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transformers 1 autobots meet

On Cybertron, many millions of years ago, the Autobots are on the verge of extinction. Eons of war with the Decepticons, their bitter enemies. 1 Sam Witwicky; 2 Optimus Prime; 3 Mikaela Banes; 4 Dialogue; 5 Taglines; 6 Cast [The Autobots meet Sam and Mikaela in an alley]: Optimus Prime: Are you . Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a robot superhero character from the Transformers robot superhero franchise. He is the leader of the Autobots, a group of sentient self-configuring modular In Transformers: Autobots, Optimus Prime meets up with the other Autobots to give further commands.

The film features several grand battles in which a handful of major characters meet their end. The story takes place intwenty years after the events of the TV series' second season and serves as a bridge to the third season. Decepticon villains are more menacing, killing IronhideRatchetProwlBrawnWindcharger and Wheeljack without hesitation.

Optimus Prime dies following a battle with Megatron. Starscream is destroyed by Galvatron. Blaster gets four cassettes of his own like Soundwave known as RamhornSteeljawEject and Rewind ; however, Soundwave gets a new cassette called Ratbat. He then becomes the new leader of the Autobots.

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Season 3 —87 [ edit ]. Meanwhile, Laserbeak is given a Cybertronian robot mode. Soundwave's toy can totally be configured into that lamp-post mode. Trailbreaker's presence alongside Jazz and Prowl on Cybertron is just about the only indication of his "defense strategist" function in the cartoon. Three episodes from now, we will see that Shockwave was true to his word, and Cybertron has not changed one iota in four million years. The Decepticon vessel is last seen spiraling out of control, unpiloted, toward Earth.

It will be rediscovered in the Season 2 episode " Microbots ". The unnamed ship would finally be given a title almost 15 years later, when it was referred to as the Nemesis in the Beast Wars episode " Nemesis Part 1 ".

The events of the Beast Wars cartoon take place during the 4 million years in which the Autobots and Decepticons lie dormant in the wreckage of the Ark As the satellite-like probe later dubbed a Sky Spy leaves the Ark, we see a city skyline in the distance. While the cartoon's animation could never make up its mind about what was around the crashed ship oceanside cliffs?

Yep, pretty clearly an SLR. Wheeljack deploys a pair of tiny spinning blades from his front bumper, which lets him Laserbeak spies with a pair of cylindrical doodads that come out of the side of his head.

Rumble demonstrates his earth-quake-making power, which consists of banging the ground with a couple of big pile drivers that replace his arms. This will become one of the cartoon's most frequently-seen special powers, to the point that it eventually would carry over to the Marvel comics as well.

This power also seems to exclude Rumble himself from its effects, as the ground under him never cracks open. Hound pops out a little wrist radar dish that lets him hear what the Decepticons are saying from some distance away. Soundwave can display graphics — the space cruiser, in this case — on his chest door. Cliffjumper somehow stores on his person a gun that's as big as he is.

We don't want to know how he does this. Although it does look like it's collapsible. He also has a little cannon that pops out of his vehicle mode's backside. In the original script, this was his glass gas gun, but in the completed episode, it's merely a laser. His line "it's a gas! Laserbeak's cannons are shown to be able to disconnect from him, fly on their own and target Autobots independently. Although an ability actively described in his Universe profile, this would be the only time Laserbeak would employ his weapons this way.

Ratchet is shown splitting into his robot form and his repair bay; however, the repair bay is never seen again. Reflector, being a super-advanced space robot, can take a photograph and instantly spit out a paper print of the resulting image.

Starscream "activates the null ray", which freezes the device it's aimed at. A Grapple -like crane named Hauler is seen with Cliffjumper, recovering Hound; he's never seen again, however. Fans have speculated that this was to be an earlier release of Grapple's toy, aborted for reasons unknown. Energon cubes make their first appearance here.

They have to be compressed before they convert the fuel they have been filled with into energon, at which point they glow a sort of yellowish-white iridescent-y rainbow-y sort of color. The "compressing a stack" aspect of the cubes was quickly done away with after the pilot mini-series, but the rainbow-glow would stick around for a little while before being phased out in favor of a pink-purple coloration that became the standard representation of energon cubes down through Transformers history.

