Transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

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transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

Sep 8, We're pretty certain that, if this stunt were attempted in real life, both passenger This being a Fast movie, the two heroes get out of the car with little more than a scratch. . For us, it was this depressingly fake scene that had our inner child in Transporter 2, where Statham manages to do a spot of bomb. The most hilarious scene was the car bomb jump. lol!! Well, they should have toned down the silliness to meet the same feel that was established in the first one. Surprisingly, Transporter 2 is only slightly below the height of the thrills the first Still though, the action scenes kept this movie flowing the right way. Transporter 2 has a lot more action than its predecessor, and it has a lot more transportation in it, be it in a car, Some of the stunts are completely unbelievable (the bomb).

The second movie improves over the first one by offering more original and more over-the-top action and a scale a bit bigger.

And of course, more interesting characters. It's nothing great, but it's a huge relief.

transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

Hollywood needs more sequels like this one to average action movies. Have you noticed how ridiculous Jason Statham looks on the cover of this movie?

transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

That pose is like ready for cirmucision. Baurushan J November 21, Transporter 2 is a better movie compared to the first movie.

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It's more stylish, more simple but more action-packed story, a better engaging plot and it has better characters. Jason Statham returns as transporting officer for hire Frank Martin and his latest assignment is to look after a boy named Jack who is the son of a politician named Jefferson.

transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

Frank takes Jack to the doctors while his mother Audrey played by Amber Valetta sets up a birthday party for the tyke. However, Jack's doctor is not who he appears to be- instead he is actually Dimitri played by Jason Flemyng who is a Russian agent planning to kill everyone with a virus and keep the antidote for himself. Dimitri kidnaps Jack after a long chase with Frank and secretly inject him with the virus which can easily spread by casual contact. When Frank learns what happened to Jack, he goes out to find the antidote that will save all the dying locals.

Now as I said earlier, this is better than the first movie and the formula and the concept of the movie has improved. He has no sympathy and completes the deal, but when his customers double cross him, he enacts revenge and the hostage ends up in his home. The girl, Lai, is grateful for the help and stays with him though she is free to leave.

However, her former captors are not too happy with her current quarters. Up until this point, the film is performing admirably, but once it's second half commences, the wheels begin to fall off one by one. The chemistry existing between Statham and Shu in the first act quickly evaporates. Not even the discovery of Martin's conscience works. We are led to believe that Lai's father Ric Young is one of the slaves, but we later find out that he is the mastermind behind the operation.

This new discovery throws into question why Lai was in the bag in the first place, and raises many other questions as well. The film never gives its audience the courtesy of answering those questions, and it feels as if Luc Besson is making it up as he goes.

transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

The action also goes down the toilet. It mostly consists of Frank being confronted by a group of ruffians and knocking them to the floor.

transporter 2 car bomb scene meet

Each man rises up to fight again, and every time he has them beaten more henchmen appear and join the fray. His reluctance to use lethal force is astounding. Buy Transporter - 2 DVD, Blu-ray Online at Best Prices in India | Movies & TV Shows

The invulnerability of every character completely undermines the effectiveness of everything the film wants to do, and reduces it to the level of Beverly Hills Ninja. The climax involves Frank parachuting onto to a semi-truck in an attempt to commandeer it. It is boring, and reminded me of how much more I enjoyed the semi-truck chase in License to Kill.

Statham flourishes as the amoral Martin and Qi Shu fares well as the confused and vulnerable young girl in strange surroundings.

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Francois Berleand is satisfactory as a friendly but suspicious detective, but has no interesting material. Matt Schulze falls flat in embarrassing fashion with his lifeless treatment of Wall Street. Ric Young is equally bad. Even Shu, who probably set the record for time being bound on camera, becomes a drone in the second half.

Cory Yuen is better than this. Luc Besson is better than this. Moviegoers deserve more than an action film that slowly destroys itself.