When its time for souls to meet

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when its time for souls to meet

What some of us have a difficult time with is feeling that deep, soulful that their purpose in our lives has been served and it's time to let them go. Therefore that “soul connection” lasts a lifetime even though the romantic. I really appreciate being able to ask you this — it is upsetting me terribly to I have no doubt that you will search out your parents when the time comes! . tell me whether he can watch az-links.info i meet him after my death please help me Reply. Embed Tweet. When it's time for souls to meet, there's nothing on earth that can prevent them from az-links.info AM - 14 May

Soul mates have an energy frequency that is not an exact match. Some come closer in vibration and FEEL more intense than others - Twin Souls, which come from the same soul group of origin, for one; and Twin Rays, which come from the same energetic colour ray, such as Blue Rays I am a Blue Ray or Indigo Rays you've heard of Indigo children another. Then there are soul mates who are from completely different soul groups, but who have travelled with you in one or more lifetimes and played a role in your life, and so you recognize them when you meet them again in this life.

Soul mates often create contracts with us before incarnation to help us, and them, learn important lessons while we are here on Earth. The main 'difference' between Twin Flames and other souls we have a connection with is your Twin is not someone you can just move on from; the connection is so powerful that it forces you to transform rather than 'running away' by moving on and retreating back to your comfort zone and old egoic themes.

All twins are affected this way whether they are open about it or they hide their true feelings and try to pretend that they are unaffected. It is a transformation that starts within and can take many years before it begins to manifest externally, which means it requires great Belief and Trust - Faith - on your part in order to navigate the in-between times with Grace and Humility.

Believe and Trust, he said, over and over NOT all twins are incarnated together here on Earth at the same time! It has been historically rare for twins to incarnate together, in general This is another reason why we have soul mates; our soul mates are not 'inferior' to our twins, they are simply different.

when its time for souls to meet

Soul mate relationships are just as important and valuable as twin flame relationships, and should not be dismissed or overlooked. When it is not possible for our twin to be in our lives, for whatever reason, the Universe provides us with a 'stand-in' soul mate who meets all of our needs in the best interest of our soul's growth and life experience, at that time. More and more twins have been incarnating together and 'waking up' than ever before, now, but it is still considered a rare occurrence.

This is why it is imperative to NOT ATTACH to the labels or 'romanticized' and incomplete concepts of twins, or lock yourself into a holding pattern by 'waiting' for your twin to materialize, or to grow, etc. It is also imperative to learn how to LET GO of your twin when separation times are necessary, which is completely different from forgetting about them and going on with your life or just finding someone to replace them and assign the 'label' of Twin, which is simply an ego rationalization, because your twin is your twin, there is no other.

Letting go means releasing your egoic expectations and control over them and reunion and treating them, and yourself, with great patience, compassion, and understanding as you navigate your journeys, both separately and together. It means loving your twin unconditionally whether they are with you or not, whether you like what they are doing or not, whether you communicate with them externally or not.

when its time for souls to meet

No control, only love. A twin flame relationship is truly not a relationship, but a Spiritual Union. It can not be defined by any terms that we have known here on Earth; if you try to treat it as you have all past relationships, you will find very quickly that it can't be done.

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Most relationships, past and current, have been based upon ego themes of control of one or both persons and co-dependence, where one can not exist without support of the other. Twins can and do join in romantic partnership, but the relationship can only thrive in that way if it is a true partnership where each twin has done their inner Shadow work and is complete and whole in themselves without any dependency on the other.

Divine Timing and Free Will of both twins are the two primary components to Reunion, neither of which you have any control over, which is why the focus must be placed on YOU rather than on a physical relationship with your twin.

We are never truly separated, separation is an illusion, which means whether you are with your twin or not, you both have already reunited in Spirit and are radiating love into the world around you, affecting all with the force of your merged energies. And when you DO reunite physically, it's like taking two candles and combining them To get to that place where you can be with your twin in a romantic way, you must confront your ego and do your inner Shadow work, work out ALL past internal issues, thoughts, and beliefs that do not serve your greater good, humanity's greater good, and your soul's growth.

These are from past trauma, this life and past lifetimes seed fear and ideals you were raised to believe about yourself and others such as religious beliefs, societal beliefs, beliefs about "roles" in a relationship, beliefs about the nature of "good" and "bad" The key is to focus on YOU Your soulmate cheers you on through life and is your biggest supporter.