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Despite being known for the command "Autobots, transform! Megatron beats him to it with the less-common counterpart "Decepticons, transform! They, however, do not actually transform - just Megatron himself. Real-world references As with the corresponding first issue of the Marvel comicthe here-unnamed volcano is certainly inspired by the eruption of Mount St. The Transformers made heavy use of the sound effects library that sprung out of the movie Star Wars.

Fans have a tendency to make tiresome shocked exclamations that Laserbeak sounds like a TIE Fighter ; it is therefore instructive to catalog these sound effects, which are used far more extensively than just a couple of TIE engine roars.

Bumblebee (Movie)

About half a dozen sound effects tend to appear in nearly every episode, and at least a dozen total are known to have been used on The Transformers. The sound of the Death Star firing to destroy Alderaan, and Alderaan's subsequent explosion, is used as Skywarp and Thundercracker strafe Bumblebee and Wheeljack, and again as they abandon their pursuit. The sound of the Seeker training sphere aboard the Millennium Falconalong with Luke 's lightsaber humming and igniting, is used as Soundwave begins making energon cubes.

We also get the lesser-used Star Trek sliding door sound effect as Soundwave sends Laserbeak after Hound and Cliffjumper. There are also hints of the Sonic Screwdriver sound effect from Doctor Whomost notably Wheeljack opening and closing his rear door. Animation and technical errors In the very first shot, stars are shown passing in front of Cybertron. Soundwave's mouthplate doesn't move during his "Autobots are set to launch" line. Then again, Thundercracker has two wings. The Decepticon "welcoming committee" is a bit confusing: The initial shot shows StarscreamSkywarpand Thundercracker.

None of these characters were in this scene in the original script, which just credited the characters as "Decepticons"; Starscream, in particular, is shown to be at Decepticon headquarters in a minute, and the voice that comes out of his mouth "Autobots! All three are absent from the second shot, which shows four new characters: The third shot, as Wheeljack bears down on the group, shows a total of five Seekers, all very small figures with block coloring, one purple, one black, and the other three grey.

In the very next shot, Wheeljack is shown barrelling through Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker again. The final shot of the group sees Thundercracker and Skywarp transforming to pursue them. Though originally scripted only to be generic Decepticons, the pair subsequently have lines in what will become recognizable as their normal voices "They've gone underground, we'll never catch 'em now! Less explicable, though, is the voice heard declaring "After them!

No speaker is obvious nobody's mouth is seen moving on-screen and the line was not in the original teleplay for the episode. Presumably, it was meant to be another generic Decepticon from the group ordering the two into action, but as the line is provided by Frank Welker, the possibility exists that it's supposed to be Skywarp speaking.

If so, though, the voice is way off from his normal one, sounding almost exactly like Megatron. Bumblebee steps out of Wheeljack and immediately fires a shot in the completely opposite direction from their attackers.

Optimus Prime

Was he testing his gun?? Bumblebee is repeatedly shown to be a hovercar Bumblebee is repeatedly shown to be wider than Wheeljack in vehicle modeyet he has no trouble driving right into Wheeljack's cargo compartment.

He keeps driving in until he's completely out of sight, even though we can see at least half of the compartment. As Wheeljack opens his cargo compartment to let Bumblebee in, the energy conductors clip through his vehicle mode. As Megatron gives Shockwave his orders, Starscream is missing his canopy lines, and Soundwave's eject button is blue, while his backpack is white.

TakaraTomy later used this shot as a justification for giving Masterpiece Prowl his shoulder cannons.

transformers 1 autobots meet

Bluestreak is colored like Prowl as the Autobots stumble around in the wake of the asteroid collision; Trailbreaker, meanwhile, has one white and one gray hand. Starscream has a red "collar" around his neck as he prepares the tractor beam. When the Autobots and Decepticons fight aboard the Ark, there are two Starscreams - one fighting Prowl, the other fighting Ironhide. As Starscream fires on the Autobot ship, the top segment of his canopy is red instead of gray in some frames. As the gathered Decepticons gaze at the desert from atop the volcano, Skywarp's arm cannon is colored teal.

