Two rivers meet yoga singles

5 yoga retreats for solo female travellers in Costa Rica

two rivers meet yoga singles

Join Two Rivers Yoga for FREE for your first 7 days and if you love how you feel after a few classes you'll pay $20 per month to have unlimited access to our. Information about the latest exercise classes and charges at Two Riversmeet 5 gyms, 2 pools, over fitness classes and a redesigned golf course. Yoga. Meet fellow yogis on our luxury yoga holidays for singles. Award-winning spa; Guided hiking in the Himalayan foothills; Overlooking the Ganges River.

We started Yoga Singles a year ago now so I have had the opportunity to connect with so many brilliant people and discover what they want in a relationship. They are certainly out there. So embrace who you are and find someone who respects and supports your lifestyle with great and loving passion!

two rivers meet yoga singles

You will always be looking for the unattainable, the sparkling treasure at the end of the rainbow. And you know it! So what to do…?

two rivers meet yoga singles

Ok so when you meet someone new, write a list of 10 characteristics they posses. Start at the top with all the best ones and then as you go further down the list reveal the ones that are ok, and then the not so good ones. Possessions do not count in this, so money, cars, or a big house are not to come onto your list. Only personality traits please! Once you have your list, look closely at it. Do the good outweigh the bad?

two rivers meet yoga singles

Can you tolerate the bad traits? How much do you love the good ones? How important are they to you?

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If you are looking at a list with mostly good traits then try to give the relationship a good chance. If they have mostly poor traits then they are not for you. Take 3 deep slow breaths, counting to 4 as you breath in, hold your breath for 4 counts, then breath out for 4 counts and hold for 4 counts.

Continue this pattern 3 times focusing only on your breath. Now, as you continue steady breathing, bring your attention to the air coming in and out of your nostrils and count to 7.

Try not to allow other thoughts to disturb your focus, but if they do, start counting again. Once you have managed to reach 7 without disturbing the mind, you are ready to start your visualisation. Start by visualising yourself in a safe and comfortable place.

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It can be anywhere; a beach, park or even your home. See yourself in this space and feel the sense of happiness and peace wash over you. Then imagine what you would love to be doing in this space.

two rivers meet yoga singles

See yourself interacting with your ideal partner. What kind of things would you do together, talk about, or experience together?

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Try not to put a face to the person as it will only limit you. Instead, imagine the feelings you have when you are around each other, the interaction between you, the gestures, the conversation, the attitude, the love.

Be creative and enjoy this process for a few minutes. When you feel like you have a good grasp on the image, thank the universe for this blessing in your life, lower your head and slowly open your eyes.

The sanctuary is a hidden, magical property at the tip of the nicoya peninsula near the fishing town of Cabuya. Imagine crossing a river 4 times and walking through the jungle to reach your destination.

two rivers meet yoga singles

If you are looking for an intimate, secluded retreat in nature, this is the perfect spot for you. Surrounded by jungle, rivers and waterfalls, this very deluxe off-the-grid solar powered retreat place is surely transformative and you forget there is even a world existing outside.

Yoga retreats and teacher trainings are offered here all year and accommodation is in stylish, deluxe, modern jungle lofts. One the other side, about 20 min away from Montezuma you find the community of Santa Teresa.

Pranamar Villas is an intimate, consciously designed beachfront hotel on one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula. If you are a sunset and surf addict, this might be the best spot for you!

5 Handpicked Yoga Retreats For Solo Female Travellers In Costa Rica

The villas are a luxury treat, yoga classes and retreats are led by top class yoga teachers and the restaurant will spoil your senses with delicious creative cuisine. The laid back Hotel Nautilus is located in the middle of the long Santa Teresa beach stretch and offers yoga packages, retreats and daily yoga classes that are also open to the public.

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As a solo female traveler you will enjoy their organic restaurant Olam, which serves delicious food and yummy smoothies and is a very popular hangout for the local surf and yoga scene.