We meet again homestuck trolls

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we meet again homestuck trolls

Discover ideas about Homestuck Karkat. For some reason I really like the trolls with pawfeet. Homestuck KarkatDavekatWe Meet AgainRed DotsAradiaTold You . pages. Don't say we didn't warn you. You like to chat with some of your other troll pals, most of which drive you BATSHIT UP THE FUCKING BELFRY. is one of the trolls and is one of the main characters in Homestuck. Once there, they are met by Dave, Rose, Aradia and the half-dead Sollux. genetic code in Karkat's ~ATH book, which Aradia takes with her back to the alpha timeline. in his particular fashion (e.g. YOU ARE SUCH AN IGNORAMUS I COULD SHIT.

They would think we were all pretty stupid for not getting it. And they would be right. Trolls have a complicated reproductive cycle. It's probably best not to examine it in much detail. The need to seek out concupiscent partners comes with more urgency than typical reproductive instincts. If you have nothing to offer, he will kill you without hesitation. The pails are all offered to the mother grub, who can only receive such precombined material.

She then combines all of it into one incestuous slurry, and begins her brooding. This doesn't mean the initial combination was for naught, however. In the slurry, more dominant genes rise to the fore, while the more recessive find less representation in the brood. Especially strong matesprit and kismesis pairings yield more dominant genetic material. The more powerful the complement or potent the rivalry, the more dominant the genes.

We all take a moment to lament how pedestrian the human reproductive system is, and further lament that the phrase "incestuous slurry" is not a feature of common parlance in human civilization. This quadrant involves a particular type of three-way relationship of a black romantic nature. Falling on the conciliatory side, it has no bearing on the reproductive cycle, except for indirect ramifications.

The auspistice mediates between the two, playing the role of a peace keeper, preventing the feud from boiling over into a fully caliginous rivalry. Since such lesser feuds are quite common among trolls, there is a significant need for auspisticing parties. Without them, too many ashen feuds would become caliginous, and begin to conflict with other exclusive kismesis relationships, leading to a great deal of social complexity and sore feelings even more so than black romance usually involves.

Without auspisticism, the result would be widespread black infidelity. The relationships each quadrant describes tend to be malleable, if not volatile, especially on the concupiscent half where more torrid emotions reside. It doesn't take much to flip a switch and transmute blackrom feelings to redrom, and vice versa.

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In many cases, one party will have red feelings while the other has black. But it will often be the case that one party's feelings will swap to match the other's, since there is no quadrant which naturally accommodates such a disparity. But thereafter, it's not uncommon for the two to toggle between red and black in unison now and then. These scenarios naturally result in both red and black infidelities. This sort of relationship volatility is why conciliatory relationships are an important part of troll romance.

An auspistice can stabilize particularly turbulent relationships. However, there is a mitigating factor, for the first time the trolls are able to converse with their beloved custodians. This is classpecting at its worse, but I have to point out that this is a common circumstance with Sollux related doom, good is smuggled in with the bad, there is a balance being kept. Sollux, in an act of atonement, deletes all his viruses. In among his files is something strange he found, a program set to trigger with the end of the universe.

But Sollux, even with his vision twofold, does not have the perceptional luxuries of our vision omnipresent. When executed, the subprogram will summon an indestructible demon into the recently voided universe.

He has the entire cadaver of the expired universe to pick apart at his whim. From its birth through its swelling maturity and tapering decay.

In a reality he is known to have marked for predation, he will go about assembling followers through various epochs, even going as far as personally establishing the parameters for his future summoning. The demon is already here. Better and better, right? This is why I need to revel in my moments of insight when I have them. This too is a tease. We soon stop being the other girl and thus end up with a new dude.

In a world predicated on might making right, Tavros has managed to keep himself and his little Tinkerbull alive in the face of steep no pun intended opposition. In fact, he takes it too far the other way, letting more forceful personalities walk all over him. It sure would be great if the comic acknowledged him for it.

we meet again homestuck trolls

There are problems with the way Tavros is treated by the comic. Tavros starts playing a game called fiduspawn. Moments like these are what make Hivebent great. He has a psychic power, of sorts, but rather than being burdened by it, it serves as a much needed means of escape, for us as well. Alternian design engineers are dicks.

