Track and field meet checklist for traveling

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track and field meet checklist for traveling

First time at a track and field meet or first time on a team? Here is a list of suggested items that you should be packing in your bag. Stock up on some items in the travel size section of the store or pack nearly empty bottles so. the USATF National Track and Field Officials Committee. Traveling with Your Starter Pistol. In Conclusion. Starter's Equipment – “What's in the bag?” 29 . Checklists for Starters of track meets started by thousands of different starters. 5 Items To Pack For A Track Meet. Great idea for veteran parents of kids in track and field. Know what to bring for the long day in the sun.

There will be three minutes between each event.

What to Pack in a Track and Field Bag for Practice or a Meet

The three minutes between events will allow time for the announcer to announce the results of the event prior to the previous event. The only exception to the above will be when hurdles are being placed on or taken off the track and the start of the relays. This will ensure that the races will be started every 90 seconds or three minutes.

Meet Officials and Duties In charge of all activities during the competition. Responsible for the conduct and supervision of all meet officials. Responsible for receiving written protests. Act upon any protests. Rule on any race infractions and interpret the rules of the meet. Consult with the Jury of Appeals when situations arise.

Announcer Keep runners, coaches and spectators updated as to the race schedule. Coordinate presentation of awards medals to top three.

track and field meet checklist for traveling

Results of the event prior to the last event contested will be announced after each race. Announce team scores after every three events scored 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and prior to the start of each meter relay. Alert Event Timing Official when relay exchange zones are ready. Recognize all meet officials and workers during the meet not all at one time. Make any related public service announcements. Clerk of the Course Position each competitor in their proper race heat and starting position lane. Distribute hip numbers for all races.

track and field meet checklist for traveling

Participants are to place competitor numbers on their left hip. Inform that these numbers must stay visible. Make sure competitors stay off the track. Meet Clerk Check teams in and hand out team packets. Collect any entry fees that have not been collected. Write receipts upon request. Assist Inspector Exchange Judge with the second exchange. Position the third and fourth legs on the track in their proper position for the meter relay.

Send athletes out of the infield at the conclusion of each race. Starter Take a position appropriate for the type of race being run. Initiate the starting process without delay when given the white flag by the Event Timing Official. Stock up on some items in the travel size section of the store or pack nearly empty bottles so they aren't too heavy.

If you are new to track and field you are probably wondering why on earth anyone needs all of this stuff in their bag. I know I never thought about all of this when my daughter first started out. Well below are a few explanations. My daughter has been throwing now for 3 years and we just finished up her third season. Even now we forget to pack something, like the sunscreen for the hot and sunny invitational where she got a nasty sunburn.

track and field meet checklist for traveling

Item Why do I need that? Towels Participants are at a meet all day and chances are that they only compete in a couple of events. It can also be used as a general checklist—post it in your room, locker or bathroom and review it before you head out the door.

Running Shoes Whether you are a field or a track athlete, you will need a good pair of running shoes to get you moving. Find a shoe that fits your body and foot type by going to a store that specializes in track and field gear.

These stores sometimes offer better deals and employ people who specialize in the needs athletes. You will also have the opportunity to run in the shoe to make sure it is comfortable. Buy from a website that will let you send back its gear if it does not fit properly.

That is why you will also need a spike or shoe made specifically for your event. Specially designed shoes will help you perform better, prevent injury and give you the support you need at competition.

In addition, jumpers and sprinters will need spike pins and a spike key. Spike pins are screwed into you spikes to give you a better grip of the track.

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A spike key will help you take out or tighten your spikes. Water and a Sports Drink Besides your shoes, a bottle of water is the second most important thing you need in your gym bag. Always have a bottle of water with you. Your body will thank you during and after practice for staying hydrated. For an extra boost, carry a sports drink like Gatorade to help replenish those much needed electrolytes. It usually has a drawstring at the top and is light and easy to carry around.