The 100 2x01 ending relationship

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the 100 2x01 ending relationship

Sutton (Meghann Fahy) had just ended her short fling with fellow that their work environment was more suited to workplace relationships. upon them by the A.S.A., the police, and by Tobias Whale's gang, The As seen many a time in season one, by the end of the episode, they One of the most remarkable things about their relationship is how fast they. Describe your feelings about “The War to End All Wars” in one gif: I cannot wait to see where Lyatt's relationship is going. It's going to be.

This is me being all in with something without having to look the other way about certain behaviors. There are no words to describe my Lyatt feelings right now. Just a lot of passionate gestures, mouth gaping, and all your basic non-verbal shipper motions. Then you had the reunions — the first, where the pieces just seemed to fall into place, where the color returned to the world. And the second, where they were returned to the present and shared a very real, honest, brutal, and beautiful moment where Lucy let herself break and where she trusted Wyatt to catch her while she did.

Not after they thought they lost each other. Not after they lived in a world where they thought they had.

There are no words to which I can put together to adequately describe my feelings for Lyatt. They are the definition of the slow burn and they are the definition of how the hell to make us feel the burn but not drag it out long as fuck. But they know that imperfection is what makes them relatable. We got a chance to see these two characters interact with others, one believing that the rest of them were dead and the other believing she was still alive, and it was devastating.

Not because I want to see the heterosexual couple get together, queer person here, but because the best relationships are built on trust, belief, and friendship. In season one I walked into this ship with caution, but the season two premiere took me from happily shipping from a distance, to jumping on board the SS Lyatt. These two have come a long way since the Pilot last year, and every moment has felt entirely earned and electric to the point where it was hard not to fall for these two immediately despite my caution.

The danger of their missions served to highlight how it affected their relationship, and quickly established how much they trusted and cared for each other. This hour hit it home on demonstrating that, especially in the moment they found each other in Season two, bring on the moments, laughs, angst and happiness because I am all in for Lyatt.

There were times even late in S1 that I wondered whether Wyatt was really ready to move on from Jessica, so I was a bit afraid to ship them. Wyatt made it clear that Lucy is his priority, above everyone else. Season one slowly took them from strangers, to friends, to hints of more.

I definitely had the feels from them in the S2 premiere. That scene — OMG. There were episodes in S1 where I questioned it — but there were moments that had me seeing the potential of this ship. Rufus calls Wyatt out on his feelings. If a ship is endgame — then there is always angst. Angst that can always be overcome. Also, any romantic relationship really needs a basis of friendship beneath it. This one has that. I think what really got me started was how much Wyatt worries in S1 about when Lucy gets taken by Flynn.

And especially in the premiere of S2 — If he worries that much — then how much much will he worry about her if they are together? Ever since Season 1 I knew there was just something so great between these two. They were a team first with Rufus. It was the small moments between their rides on the lifeboat to their mission of the day where you could sense the build up between these two. So there was still a wound, however, he was healing in ways where Lucy was there for him platonically.

The boy gestures to each side, "Where? A split second later she throws her knife, it sticks in the skull of a Reaper running at them. She jogs forward, yanks the knife free, then picks up the short sword of the dead Grounder beside the Reaper. The other two follow. Short sword in her left hand she blocks the axe of a Reaper from disembowling a fallen Grounder, then with the knife in her right hand she slits the Reaper's throat. Without pausing, Artemis turns and runs back toward s the other group still fighting, four Reapers and two Grounders.

Halfway to them, she throws her knife again. It sticks in the shoulder of one Reaper, making his arm twitch and his sword drop from his hand.

He turns angry, and picking up the sword in the other hand runs at Artemis. When they meet, Artemis ducks under his sword and slashes at his leg. It gives out and she spins around behind him, removes the knife from his shoulder and slits his throat.

A scream erupts behind her. She jumps to the side but is still struck in the ribs by a club. The female Reaper climbs on top of her and raises the club to smash Artemis' face. With as much force as she can find Artemis sits up, shoving both the knife and the short sword into the Reaper's chest. The movement sends so much pain through her side and lungs that her vision whites out and she collapses back to the ground. Season 2 Episode 3 2x Strength and Weakness They've brought Artemis to a new prison.

This one has a metal grate above and concrete walls with a yellow stripe. There is also an entrance with stairs up to the surface. She sits against the wall with a manacle around her ankle that is connected by a chain to a bolt in the floor.