Gamzee Makara

Kind of a Don Quixote vibe. More on that in a moment. You have had this interest far prior to your accident. That would be dumb and would make no sense. Being paralyzed does sort of make you want to be able to walk, though. Wishes do come true.

This glimpse of the future is more about the build up for Kanaya and especially Equius than it is Tavros though. But we can get through this one quick. Have an adora-horrible Gamzee and Tavros rap-off to cleanse your palette. Meanwhile, Terezi is off past the flames and through the woods to meet her lusus. I find this panel rather beautiful.

we meet again homestuck trolls

Deep in the woods is a giant doomsday scale and resting on one side is a blue egg, counterbalancing the skull of a mother grub. Inside the egg is a baby dragon who communicated with Terezi in her dreams, teaching her to use her other senses to detect the world after she was blinded.

Another side note, this species of dragon is only blind until maturity. Hmmm… The doomsday device would display the amount of time you had to get back to your hive and enter the Medium before the forest was destroyed.

we meet again homestuck trolls

Paradox Space and Skaia are definitely no longer being treated as benevolent. This transitions into discussion of the fascinating sociological structure of human families.

we meet again homestuck trolls

Just as they start talking about Kanaya's duty to raise a new mother grub, Karkat abruptly joins the conversation, criticizing her leadership choices and throwing an almost excessive number of weak burns her way.

She leaves at this point, and Kanaya mentions that Vriska is a romantic dead-end, both because of who she is and because she just told Kanaya she isn't interested in flushed or caliginous relationships right now.

Karkat and Kanaya make plans to talk in-depth about quadrants sometime, possibly with WV in tow. Dave leaves the Lalondes to their own devices, and goes to talk to Vriska and Arquiusprite. Dave starts to talk to Arquiusprite, asking him just to what extent he could technically be considered Dave's DBro. Arquiusprite essentially tells Dave that talking to him is something the real Dirk should do, despite Dave saying he feels more comfortable talking to a watered down version of Dirk, and that he would have some sort of social conniption if he had to talk to real Dirk right now.

Vriska reassures him that Dirk won't arrive until their enemies do, and Dave changes the subject to once more the contents of the fridge. Dave asks if it might be okay to let him out, and Vriska declines thoroughly, stating her plan to simply drop the fridge in the middle of the ocean with him inside when Earth is resituated. Dave shrugs this off, and once more begins his one man Freudian avalanche, asking if "johns hot mom" is awake yet. As Dave stumbles over his words trying to save face, Vriska leaves the conversation, Terezi teases him about it, and soon Rose and Roxy chime in, with such gems as "janey is a straightup sexual fox riding a red hot nuclear bombshell".

John begins talking to Jake, mostly about their favorite movies and the differences in their respective universes and childhoods. The topic of Jane's Dad comes up, and John becomes eager to meet him, especially since Jake's description of him makes John think he was a completely different kind of dad from the one [he] had.

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John resolves to check in on him soon, and to take Jane along with him. John remarks that Jake seems far less shy now, and Jake talks about his difficulties socializing in large groups, reminiscing on his false bravado in his initial letter to John all those years ago.

John reassures him, saying that he's going through some changes, which can be difficult but also good. John also compares Jake's outfit to a superhero's, or that of "maybe a plucky side kick, at LEAST", and goes on to scoff about bat man while praising his sidekick, which lifts Jake's mood even more. John stops as he overhears Karkat whispering to WV, who apparently has plans to build a Can Town to scale on Earth, until Karkat notices him eavesdropping and gets mad at him.

Then, Tavrosprite starts sneezing excessively, due to his allergies and the proximity of Jaspersprite, whom John suddenly notices along with Rosesprite. Vriska, banging the Warhammer of Zillyhoo on the fridge like a judge's gavel, calls the tactical meeting back in order. Vriska stands atop the fridge as everyone gathers around, and she begins debriefing our heroes on the situation.