Part of Megatron's fusion cannon is white as he says "we'll set up here". In the years since Optimus Prime's departure into space in search of the Creators, Bumblebee retook command of the remaining team of Autobots on Earth. He and Cade came to the aid of Izabella after her Autobot companion Canopy was killed with Bumblebee himself destroying one of the attacking Sentinels. He blew himself apart, only for his individual pieces to piece back together and reassemble himself in order to dispose of the TRF forces, giving their side the advantage.

With Cade easing the standoff to prevent any collateral damage and Hound arriving at the scene, he urged the TRF to lower their weapons and allow them to leave, but not without the TRF tagging Bumblebee with a tracker. Back at the junkyard where the other Autobots camped, he struggled to keep the team in order, with Grimlock stealing the local sheriff's cruiser and Crosshairs questioning his leadership skills, with whom he engaged in a small brawl.

It wasn't helped by the arrival of the unscrupulous Daytraderwho brought with him more of his shady trinkets, which included a Vatti Bot which Bumblebee angrily crushed and the deceased Starscream's head.

The next morning, however, a convoy of Decepticons were heading towards at the junkyard. While Hound and Trench held the line, Bumblebee and others fled to a nearby town where Drift discovered and disabled the tracker the TRF had placed on Bumblebee. After the Decepticons had been lured into a trap, Bumblebee personally slew Mohawk before a Headmaster by the name of Cogman arrived on the scene to escort Cade to England to meet Sir Edmund Burton. Bumblebee accompanied Cade as extra muscle.

Ah, I was wondering what would break first! Your spirit -- or your body! At the castle, they were initially greeted by a tank Transformer suffering from "robot-dimentia" attacking them before Sir Edmund scrolled him for firing at guests.

Burton then expressed joy at seeing Bumblebee despite the Autobot not remembering him. It was then that Bumblebee was reunited with Hot Rod, who had sort of kidnapped a woman named Viviane Wembly.

When the TRF arrived, Bumblebee served as a getaway car for Cade and Vivian, depositing them at her flat before he took the two to the HMS Allianceduring which he managed to get his Decepticon nemesis Barricade off his tail by blasting him aside.

Leaving Hot Rod behind, Bumblebee took hold of the massive femme as she submerged and took the humans to a submerged Cybertronian ship. Inside the ship, however, the group was forced to split as ocean debris had made the path accessible to humans but inaccessible to Bumblebee.

He caught up with the two soon after Viviane had found the Staff of Merlin and seconds before Nemesis Prime arrived to demand the staff. After threatening Viviane's life for it, Nemesis walked out and Bumblebee, spurred on by Cade, followed Nemesis to try and reawaken his true personality. On the deck of the ship, Nemesis promptly beat Bumblebee into submission only for the sound of Bumblebee's true voice to reawaken Optimus Prime.

Allying with the Guardian Knightsthe Autobots flew to Cybertron to confront and destroy Quintessa while Viviane removed the staff from the ignition chamber to halt her plan. Though Cybertron's reconnecting and shifting geology proved an obstacle, the Autobots made it to the area of the ignition chamber only to be faced by a Decepticon army backed up by a gun emplacement and Infernocus ; they were eventually destroy by Optimus and Sqweeks.

Salvation came when the British military caused a nearby chunk of Cybertron to swing and impact the ignition chamber. In the temporary state of zero gravity, Bumblebee took the opportunity to kill Nitro Zeus by blowing up his head.

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Optimus then distracted Quintessa allowing Bumblebee to blast her from behind with a quippy one liner and Viviane to remove the staff saving Earth. InEarth-time, the crew encountered an alien ship, the Ghost 1in an abandoned solar system. After the ship turned tail and headed for one of the local planets, Optimus Prime sent Bumblebee down after it.

Bumblebee located the ship, and was about to approach it when Starscream arrived, and he was forced to retreat under the Decepticon's superior firepower.

Shortly after Bumblebee discovered some apparently artificial pillars, the ground gave way beneath him, and 'Bee found himself plunged into a cave system. With his radio damaged, he explored the caves, and was attacked by giant, monstrous worm creatures, whose organic nature did not make them any less challenging as opponents. Fortunately, Optimus arrived in time to save him. Prime and Bumblebee had a brief encounter with Starscream and the Ghost 1, the crew of which had been persuaded by the Decepticon that the Autobots were the aggressors in the Transformer war.