They help you become the best possible version of yourself and if you happen to fall they will pick you up and carry you. They will fight your battles for you and defend you to the moon and back. Your soulmate is the definition of the best partner a person can have. So what's the difference between a soulmate and "the one"? Well, I believe there's only one person that is truly meant for everyone and that is their soulmate.

when its time for souls to meet

This is the only person who you will be the happiest with out of all of the other people on the planet. It doesn't mean that just because you don't find your soulmate that you can't be happy. I believe you can be happy with a lot of people. You could fall in love with someone and be truly content and happy with that person even if they're not your soulmate.

Sure, your connection may not be quite as strong as with a soulmate, but nonetheless you could still be in love. You would call this love "the one" because out of all your other relationships you chose this particular person to marry and have a family with. For you, this is your happily ever after and you stop searching for anyone else. The truth is, you can't really know what a soulmate connection is unless you've felt it.

It's not something that is easy to describe. But once you feel it you will know what I mean.

When it's time for souls to meet, there's nothing on Earth that can prevent them from meeting

It's a feeling that is unlike any other. That's why I said before that sometimes it's better not to meet your soulmate if you can't be together because it is way too hard to move on from that, impossible in fact. If you do meet your soulmate, it's best to do whatever possible to end up together for good.

This type of connection only happens once in a lifetime and you simply can't let it slip away because it will definitely not happen again. I think you can even know if you've met your soulmate from a photo you see of someone who seems extremely familiar to you.

If you see a person's photo and you just can't get them out of your mind because it's like you know them or recognize them and feel an undeniable connection, then it might be worth it to check it out and see if you can meet them in person because this could be the soulmate you've been waiting your whole life for.

In this modern world of technology we live in, our soulmate could be just a click away! I think when it's time for soulmates to meet and they are meant to be together nothing can truly stand in their way. Distance is never an obstacle. Circumstances could never interfere. Other romantic interests could never stand a chance against a soulmate connection. It's like it was written in the stars.

An example of a soulmate connection that I can think of is the movie The Notebook. I think this is about as close to a soulmate connection as you can see in the movies these days. So why does a soulmate connection feel so familiar to you even if you've just met this person?

I think it's because souls can recognize each other from other past lifetimes. Your mind may not remember it, but your soul does. When you meet your soulmate, you're feeling like you're finally coming home. It's like you've been away for awhile, but you're home now. Soulmates usually know each other in other lifetimes and have probably planned to meet in every lifetime, possibly even this one.

Your true soulmate is the same age as you within a year. If you're female, and they're male they need to be older, even if it's just within a few days, but it's still within a year. So if my birthday is October 1,my soulmate's birthday would be within one year of that so anywhere from October 1, to September 30, works. The male needs to be older because it has to do with how God created Adam before Eve and so the woman is created from the rib of a man which means the man needs to be created first.

So what happens if you meet your soulmate and it's just not meant to be and you don't end up together in this life? Well, that's a tough one. Like I said, it's better not to have met them than to have met them and had to part. You can't miss what you don't know but if you already know what a soulmate connection feels like then it's impossible to forget. I don't think anyone really moves on from a soulmate connection. Sure, they can get married to someone else and seem to have their life in order but they will always remember what true love felt like with their soulmate.

Losing your soulmate is like the one who got away times You will always compare every guy or girl you meet to your soulmate. You'll look for qualities in that person that you had in your soulmate. Sometimes, it even goes so far as looking for people who physically look like your soulmate that seem attractive to you simply because it's like a piece of your soulmate is in them.

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That's why it is much better to stay with your soulmate if you meet them or not meet at all, because the other option is simply too much to handle. If you've met your true soulmate, life is pretty amazing for you. You have your best friend and your true love all in one package. Being in love is good for your health, but being in love with your soulmate is amazing for your health.

When it’s time for souls to meet

What can you look forward to in the coming years with your soulmate? Great health, many long years together, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Are you a creative type that needs inspiration for your work?

Well your soulmate provides that and much more. You will never be uninspired or lack motivation again. No such thing with your soulmate around. Everyday you will wake up and be excited to live life.

It won't really matter where you live because as long as you have each other that's all you really need. Nothing seems impossible or out of reach.