Where does don lockwood first meet kathy selden

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where does don lockwood first meet kathy selden

Don Lockwood is one of the brightest stars in the silent film universe. DON: That's what that Kathy Selden said to me that night. COSMO: After Don and Kathy apologize to each other for their disastrous first meeting, they start falling in love. As she and everyone waits, she talks with Cosmo Brown, Don Lockwood's see the true story: A boy (Don) kicked out of a saloon who meets another boy in the . Kathy Selden is one of the featured chorus girls in the first lavish production. Don and Kathy's relationship is despite their less than friendly initial meeting. Taking place during the rise of the "talkies", we meet Don Lockwood and Lina Enter young studio singer Kathy Selden, a woman who lacks the stardom of Ms. After the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer, proves to be a smash hit, R.F.

Cosmo thinks it's only because she's the first dame who hasn't fallen for him since he was four. She lost her job because of the cake incident, and Cosmo assures Don it isn't his fault. Cosmo does his best to cheer up his best friend. Lina enters, the very vision of beauty in an 18th century French costume.

Only when she speaks to complain about her heavy wig does the loveliness go away. A fully-costumed Don Lockwood enters and Lina confronts him immediately.

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Where was he the other night? He was supposed to be at a party with her. Lina is certain that he was looking for Kathy. He assures her that "yes" he was looking for Kathy.

He's worried about her; she lost her job because of him. Lina informs Don that she arranged to have Kathy fired. Don is furious, but it is time to begin shooting the film. Dexter directs the actors in a passionate love scene while Cosmo supplies the mood music. Don and Lina play the scene very convincingly with their facial expressions, even as they continue to fight about the Kathy Selden issue.

Lina is desperately trying to convince Don that he loves her, but he assures her that he would rather kiss a tarantula. Before they can do another take, Simpson enters and tells the cameras to stop rolling.

Monumental Pictures is shutting down for a few weeks as they convert over to sound. Dexter tries to convince his boss that it is more difficult than he may think, and hearing Lina's voice squeak as she comments on the proceedings only confirms this.

Monumental Pictures will be making movie musicals, while making motion picture history. The studio head puts Cosmo in charge of the new music department. Monumental transforms itself and begins shooting its first movie musical. Kathy Selden is one of the featured chorus girls in the first lavish production number ever filmed "Beautiful Girls".

How does “Singin” use music and setting to shift Don’s love from the fictional to real world

Cosmo, watching the shooting, recognizes Kathy and runs off to find Don. Simpson notices her too, but instead is taken with her charm. Director, Sid Phillips, confirms that he, too, noticed Kathy and wanted to feature her in the part of the kid sister in the movie.

As soon as Kathy finishes singing, Don enters applauding wildly. Kathy runs off, convinced she'll be fired when Simpson finds out she's the cake girl. Instead, Don convinces Simpson to hire Kathy for the supporting role. A grateful Kathy Selden strolls off to lunch with Don Lockwood. As they make their way through a deserted soundstage to the studio commissary, Don assures Kathy that everything about Lina and him in the fan magazines is nothing more than sheer publicity.

She apologizes to him for all the terrible things she said to him that first night they met. Don is taken with the charming girl, but doesn't quite know what to say to her. He realizes that he needs the proper setting to create the proper mood.

He achieves this with a variety of lighting, mist, and wind machines that are at his disposal. Lina is desperately trying to improve her voice and is studying with Miss Dinsmore, the famous vocal coach.

where does don lockwood first meet kathy selden

Miss Dinsmore tries very hard to work with her, but Lina is a poor pupil. Don, on the other hand, is having no trouble with his vocal coach. He conquers every tongue-twister given to him with the greatest of ease. Cosmo enters and watches the proceedings and joins in with Don and the teacher in a wild and frantic game of words "Moses". The transition from silent to sound is not as easy as everyone originally thought. Dexter works with Lina on one of her close-up scenes and is quite exhausted by it all.

Lina can't get anything right! She forgets to talk into the microphone. She moves around too much. Plus, her voice just sounds awful. Nevertheless, they all proceed because she is the star. The movie receives its first preview and is an absolute disaster. Much of the dialogue is out of synch. The sound effects are terrible.

Many of these mistakes can be fixed in the studio. However, the one thing that can't be fixed is Lina's voice. When the movie is finished, the audience is laughing hysterically. Simpson is most distraught since the film is booked to open across the country in six weeks.

Later at Don's house, Don, Kathy, and Cosmo are sitting together. Don admits defeat, but Cosmo and Kathy won't let him give up that easily. Cosmo suggests that they make "The Dueling Cavalier" into a musical.