The pair retreated back below ground, and later found the Ghost 1 in a battered state, having been abandoned by Starscream. Bumblebee made contact with its crew, a species known as "humans", and the earlier misunderstanding was soon cleared up. When more of the worm creatures turned up, Bumblebee acted as a diversion so Optimus could blast a way out of the caves, and everyone escaped intact.

They returned to the Ark in time to fight the Decepticons once more. Bumblebee joined Ratchet in attacking Barricade, though the Decepticon gave them more than enough trouble.

transformers 1 autobots meet

When the Ghost-1 and its crew were lost during the battle, the Autobots turned their attention toward the planet from which it had hailed The Veiled Threat Classified novels Psst, down here!

Bumblebee was at Edwards Air Force Base with Ratchet when they received word that two Cybertronians in transition forms had landed near Hurley's Crossing. The pair went there by helicopter and encountered Reverbwho claimed to be a Decepticon defector hunting down another Decepticon who was after the technology at Hawthorne Army Depot. Though Bumblebee was highly skeptical, he followed Ratchet's lead, and they took Reverb to the depot.

When they reached it, Kevin Bowman let them know that Gears was an Autobot and in reality trying to protect an ancient weapons cache. The warning came too late, as Reverb turned the weapons on Bumblebee and Ratchet, who were unable to penetrate the personal forcefield Reverb had acquired. Despite this, Bumblebee lasted out Reverb's defeat with minimal damage. Switching Gears When Bumblebee and Gears were left at base, they received word from Douglas Porter that the Decepticon Blowback was heading up to Battle Mountain where a storehouse of Cybertronian artifacts had been discovered.

The pair were compelled to travel to Battle Mountain with Kevin and Douglas, though Bumblebee made a detour to a Kwiki-Burger on the way. On arrival, they were attacked by Blowback and his men, and by the time they'd dispatched the four Decepticons, Kevin and Douglas had found the storehouse. They were subsequently picked up by Ironhide and taken back to face Optimus Prime's anger at them having gone off on their own.

The trip was cut short when the convoy was ambushed outside Beatty by Reverb and some stolen Hyperdynamix autonomous tanks.

They caught a break when Reverb was called away to the nearby Hyperdynamix Aerospace facility, and while Gears and Kevin followed the Decepticon, Bumblebee remained to protect the remains of the convoy. One day, when the AllSpark suddenly began giving off energy spikes, a nervous Bumblebee was troubled by the fact that planetary leaders Optimus and Lord High Protector Megatron were more concerned with a nearby archaeological excavation than with the source of the spikes, but Cliffjumper reassured him that they could handle whatever came their way.

He would soon regret those words when aliens from the nearby Eshems Nebula attacked Simfur. The pair were seeking cover inside the temple when Lord Megatron swooped in, berated them for not taking the fight to the enemy, and destroyed their opponent. Defiance 1 Instructed to stay out of the military's way, Bumblebee was concerned that the attack signalled the start of something big, but Cliffjumper was unconcerned on the basis that two lowly guards wouldn't be part of whatever it was.

Prowl agreed, ordering them to stay at their posts, after which he quizzed them on how the AllSpark had reacted during the battle. Defiance 2 Well, that's one way to make a first impression.

His ambition ignited by the mysterious relic discovered at the archaeological dig, a power-hungry Megatron sought to have Optimus disposed of, and sent a team led by Prowl—including Bumblebee—to apprehend him on charges of treason. When Optimus angrily demanded to know what he had done, Bumblebee pointed his weapon at the science leader and said they were just following orders, which seemed to satisfy Optimus.

What 'Bee and the other security officers didn't know, however, was they were being led into a trap; on the way to the city of Metrotitanthey were ambushed by a soldiers loyal to Megatron, who had been ordered to kill them all, save Optimus. Bumblebee helped haul Arcee to safety after the group was hit by an explosive round, and Optimus ordered them all to withdraw to Burthov while he took care of their attackers personally.

Defiance 3 Foundation 3 My alt mode is Pac-Man! After it was learned that Megatron had rebuilt his Defense Force as an army known as the "Decepticons", Optimus—now Optimus Prime, embracing his destiny—organized Bumblebee and the others loyal to him to stand against Megatron's forces as the "Autobots".