Where can we meet grissom from csi

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where can we meet grissom from csi

Dec 8, 'CSI' exclusive: Time to meet Gil's long lost mom! the mother of all CSI episodes , because we're about to meet Gil Grissom's long lost mother!. Jan 15, Actor William Petersen's nine-year run on the fast-paced crime drama The creator of CSI, Anthony Zuiker, met Holstein in , inspiring the. Dec 9, Tony winner Phyllis Frelich will guest-star on CSI as Gil Grissom's mother, Entertainment Weekly reports. Check out photos from CSIFrelich will.

Despite being calm, Grissom can get angry when interrupted during an interrogation as seen in season one episode "Table Stakes", when he berates Nick Stokes for calling him out of interrogation. In addition to being a genius and somewhat of a polymath beyond his career training, he exhibits Asperger -like traits. In "Caged", it is hinted that in fact he has Asperger's syndrome. She once insinuated that Grissom was a misanthrope when he quoted her Thoreau 's Walden.

Although he is very dedicated to his job and sometimes goes to extremes in his investigations, his unwillingness to dabble in office politics often alienates his superiors, and sometimes his subordinates.

He has also expressed distaste for carrying a firearm when in the field, a tendency that has brought several scoldings from co-worker Jim Brass. I sometimes even ride roller coasters". He often offers quotes from a variety of literary sources, including Shakespeare and Keats.

Later in this same seasonhe reveals himself to be a baseball fan. Sara notes that this is typical of Grissom, saying that he would like "all those stats".

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In " Two and a Half Deaths ", Jim Brass was talking about a TV program which he thought had already " jumped the shark ", but Grissom did not know the term.

While trying to explain, Brass says, "Remember the Fonz? Being an entomologisthe has a wide and varied knowledge of insects, which he applies to his investigations. This has led to his nickname, "The Bug Man". In the beginning of the show, he was referred as "Gruesome Grissom" for his sometimes morbid fascination with the more bizarre aspects of man and nature. Grissom keeps a variety of specimens in his office, including a radiated fetal piga tarantulaand a two-headed scorpion.

He also has a bulletin board that looks like a fish on which unsolved cases go: In season sevenCSI newcomer Michael Keppler takes a look around Grissom's office and observes that he must be quite a freak.

Like Holmes, Grissom is dispassionate with a fierce devotion to logic and little regard for societal norms of behavior; Grissom once smashed mustard jars in a grocery store to illustrate a theory " I Murders "much as Holmes once practiced spearing a pig in a butchers to determine how strong a man would have to be to transfix a man with a harpoon.

where can we meet grissom from csi

Grissom possesses a Moriarty -like nemesis, Paul Millanderwhom he pursues in several episodes "Pilot""Anonymous" and "Identity Crisis". Coincidentally, "Paul Millander" has the same initials as "Professor Moriarty. Their relationship is similar to that of Irene Adler and Holmes. Both Irene and Lady Heather enchant Holmes and Grissom with their beauty, their wit and their resolution. Relationships with other characters[ edit ] In the sixth-season episode "Bang-Bang," Grissom tells Doc Robbins, concerning a woman shot in the mouth, "This was someone who was emotionally close to her.

where can we meet grissom from csi

Grissom tells him about "Nicole Daley," who, like him, was interested in bugs. He goes on a bit about her, then says, "Second grade. He also shares a good friendship with Dr. Al Robbins and the two were seen singing together in the autopsy room while processing the body of a murdered rock 'n' roll star season 7, "Built to Kill, Part 2".

In the season six finale, it was revealed that Jim Brass 's living will gave Grissom power of attorneyshowing that Grissom was the one person Brass trusted with his life. Some fans have always expected to see a relationship between Grissom and Catherine Willowsin whom he is shown confiding many times, once even likening her to being his "wife".

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They share what is presumably a long stare with some tension in the air whether it be sexual or romantic or just confusing we don't know. Sara soon and it's that she always over talks when around him. In Butterflied he begins to question his workaholic lifestyle and he suddenly realises when he missed out.

Still he wasn't sure if it was worth the risk which he couldn't take thinking Sara didn't hear it but she did.

where can we meet grissom from csi

He tries to help her when she ends up on the other side of the law in Bloodlines Season Five Sara opens up about her past to Grissom in Nesting Dollswhich becomes the turning point of their relationship. Season Six In the sixth season finaleit is revealed that they are in a relationship, which stirred up great debate among fans. The final scene of the episode showed Grissom reclining on a bed, talking about how he would prefer to die. He says he would rather die of cancer so he would have time to say goodbye to his loved ones.

where can we meet grissom from csi

In this episode, Lady Heather opens up a little bit more to Grissom, telling him that she has diabetes. During this episode, it is insinuated that Grissom might have slept with Lady Heather. They are both seen at her house at night, with Grissom approaching her in an intimate way, then it cuts to the next scene where they are both having tea during the day, wearing different clothes.

Their intimacy is subdued until the 4th episode containing Lady Heather.

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Lady Heather's reporting of the psychiatrist to the AMA led to the estrangement of the mother and daughter. Racked with grief, Lady Heather sleeps with the main suspect in the case so as to obtain a DNA sample from him. Grissom stops her with a safeword - in "Lady Heather's Box," Lady Heather explains to Grissom that in a domination relationship, the slave is in control.

This use of the domination code by Grissom points to the mutual understanding of the characters, and perhaps to the nature of the relation once enjoyed by both.

Grissom and Sara

The safeword indeed makes Heather stop and she takes brief solace in Grissom's arms. Heather is arrested for assault, but is eventually released from jail by a judge, allegedly a client of hers. Her story is left unresolved. This time she has been the victim of what appears to be an attempted murder.

She is reluctant to say who her attacker was.