A young girl barely older than herself is being led into the new pit. She's holding a bucket of water and a handful of cloth. Artemis watches her approach without moving. The girl comes forward and kneels beside Artemis. Slowly she dips a piece of cloth in the bucket and rings it out. She waits for the Grounder guard to exit before answering. You killed three hundred of our warriors.

Gently the girl begins washing the dirt from Artemis' hand and forearm. The girl shakes her head, "But yes, you are not here to be tortured. The girl rinses the cloth in the bucket. Artemis bites her lip as she watches the cloth on her skin.

She was alone again. For now, the Commander only wanted your wounds cleaned. She has a look as though she wants to ask something. She bites her lip. I studied every Earth skill: I poured over maps and history books.

And I spent hours every day learning how to fight, with guns, with sticks, with knives, with my hands. I wanted so badly to come to Earth. When the girl finishes cleaning her arm, she dips a new cloth into the bucket.

Carefully she reaches out toward Artemis' face. Artemis takes ahold of the water soaked hand. The girl smiles shyly at her, then averts her eyes for a second before returning to the task of washing the cuts on Artemis' face. Spoonful of Sugar Artemis looks up almost excitedly when she hears the metal gate opening on the stairs.

Lexa enters, alone, carring a bowl of steaming soup. Lexa reciprocates with a hesitant smile of her own. The ribs of her left side are all purple and green. Artemis jerks slightly as Lexa's fingertips brush her skin.

She scoops a spoonful of vegetables, then raises the bowl to Artemis' chin. Artemis rolls her eyes and opens her mouth. She sees Lexa's waiting face and searches for a better answer. We had limited resources. Down here, there is much more freedom. With sudden swiftness she pulls the bowl away and rises. She looks down at Artemis and is only able to meet her eyes for a brief second before walking away.

Parole Artemis is sitting on the top of a ravine, her back against a log. A bird sits on the branch of a tree sticking out of the ravine edge. She whistles two short chirps. The bird calls back. The bird starts at Lexa's voice and flys off. Artemis watches it go, then turns to look up at Lexa. She turns Artemis' face from side to side. How are your ribs? You dump a bunch of teenagers who have been locked in cells for years down on a planet with seemingly endless space to roam, no one is going to really want to fall right into line.

Or wrong situation I guess. Her thoughtful look is replaced by curiousity as Artemis looks back up. That seems like it would lead to conflict. How do you make any decisions?

They talk it over and decide what to do. Usually they decide right. If you had to choose one? But Clarke is a healer, she appreciates the value of every life.

Her leading with him at her side. That's how we've survived. Kane and Jaha reunited Kane is dropped through the grate and lands painfully on his back. He hears the rustling chain and props up on his elbows in fright. He sees the shadowed figure inching closer and closer until Jaha steps into the light.

Kane's face is filled with disbelief. Blood Must Have Blood Kane is struggling to get the manacle off of his foot. He grunts as he pushes at it, causing nothing but a gash and blood. Artemis raises both eyebrows, "Are you serious?

You're son died down here. Where you sent all of us to be your lab rats. Kane stands as more Grounders come down the stairs into the cell. Jaha and Artemis remain sitting. The Grounder in the middle tilts his head toward Jaha. Both Grounders on either side of him move forward.

They grab hold of Jaha and begin to hit him. They remain holding him so he doesn't fall back down. The bearded Grounder looks at Artemis. Biting her lip she shifts onto her left hip. Using the wall she comes to a standing position. With a nod of permission, Lexa steps over to Artemis and waits.

He points at Kane and Jaha in turn, "One of you, will die, here, today, by the other's hand. I will hear the terms of your surrender, from the man who lives. Kane stares at the knife as though it will give him some other solution. Kane continues to stare at the knife. His frustration builds, "That's why we need to end this war! Jaha looks at Artemis curiously.

He said 'from the man who lives'. Jaha pushes himself up onto his feet and takes a few croutched steps closer to Lexa and Artemis. Artemis watches her movements and then pushes up from her slouched position. Artemis sees the questioning look in her eyes and very slightly shakes her head. Jaha doesn't seem to notice. Jaha looks to Kane, with an unsure look. Kane shifts forward, "We had nothing to do with that. That is our way. The Choice Kane is staring at the knife again.