The Condesce has regrouped on Derse, preparing for the incoming Jacks just like the kids are, mainly because the Derse raid caught her off guard and robbed her of two key players. Kanaya remarks that the situation sounds complicated, and Vriska tells Karkat to make diagrams for the remainder of the conversation, to which he begrudgingly obliges. Vriska first describes how the Condesce is extremely dangerous, with a wide range of troll abilities, and needs to be taken down or at least heavily preoccupied immediately.

Lord Jack she poses as less of a threat, due to lack of first guardian powers, but still lethally dangerous within his range of attack. Spades Slick she considers the least threat, with unknown alignment, so she suggests assigning low-level fighters to take care of him.

She emphasizes as key points of the battle that Jane, being a key revival player, should be kept out of the battle and given quick access to the breadth of the session. This, along with needing to keep the battles separate from each other, leads to the necessity of setting up a network of portals, which Rosesprite offers to take care of.

Vriska then gets ready to assign specific combat roles. Having told everyone about each of the villains who are approaching, Vriska allows everyone to choose who is fighting who: John, Rose, and Roxy choose to take on the Condesce. Vriska explains that Bec Noir is not an immediate 8attle priority because of PM attacking him, and thus she reserves Jade for the fight in case she wakes up.

Dave volunteers to fight Lord Jack, in the hopes that it will put to rest his prophecy of defeating L rd English. Terezi offers too, on merit of her battle skills. She also volunteers Dirk, much to Dave's obvious discomfort, and Vriska points out he'd probably seek out Dave regardless. Vriska assigns Jake to take on Spades Slick. Tavrosprite wants to join as well, and Vriska tells him that he can, but not before he performs some particular task which is yet unknown; Vriska says that she will talk with Tavrosprite about it in private.

Jaspersprite doesn't want to do anything in particular that is important, saying that he just wants to eat some tuna fish and cuddle with either rose or roxy or both.

Karkat wonders what exactly he is going to do, and Vriska assigns him the task of assisting Kanaya with her mission. Vriska concludes the tactical planning, urges them all to properly thank John later, and moves into basic Sburb endgame responsibilities.

She first describes Karkat and Kanaya's mission, which is to speak with Echidna. Both of them express concerns with the encounter, but Vriska assures them that it will be fine, reiterating that this is necessary in order to convince Echidna to release the genesis tadpole. Next, Vriska pulls out Earth, contained within a brownish eight ballwhich she hands over to John for safekeeping until they can resettle it after fast-forwarding its timeline a bit in the new universe. John inquires as to the nature of it, and Vriska explains that, on a guess of what pre-retcon Terezi meant when she asked for John's walletshe made this new modus by combining said wallet with her eight ball modus.

Vriska then explains other crucial endgame Sburb tasks, such as building up the houses, deploying the grist hoards, and lighting the forgeso they can claim the Ultimate Reward.

She asks if there are any questions, and John asks what she plans to do in all of this. She explains that she plans to kill L rd English, mainly by reigniting the plans previously abandoned by her pre-retcon self.

we meet again homestuck trolls

Everyone starts awkwardly wrapping up the meeting: Karkat and Kanaya figure they should head to LOFAF; John, Roxy, and Rose decide to use the upcoming time to make a battle strategy; John invites Jake along to help him plan for his battle, and Terezi proposes making up a battle strategy with Dave.

At this point, Dave awkwardly expresses how he feels uncomfortable making plans around Dirk without him being there, among other thoughts regarding Dirk. Vriska interjects, having had enough of his griping, and decides to expedite matters by pulling out Roxy's Crockercorp Appearifier Riflepointing it at Dirk, and shooting a fenestrated wall towards him such that he goes through it and exits out of the one sitting on the victory platform, drastically shortening his trip and launching him right into Dave.

Vriska gets ready to leave, stating that she's not sure she can "take another second of this. John stares at the device, speechless. The frame zooms out from the victory platform, all the way to the Skaian cloud from the start of the act, which is shown through yet another cloud. This cloud fades to black, then fades to an image of the scene in Calliope's dream bubble.

We zoom in, and Calliope offers to wake up Jade and Jane.

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Jade begins to say something before they go, but suddenly the stage they are sitting on disappears.