Union people meet

union people meet

APHEDA People: Meet Naw K'Nyaw Paw. Oct 31, Union Aid Abroad- APHEDA is about people working together to make things better for all. This month. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA People: Meet Serena. Thursday, August 4, | APHEDA People. This month we introduce you to Serena O'Meley. Serena is a. About Union. Union County College has a remarkable history as New Jersey's first community college. We are known for excellence among regional colleges.

This motion is also not debatable and only needs a majority vote to pass. First let's look at the traditional Union meeting agenda: Call to Order — The Chairperson of the meeting "Calls the meeting to order" to start the meeting.

Reading of Minutes of Last Meeting — The Secretary reads the minutes, that is, what happened at the last Union meeting. If there was unfinished business, that gets listed under the "unfinished business" part of the current agenda. Reading of Correspondence — Any letters the Union receives are read to the members.

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If action is required, the Union Executive Board will have a recommendation as to what to do. The members vote on their recommendation. There may be other reports, such as a report on a District Council meeting, or a political action report. Chief Stewards Report — The Chief Steward should give a report on grievances and what happened to them.

If there are any arbitrations to vote on, it should happen here. Unfinished Business — This is business left over from other meetings. New Business — Any business that requires Union membership approval should be taken up here.

Tips on running the meeting The agenda does not necessarily have to be in the above order. If there is a really pressing issue it may be better to take up that item at the very beginning of the meeting, rather then make everybody wait until the "new business" point comes around. This often makes people edgy, especially new people who have come to their first meeting to discuss a problem.

It is extremely important that the financial report be given at every meeting, and this isn't one of the items that is dropped because of pressing business.


A meeting can be smoothly run without the Chairperson announcing, "We are going to follow Roberts Rules of Order. Instead the Chairperson can announce some simple rules for running the meeting. One person will speak at a time. No vulgarities or name calling is allowed. If you want to speak please raise your hand and I will call on you.

union people meet

No repeat speakers until everyone has had a chance to speak. Sit with them and explain what is going on. If a person uses procedure incorrectly, figure out his intent and help him through it. The chairperson should go out of her way to make the newcomers comfortable, give them recognition when possible, and draw them further into participation. Invite spouses to the meetings as full participants except for voting. Have good quality childcare so that the kids look forward to the meeting as well as the adults.

One technique we do not recommend is door prizes or lottery tickets to boost meeting attendance. On the other hand, Teamsters Local in Seattle used a financial incentive to break the ice with new part-time UPS workers. Those who came to an introductory meeting were refunded their initiation fee. If the union meeting in essence consists of the various levels of leaders—elected people and rank and file activists—then the next job is to figure out how to provide two-way information between the leaders who come to meetings and the bulk of the members in the workplace.

A strong and democratic union exists primarily as a force in the workplace, not at the union hall. Members and leaders should take assignments at the meeting, and these should be summed up at the end: John has volunteered to help the education committee put out a leaflet on xyz problem by x date. Everyone here in the abc department will take the group grievances and get them signed. Rebuilding Unions from the Bottom Up. Everyone that I met on campus was friendly and made me feel that I was genuinely wanted here.

In addition to the amazing students, I loved the professors that I met. I could clearly see that they wanted to see me succeed and help me achieve my goals. I volunteer as a Literacy Coach with Arise2Read at a local, underperforming elementary school once a week.

I love getting to help precious second graders learn to read and watching the lights come on in their worlds through literacy. Come into your college experience ready for both challenges and fun. Learning to live on your own, classes, and finding where to get involved can be challenging, but these challenges bring about incredible experiences, growth, and memories.

When I met the students, faculty, and staff here, I knew that I had discovered a rare community that would encourage me, challenge me, and love me as I tried to figure out the plans the Lord has for my life. Explore fun local places downtown Campus involvement: Don't feel like you have to have your future perfectly planned out; the Lord has a funny way of throwing curveballs at you and drastically changing those plans anyways.

Lean into the discomfort and the unknown, and allow Him to develop your character and your heart, not just your mind.

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I chose Union because I was looking for a close-knit community of believers to walk along side of me in my spiritual walk as well as my academic endeavors. Greek Olympics Advice for new students: Getting involved on campus is essential to having a full college experience and getting to know many different people.

However, be careful to not get too involved to ensure your commitment to each is meaningful. I loved the rigorous academics, Christ-centered focus and people I met. Go to Nerdvanna and play games with friends.

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Tuesday Feast, a weekly meal with friends in McAfee Advice for new students: I chose Union because the teachers and students are genuinely pursuing Christ and loving others! Mountain biking on the Union Trails Campus involvement: My advice to new students is to engage other students, pursue what you love, and find joy in the day-to-day. For the rich community, personal investment by faculty, and the Christ-centered approach to everything we do. Be with my church family, the Escape rooms, or grabbing food with friends.

College is very exciting and gives you so many choices on how to spend your time. Take advantage of the opportunity, but leave time for friends, family, sleep, and time with your Bible. When touring colleges, I was looking for two things. First, a place that immediately felt like a Christ-Centered home.

union people meet

Secondly, a community that I knew I could get involved in and feel loved. Union checked off both of these boxes and has exceeded my wildest dreams. I love Saturdays at the Farmers Market and driving around with my friends.

Variety Show is my favorite event. I love seeing groups come together and put on an incredible show. My biggest advice would be to not be afraid to grow in your walk with Christ and walk with others. Change can be hard, but here at Union the faculty want to see you succeed and will come alongside you to help encourage and guide your steps, just like Christ does for the Church. When I toured schools, I was open to any and all types of universities, but when I came and visited Union there was just a different feel.

Union has such a strong sense of community that it was undeniable that Union was my top choice. I love going to Fellowship Bible Church on Sundays. I also love the family fun center and Magic Wheels!

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During the fall months, I enjoy going to the 13th Realm haunted house with all of my friends. On top of cheering, I am heavily involved in Greek life and am Variety Show Director for my sorority. Technically, the performance isn't on campus, but it is a Union sponsored event. It is where the student activities counsel SAC puts on this huge show that everyone in the Jackson community comes to see!

Do not force yourself to like a school just because it is where you think you need to be or someone else thinks you need to be.