Jaha glares at her. Jaha leans down next to Kane, "We'll offer a trade. These people are primitive. I've seen how they live. Our technology, our medicine. It might earn us peace. Artemis looks from Lexa to the back of the whispering Jaha. Kane walks to him and offers him the hilt of the knife. You did not order the masacre. The choice we made on the Ark, was about survival. We had to, so that the human race could survive.

It's the only way. I won't let you die for me. Jaha jumps forward to try and stop the bleeding. He knocks away the knife and lowers Kane to the floor. Artemis tries to stop her, but winces and grabs at her own ribs. Jaha begins to wrap the bandaging around Kane's cut. He grabs hold of her but before he can get a good grip Artemis bowls into his legs. The commontion has drawn the Grounders who waited outside.

The bearded one from earlier comes with purposed haste. Lexa is huddled on the ground behind Artemis, who is laying on her back, leg raised, holding off Jaha with well aimed kicks. The bearded Grounder looks at Lexa. Lexa holds his gaze then looks down at Artemis and back up.

Gently picks her up and carries her out of the cell. Once Artemis is out of the cell, Lexa stands, she removes the scarf from her hair and picks up the dropped knife.

It's clear your intentions are honorable. Your desire for peace is true. In the mean time, your friend will be used to send a message. The two Grounders holding Jaha begin to beat him. He falls to the ground and they continue. Each grabs and arm and they drag Jaha from the cell. Blood, must have blood. Lexa doesn't return the smile.

the 100 2x01 ending relationship

She stares at a spot on the ground next to her feet. Lexa opens her mouth to speak, but no words come for a moment. Kane got what he wanted. What we've all wanted.

Lexa clasps her hands together nervously. You've been given allowance to leave.

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I have, a choice? A nod is the only answer Lexa offers. Artemis turns back to the view of the ravine below. She listens to the hum of insects and the babble of the small creek below.

After a few seconds she finally meets Artemis' gaze. She looks around at the trees, and up at the sky. She takes in a deep breath of the air, smelling the forest. We built something here. Something better than we've ever had up there. She brushes her hand along Lexa's shoulder, "You know the other reason. Lexa takes a steading breath. Truce Under Construction Artemis is sitting in the back of the Grounder camp outside the Ark wreckag. The man that was once her guard and is now something more of a babysitter walks back with two small skins of water.

He hands one to her. Where is that group going? She spots a jacket that looks like it must have come from the Ark, on a blonde woman. Commander Lexa Artemis watches from the bushes as Clarke leads a small group of Grounders into the drop ship. Silently, she follows, as fast as her injuries will allow. As Clarke and the Grounders climb up the ladder to the top level of the drop ship they see Octavia crying over Lincoln's still body.

Everyone in the room becomes tense, eyeing each other and looking for the closest weapon. Boots clump up the ladder clumsily and Artemis' head pops up in the hatchway.

What are you -? Octavia's sob breaks the silence. Artemis looks down at Octavia and notices Lincoln for the first time. A thought bubbles up in her eyes and she croutches over Lincoln. With suredness she jabs the shock baton at the spot over Lincoln's heart.

His back arcs as the jolt shoots through him. Abby does and a sudden breath floods Lincoln's lungs. His eyes open and his breathing is ragged and rushed. He calms only as Octavia's face appears over him, "Lincoln," she whispers. The Grounders look around in wonder and shock. Lexa watches Artemis as she tilts her head back and mouths a silent 'thank you'.

Clarke and Abby share looks of relief, while Bellamy still holds a firm grip on his lowered rifle. Artemis watches Lincoln and Octavia for a few moments, before getting up and making her way down the ladder 2x Artemis is at the top of a hill just a a couple minutes from the Drop Ship camp. She hears the crunching leaves of someone's approach but doesn't turn around until they are only a few yards away. When she does turn, it is Lexa. Lexa presses her lips together and glances away.

After a deep breath she looks back. I had no idea. Just send me back to my camp? You didn't need any more information. I didn't believe you, I didn't want to. My people, must come first. What's happening to us now? If they are met, then your people can stay. She studies Lexa's face, searching for truth, for emotion.

Clarke says she can restore them to who they were, as she did with Lincoln.

