Warrior cats meet percy jackson

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warrior cats meet percy jackson

Discover ideas about Warrior Cats Quotes. That would be me if I meet scourge. Warrior Cats QuotesWarrior Cats SeriesCat QuotesPercy. Warriors and Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover fanfiction archive with over Percy, Annabeth, and Nico are drawn into the warrior cats' world and are Meet Kate, the Greek goddess of cats as she starts a new life in ThunderClan. #COContest #StoryTime. So I am a HUGE Criminal Minds fan and a huge Percy Jackson fan. So I'm actually going to write the ULTIMATE.

From there, well, that's when things started to get really weird.

Warrior Cats :smirk_cat:

The hammer was a pretty cool thing, it sort of It was pretty cool as a weapon as well, but he had to admit that he still felt more comfortable with Riptide in his hands. Besides which, he was pretty sure Riptide had never caused an almost war when he'd held it, with various cabins how the hammer should rightfully be theirs.

warrior cats meet percy jackson

Which is were events hit a little snag, though Percy had to admit the Hephaestus' cabin's argument was the strongest out of all he'd heard. The Athena cabin wasn't participating; Annabeth was still too amused by the whole situation and besides which, she explained, it was fun seeing Percy squirm.

See, while all the arguments were going on, a big-ass blonde Viking type dude stormed into camp and demanded his hammer back.

warrior cats meet percy jackson

Yeah, so that was an interesting day. Turns out Chiron and Mr. D knew the big-ass blonde Viking guy, and he was a God, sort of.

warrior cats meet percy jackson

No, seriously, there was this eerie sort of blue-white glow and Percy was sure it was vibrating and damn, his mind could think up some weird jokes to explain that. He needed to spend less time hanging out with the Stoll brothers, he was going to end up slapped. But yeah, hammer was glowing and Thor caught on pretty quickly, walking over and holding out his hand.

Percy got it; he had picked it up, the hammer had willingly went to him, Thor couldn't rip it out of his hand. He was just glad to give it back, even though he frowned — the warmth didn't disappear and apparently Thor had gotten it into his head that Percy was going with him.

He hated flying, and was pretty glad to hear Blackjack's offended cry before the pegasus pulled up under him, letting him drop out of Thor's grip. Thor looked like he wasn't sure whether he should laugh at the sight, or be impressed by Percy's riding skills. Percy didn't really care either way, but Thor was a cool guy, and he was pretty easy to talk to for a God.

Turns out there had been some fight like, centuries ago, and Thor had helped the Olympians out. They were silent the rest of the way. The dead cats reached they're destination: Both cats turned into twolegs. Bluestar dressed in a longsleeved dark blue turtleneck, dark blue gloves, baggy pants, tall converse.

warrior cats meet percy jackson

Her hair short cutted, and also darkblue. She also had her beautiful eyes, and looked like she was in her early fiftys, yet still beautiful Yelowfang, however, was dressed in ripped dark gray exactly like twoleg Blustar, exept that they were more cut up, and she had yellow eyes, and looked in her late fiftys. They each had a aura of power and wisdom. They went into the twoleg building, inside they asked the counterman for the six hundreth flour.

The Demicats: A Warriors and Percy Jackson Crossover

We're in a hurry! This threat caused the man to laugh,"You make me? I'd like to see you try! When the women reached the top, it was in ruins.

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When they reached the top, they heard a booming voice. All eyes turned to the women. Bluestar and Yellowfang dipped their heads,"Twoleg overlords. Bluestar made a purring sound,"Oh but what you are.

warrior cats meet percy jackson

What is it they call themselves, Yellowfang? Whay are you here? I thought we decided to keep away from each other. Did not Hermes tell you?