U of c gymnastics meet 2014

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u of c gymnastics meet 2014

St. Charles, Mo. Robert F. Hyland Pink Out/Alumni Meet. St. Charles vs University of Illinois - Chicago, University of Pennsylvania State of Missouri Meet. If you are trying to take your gymnastics skills to the next level or just want to follow some of the Bentley-Silverman-Stickley - Balance - USA Gymnastics. Women's Gymnastics Roster for the University of Illinois at Chicago Flames. Kirkwood, All American Gymnastics ()St. Louis Gym Centre ().

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The Tide first sold out Coleman Coliseum on February 1,when 15, fans watched Alabama take on Georgia; the Tide continues to report some of the highest fan turnout of any program, with an average attendance at home meets in of 12, second only to Utah. Alabama went into their final rotation in fourth place before scoring the highest team vault total in NCAA history as all their gymnasts scored 9.

However, saw the Crimson Tide fail to reach the Super Six for the first time since The new millennium[ edit ] Alabama captured their fourth SEC title inbut only managed a fifth-place finish at nationals that year, improving to fourth in Inthe Tide won their fifth SEC title with the youngest squad in program history, with seven freshman, three sophomores, three juniors and one senior.

Nationally, Rice won the All Around in while freshman Ashley Miles won the first of her three national titles on vault. The Crimson Tide added their first Olympian to the team with Terin Humphreya two-time silver medalist at the Olympicswho joined Alabama in and would go on to win two national uneven bar titles.

InAlabama was the first gymnastics program to draw two crowds of over 15, in one season. The s[ edit ] Alabama maintained a rank of No.

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Despite putting on one of the top performances of the preliminaries, Alabama stumbled in their first rotation at Nationals, sinking as low as sixth place during the final competition before rallying back to finish 3rd. The Tide began the season with eight freshmen on the team, making it the largest class in school history and accounting for nearly half the roster. Alabama entered the Super Six that year as the No.

The Tide defeated the overwhelming favorite Florida to win a second consecutive title in with a score of Alabama entered the postseason primed for a close battle with Florida in the Super Six, but uncharacteristic mistakes saw Alabama slip to third place behind Oklahomawhile Florida won its first national title. While specialized training is needed to administer the TOPs and the number of people deemed qualified to administer the test is limited, the reliability and validity of the TOPs test have not been reported.

Currently there is not a reliable and valid measurement tool to evaluate the specific physical fitness abilities needed for successful competition in either men's or women's gymnastics. Previous studies have examined possible correlations between a gymnast's level of competition or intensity of training and various singular physical fitness traits.

u of c gymnastics meet 2014

The gymnasts at the highest level of training were reported to be the most flexible, had a slender body type, weighed less, and demonstrated higher amounts of both functional and absolute strength especially in the upper body. InFaria et al 41 examined the relationship between anthropometric and physical characteristics of male gymnasts and overall competitive performance success.

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These researchers concluded that the top gymnasts were stronger in both absolute upper body strength and upper body strength relative to bodyweight, possessed greater overall flexibility through the hip region, shoulder girdle, and back, and possessed the least percentage of body fat.

Without a reliable and valid field-test for measuring gymnasts' physical abilities, fitness evaluation and training are often left to the tradition-driven ways of individual coaches.

With the consistent increases in the complexity and difficulty of the gymnastics elements being performed during competition, 7 a reliable and valid method of measuring and monitoring gymnast's total physical fitness levels is needed to collectively measure the physical abilities of gymnasts and monitor their physical state.

Establishing the reliability and validity of a measurement tool is a multi-step and complex process that must be investigated within the context of the tool's intended use. Various types of validity must be considered when evaluating a new measurement tool. Construct validity, or the ability of a tool to measure the abstract concept it is intended to evaluate, is one type of validity that must be assessed.

Methods of construct validation include convergence and discrimination, factor analysis, the known groups method, criterion validation, and hypothesis testing.

u of c gymnastics meet 2014

Given that a single study cannot definitively verify a theory, construct validation is considered to be an on-going process. Various forms of reliability such as intra-rater reliability, inter-reliability and test-test reliability must also be considered when evaluating a measurement tool. Test-retest reliability is used to establish that a tool will obtain the same results across repeated administrations of the same test.

Intervals between test administrations must be long enough to avoid the impact of factors such as subject fatigue and learning effects but close enough to avoid true changes in the measured variable.