Vortec 350 cam swap meet

Right Cam Can Make Even a Junkyard Dog Small-Block

vortec 350 cam swap meet

The / HP Deluxe: Chevrolet Performance's most popular small block crate engine The / Deluxe, adds an aluminum intake manifold* and chrome Part Number: ; Engine Type: Chevy Small-Block V-8; Displacement ( cu. in.): Camshaft Type (P/N ): Hydraulic flat tappet; Camshaft Lift (in.): . The plan was to retain the original test's cam, Vortec heads, Weiand intake, it's a new casting with four-bolt mains and size main journals, which . Holley mechanical-secondary carb, , Swap meet, Buy Chevy GMC Truck Torque RV Ultimate Cam Kit TBI springs lifters Chevy GMC L L Torque RV Camshaft Cam Lifters Kit.

That 20 percent reduction would have put our stock hp 5. The cam swap bumped us up to hp, and with the computer tuning, we hit hp. But what is more impressive is the incredibly flat torque curve that hovers around lb-ft all the way up to 5, rpm, which makes this a great engine for towing, dirt abuse, and daily driving.

vortec 350 cam swap meet

Our engine is backed with a stock 4L60E four-speed automatic and 5. Our truck rolls on inch tires and weighs 5, pounds. We noticed an immediate improvement in on-road drivability. Overdrive used to be kind of sluggish. Now the transmission feels like an actual four-speed.

Increased power for your 1996 to 2000 350ci Chevy Vortec 5700 V-8 engine

The truck is more fun to drive and much quicker. Our engine started as a stock L31 with 65, miles on it. We had added a custom intake tube that runs to dual UMP filters because this truck sees extra-dusty conditions on a regular basis. We started by rotating the crank to top dead center and disassembling the engine. You can install a new camshaft with the engine still in the vehicle in most cases. Since we were already most of the way in there, we eventually decided to pull the engine and replace some leaking seals that had been bothering us.

With the all of the other components out of the way, you can remove the camshaft from the engine block. We lubed each lobe of the new cam with assembly lube before carefully sliding it into its new home.

Our old timing chain and gears were in good shape. We lined up the timing marks and reinstalled the parts.

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If your chain or gears look at all worn, now is a good time to replace them. A cam swap does not require the removal of the heads, but we had some leaks to fix. We installed a set of springs PN that dropped right in place on the Vortec heads and even allowed the use of the factory retainers.

vortec 350 cam swap meet

The additional spring pressure from 80 to pounds of seat pressure provided the necessary rpm potential and coil-bind clearance for the XEH cam. The Xtreme Energy cam itself offered a 0.

vortec 350 cam swap meet

After swapping over to the new cam, lifters, and springs, the flat-tappet, small-block was ready to run. We first treated the cam to a proper break-in procedure by exceeding 2, rpm for over 30 minutes to get the cam and lifters properly acquainted.

Prior to installation, we applied moly-based assembly lube to both the cam lobes and bottom of the lifters. After a successful break-in, we were free to run the engine in anger. The new Xtreme Energy cam offered significant power gains past 3, rpm, but lost no power to the stock cam even down low.

The cam swap netted an increase of 66 hp, pretty impressive from a single component—especially a relatively mild street cam. We know these heads will support well over hp with more compression, a low-mileage short-block, and slightly wilder cam timing, but for now, we can say without a doubt we have successfully taken our junkyard engine to the Xtreme.

Even a tired, old junkyard small-block will respond to a cam swap if you select the right cam. After pulling the small-block from the junkyard, we replaced the factory EFI induction with this dual-plane Eliminator intake from Speedmaster.

vortec 350 cam swap meet

Feeding the dual-plane Eliminator intake was a Holley XP carburetor we had on hand. For the ultimate in low-buck, it is possible to run one of the many Q-Jet carbs available in the yard.

Note also the MSD billet distributor. Run on the dyno with the stock cam using the Speedmaster intake, Holley carb, and MSD distributor, the Vortec-headed small-block produced hp at 4, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 3, rpm.

vortec 350 cam swap meet

The mild cam timing was obviously tuned for low-speed torque production. We wanted some serious power for our junkyard dog, so we selected a Comp XEH cam.

The hydraulic flat tappet cam featured a 0. Before choosing the cam, we made sure to check available retainer-to-seal clearance an issue with Vortec headsbut we measured sufficient clearance for 0. To ensure adequate rpm capability and coil-bind clearance, we replaced the tired factory springs with a set of springs PN from Comp Cams. The springs dropped right in place using the factory Vortec retainers.

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Removal of the front cover provided access to the factory timing chain. Before removal, we rotated the engine to TDC to line up the dots on the cam and crank sprockets. Out came the wimpy factory truck cam to make way for the more powerful Xtreme Energy grind. Prior to installation of the XEH cam, we made sure to apply moly-based assembly lube to the cam lobes and bottom of the lifters. After installation of the new cam, lifters, and springs, it was necessary to adjust the valves.

We settled on a half turn of preload using the factory stamped-steel guided rockers. Before firing up the new combination, we drained the old sludge and replaced it with some 10W ZDDP-enhanced break-in oil from Comp Cams.

After a lengthy break-in cycle, we were able to run the small-block once again in anger. Equipped with the new cam, lifters, and springs, the power output of our small-block jumped to hp at 5, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm. The cam swap netted an additional 66 hp and did so without losing any low-speed power a common occurrence with cam swaps. XEH Even sporting the Vortec heads and a good intake and carburetor, our small-block was no powerhouse.