Wanna meet dave grohl lyrics

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wanna meet dave grohl lyrics

Wavves lyrics and translations to French, discography and site news. lyrics, translation, visits. Leave, --, 1. So Bored, --, 0 I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl, --, 0. nirvana kurt cobain dave grohl krist novoselic . could write that song in our sleep,” Kurt Cobain once said of “I Hate Myself and Want to Die. D F#m G D But I wanna meet Dave Grohl F#m G I wanna meet Dave Grohl F#m G I wanna meet Dave Grohl D Bm I'm not a kid? A D That's my mistake D Bm Get .

The group's single " Post Acid " was featured in a 3-minute and fifty second promotional cartoon called: The album also contains a live track "In the Sand".

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This is the first album the band had released on its own label, Ghost Ramp. On December 12,Wavves released a music video for their song "Sail to the Sun. The album peaked at 81 on the Billboardthe band's highest charting album to date.

wanna meet dave grohl lyrics

Still in Rock ranked the album third best of The band performed the song on Conan in support of the game. So it felt really nice to play out in the open again, in front of happy, sunburnt faces who don't need much convincing to have a good time.

It's really hard to fuck it up with a crowd like this! We got the hang of it pretty fast again. We met the German rapper Fatoni who shared a glass of post-show-whiskey with us at the hotel. He also saved me from a munchy-breakdown by telling me that there's a Mini Bar in the hotel room with Nussini chocolate bars.

Didn't pay for them the next day at check-out! Also at Rock am Ring, trying to play so loud that Damon can hear us Don't get me wrong, Rock im Park a great festival. We felt super honored to play there. We were on a bill with bands like Gorillaz and Foo Fighters.

wanna meet dave grohl lyrics

The chaos started when I googled the distance to Rock im Park the night before and realized that we have to leave at 3 in the morning to make it to the festival on time. Sally and Andreya snoozing on the way to Rock im Park, captured as always by the mega talent Rowan Allen have I mentioned that you should follow her on instagram already?

Get on it now rowanallen!

wanna meet dave grohl lyrics

Obviously we arrived at the festival like a sleep-deprived, hangry zombie-band. We were greeted by a security guard who yelled at us for not having printed out our car pass.

Festival Update: We met Dave Grohl. How do we meet Liam now?

Failure number 2 and it wasn't even 10 o'clock. It took us forever to find the right way to the stage. Eventually we arrived and tried to fit our little van in between all the nightliners and trucks from Gorillaz and Co. Time to go on stage: We hectically set all our gear up, including these new, cool LED-lights we got for this festival season see pic below.

Only thing is that we had only set them up once before! Needless to say it was a big shitshow. Grohl is getting the best, the best, the best of me. Because Dave Grohl is just so funny and cool and down to earth for a rock star.

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Is that reason enough to respect him as a musician? Enough of a reason to continue to give him a free pass on everything? How much goodwill has he accrued simply by being goofy and omnipresent?

wanna meet dave grohl lyrics

Easy to agree with. During the first episode in Chicago, Buddy Guy talks about making instruments with rubber bands when he lived on a Louisiana plantation. His burning need to make music brought him all the way to Chicago, where he found success he never dreamed of.

Wavves - "Idiot" & "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl" live Weezer Cruise 1/20/12

Instead, the episode cuts to equipment tagged with the Foo Fighters logo being wheeled into a studio where the band begins to cut a song for their new album.

The Foo Fighters are the nexus of each episode.

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So people respect the new album? So that they buy the new album? Kids who have never heard of Buddy Guy will go listen to his music, and that is a victory in itself. Have you ever seen the Foo Fighters live?