What show does sonic meet amy

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what show does sonic meet amy

So how did Amy and Sonic meet anyway? she could predict almost the exact moment when the Little Planet would appear over Never Lake. She is shy despite her role as a singer in The Sonic Band with Amy. Tails and Knuckles meet them in Jade Valley Zone, and they all. She is shown to be really stubborn and bossy throughout the series much to the While Sonic got Chris home, Amy did her best to avoid revealing herself to Ella, Sam Speed arrived to take Amy and the others home, but soon meet up with.

This particular day, Amy was sitting in the room that she shared with her good friend, another Hedgehog named Rachel author's note: Rachel is my sister's name! I told ya I'd get ya into one of my stories somehow! Rachel was reading a magazine while Amy was studying her favorite deck of tarot cards.

what show does sonic meet amy

As Amy pulled a card from the deck and studied it, a puzzled look came across her face. It says that I'm going to meet somebody today who will change my life! You don't mean it! She pulled out another card.

what show does sonic meet amy

You're gonna meet somebody special today, huh? What if it's this guy? Amy looked at the picture in the article. Isn't he a hunk? What are the odds of me meeting somebody like that! There's no time for us to lose, Tails! Everyone who knew Miles called him "Tails" because of his two unique tails. He might even fix it so that me and you are never born! Over to our left! Sonic looked to see a Buzzbomber, one of Robotnik's mechanical minions, heading straight for them!

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I'm gonna try to lose him! Tails skillfully dodged the trees and limbs; but no matter how well he maneuvered, the Buzzbomber kept up! A blast from the Buzzbomber's laser zipped past Sonic's head!

He's still back there!

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We're never gonna lose him like this! Tails, take us back up, then head straight for him! I'm gonna spin-dash him! You've lost your mind!!

The two were on a collision course! The Buzzbomber fired off several shots; one of which struck the right wing of the Tornado!

what show does sonic meet amy

Try to stay under me when I jump! At what seemed like the last moment, Sonic launched himself forth and smashed into the Buzzbomber at full speed, completely destroying it!

Head's Up, Tails!

Sonic unrolled himself and somehow landed back in his customary spot on the top wing of the Tornado. And lousy shots too!

what show does sonic meet amy

That wing's shot up pretty bad! Amy is arrested early by two of Eggman's robots for associating with Sonic when she claims to be his girlfriend.

Annoyed, Sonic rescues her and realizes she is a fugitive and must remain with the Freedom Fighters. Attacking one of Eggman's machines, Sonic triggers Chaos Control and sends him, Amy, Tails and other characters from their world to Earth.

She is knocked unconscious by the impact, but Chris saves them both.

what show does sonic meet amy

Amy and Cream later bring Tails some snacks to cheer him up. Jeff Tozai of the Huffington Post expressed an interest in "more Amy Rose" from the Sonic series such as a game featuring her and Tails in an article critical of the series' overall direction. Thomas wrote, "One of the coolest things about Amy is her enormous, walloping hammer" often used for comedic effectand hoped she would be a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

Thomas East of Official Nintendo Magazine called her his third-least-favorite Sonic character, saying she "really isn't an interesting character" and is "annoying". Sonic proposes to Amy with the caption, "Sonic the Hedgehog says wait until marriage.

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However, she has a scary temper and her infatuation with Sonic makes her shortsighted and a bit obsessive about him, having followed him everywhere since meeting him. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and will not let anything stop her.

Contents Concept and creation Amy's original design in Amy Rose is one of the few main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series to have her first appearance outside the Sega games. She first appeared in the April issue of Shogaku Ninensei, written and illustrated by Sango Morimoto. She also appeared in the manga serials featured in its sister titles, Shogaku Ichinensei, Shogaku Sannensei, Shogaku Gonensei, Shogaku Rokunensei, and Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special, all of which were written and illustrated by different mangaka but based on Kenji Terada's initial concept.

In these series, Amy no surname is given is the girlfriend of Nickya nerdy young male hedgehog with the power to transform into the superhero, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Amy is also the target of the bully Anton Veruca.