Pretty soon ideas are flying around, and Don is happy once again, ready to take on the challenge. They will make the movie into a musical, and they'll do it in six weeks! Don declares that today, March 23rd, is an historical day.

Cosmo reminds him that it is now 1: Therefore, March 24th is the history-making day "Good Morning". This celebration stops cold when Don reminds everyone that even though Lina is beautiful, she is a triple threat: Cosmo suddenly gets an idea!

Why not dub Kathy's voice and let Lina just mouth the words? It sounds like a great idea. Don won't let Kathy think of it; she'd be throwing away her own career. Kathy assures him that it'll only be for one picture, and she'd be happy to help. The plan is in place and ready to go. Don takes Kathy home in his white limo in the pouring rain.

At her door he kisses her goodnight. Rather than run back to the limo, he simply motions for the car to drive off. He is in love and wants nothing more than to sing and dance in the rain. He loves the idea of making "The Dueling Cavalier" into a musical.

where does don lockwood first meet kathy selden

The only worry he has is about Lina. He knows that she doesn't like Kathy and wouldn't be happy to hear that her voice was being dubbed.

They all agree that they must keep the entire thing hush-hush. They even re-title the movie "The Dancing Cavalier. Kathy dubs all of Lina's scenes and songs late at night so that no one can find out, and she does a fabulous job "Would You".

What's even more apparent through all of this is that Don and Kathy are very much in love.

where does don lockwood first meet kathy selden

Don can't wait until the picture is finished so that he can let the whole world know whom he really loves. Just as Don and Kathy kiss, the door flies open and in bursts Lina and Zelda, another studio actress. Zelda has told Lina everything.

Singing in the rain - charming scene - Kathy and Don

Lina is upset about Don proclaiming his love for Kathy and is even more upset when Cosmo tells her that Kathy is going to get full screen credit for the dubbing. Lina is very upset and goes off to find Simpson. Nobody makes a fool of Lina Lamont!

Don assures Kathy that there is nothing Lina can do. What's wrong with her and her voice anyway? She looks into her dressing room mirror and laments her situation "What's Wrong with Me? In Simpson's office, the boss is telling Cosmo how upset Lina is about everything. Obviously Simpson doesn't know how to take charge of anything! The studio's future depends on this picture; he must make sure that it is a success!

Cosmo calms down Simpson by reminding him that he is the "boss" and whatever he says goes. Simpson realizes that the picture doesn't have a production number. The picture's director, Dexter, reminds them that it is a period movie, but Cosmo suggests that they add a flash forward section to the picture complete with tapping hoofers. Dexter and Simpson are confused by this, so Cosmo has them close their eyes and imagine how it might be. Simpson and Dexter wait in the wings as the film is in progress.

It is evident from the applause that the audience is crazy for the film. Rod enters with newspapers indicating that Monumental Pictures is ecstatic about Lina's talents while giving none of the credit to Kathy. Simpson is completely baffled by this since this is not the publicity campaign he approved. Suddenly, Lina flounces on the scene declaring that she gave every paper in town an exclusive story.

In fact, her studio contract says she controls all her publicity, and if she doesn't like what is said about her, she can sue. Simpson admits defeat and wants to go out and watch the end of the film, but Lina stops him. Since Kathy did such a great job dubbing her voice in this picture, why not have her continue doing it? Kelly and Donen responded enthusiastically, and immediately become involved in re-writes and adjustments to the script.

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The original had been a song-and-dance medley involving different sets in different soundstages on the studio lot, but they were asked for a romantic love song set in an empty sound stage, and it was needed immediately. The number was originally conceived as Kelly singing a medley of other songs to her as they romped around various studio back lot sets.

Simpson's house when Kelly chases after Reynolds. The song, ending in Kelly's bedroom, was cut from the release version after two previewsand the footage has been lost. Although there is no precise documentation of what or where it was, close examination of footage toward the end of the dance shows an abrupt cut when Charisse is wrapped around Kelly, indicating the probable location.

A common myth is that Kelly managed to perform the entire song in one take, thanks to cameras placed at predetermined locations. However, this was not the case, the filming of the sequence taking place over 2—3 days. In a subsequent encounter when Fred Astaire was in the studio, he found Reynolds crying under a piano. Hearing what had happened, Astaire volunteered to help her with her dancing.

Kelly later admitted that he had not been kind to Reynolds and was surprised that she was still willing to talk to him afterwards. After shooting the "Good Morning" routine, which had taken from 8: Many of these items were sold at a auction in Hollywood.