the average Thai but that is how it goes! Now why doesn't that surpise me?! I agree with the sentiments of others above.

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I love mixing with the locals as well, but language can be a definite barrier to having any real connection with anyone outside the tourism industry.

I try to learn a bit of the lingo before heading away, but it's difficult trying to learn 'on line' from a 'intro to thai' type website, or whatever. Some of my best traveling experiences were in Indonesia where I CAN speak the lingo a bit and have awesome memories of sitting on a porch with a family in Moni Floreschewing sugar cane, and generally being the butt of their wind up jokes.

I find it hard to get the same quality of experience in Thailand and elsewhere. Not through lack of trying - but because it's harder to communicate on the same level. And regardless of where you are, sometimes you just want to kick back with people who have a similar perspective as you, to share those experiences. Also Mac, don't forget that many travellers on this website are a generation or two!

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