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Weather, along with hundreds of my people. Not until she gets her people out of Mt. She is a strong leader. She takes a stumbling step towards a large rock and plops down on it looking dumbfounded. Lexa walks over and sits beside her. They sit in shared silence for a moment before Artemis speaks again. Weather," Artemis looks down at the space between them. She reaches out her hand, tentatively at first, she takes ahold of Lexa's.

Then maybe we won't have to worry about having to put them first. Season 2 Episode 8 2x What is the Pain of 18 Deaths? Clarke walks into the infermory to find a coughing Lincoln strapped to a bed with leather restraints.

Octavia stands next to him, trying to hide the worry on her face. Artemis sits in the corner, eyes closed as though taking a cat nap. You don't have much time to decide.

He turns to Abby and Clarke, "If you don't do this, she will kill everyone in this camp. The Commander is offering to take just one, so take the deal. Finn was the first person to come to you to offer peace.

Some of them were my friends too. That's not who he is.

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At sunrise the Commander will end it with her sword, but I've never known anyone to survive until the sword. Then we can have peace. Trial by Lawyer instead of Fire Kane and Abby stand in Lincoln's room having just explained their plan. Even if we decide he belongs in jail? Lincoln looks at her twitching fingers for a second before speaking, "Finn killed innocent people.

If death has no cost, life has no worth. It's how we live. Lincoln watches Artemis' fingers, which continue to twitch as she stares at the floor. Reunion Artemis steps out of the infirmary, leaving Octavia and Lincoln with some privacy. As she passes a guard she pauses, "Hey, um, is Sergeant Miller, um.

Did he make it, down here? She spots Sergeant Miller and her pace quickens. The movement draws his eye and he turns to see her. Finn's Execution Clarke and Bellamy are walking with hurried strides through the camp towards the main gate.

Clarke hands Bellamy her gun. I, I don't know. Clarke looks at her confused. Raven takes her arm and slides a shiv up Clarke's sleeve. I owe him my life. Bellamy pulls the gate lever as she turns to leave. They respect strength, you need to fake it right now.

Artemis drops her hand from Clarke's shoulder as they are walking. Artemis stands behind Clarke, one step to the right, her hand on her knife. Walk like you have the right to pass and no one should question," Artemis whispers before they get within earshot of the Grounders.

Clarke does as she says and the Grounders part quickly to clear her path.

the 100 2x01 ending relationship

As they reach the Commander's tent, Indra does not move, she points her spear tip at Clarke. Indra starts to push her spear closer to Clarke, before it can touch her, Artemis steps forward and knocks it away aggressively. Lexa emerges from her tent in full armor, with a long black cape, and a sword at her hip. Angry voices start to rise in shouts and yells. Clarke and Lexa look to see Finn being brought forward by Grounder guards to the large post in the middle of the camp.

Show them you can be merciful. Show them you're not a savage. I burned three hundred of your people. I slit a man's throat and watched him die. I'm soaked in Grounder blood. He did it for me. Lexa gives a slight, concenting nod. Clarke takes two steps toward the post.

Artemis catches Clarke's arm as she passes her and pulls Clarke up close. She whispers in Clarke's ear as she taps Clarke's chest just between her third and fourth ribs, "Don't miss. Artemis and Lexa both exchange a glance before they turn to watch Clarke say her goodbye.

Finn's limp body hangs from the restraints around the post, blood coats his shirt. Indra and a couple of Grounders yell out in rage. Artemis' knife is half out as Indra raises her spear to throw.

Raven's cries pierce through the night, filling the camp and the clearing. Clarke stares up to where the sound is coming from. She holds her hands out, open to judgement, as she stands in shock and denial. I found the whole 'Finn's spirit haunting Clarke' thing both annoying and overdone, so it's not present in my scenes, and you can just pretend it didn't happen all together. Funeral Arrangements Blood clings to Clarke's fingers, she stares at it still in shock. Suddenly the sight awakens the panic that has been building inside her.

She begins scrubbing furiously at her hands, letting out half sobs, and half strangled cries. Artemis places a hand on her shoulder, tyring to calm her, when suddenly the tent flap opens.

In walk Abby and Kane. Artemis steps back as Abby rushes to comfort her daughter. Abby kneels infront of Clarke and places takes ahold of her shaking hands. I had to," Clarke says through her tears. Clarke sees his entrance and force composure back on her face.

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She pushes away from her mother and wipes her tears. Lexa and Indra enter. As they move to the throne, Clarke and Abby move to stand beside Kane. They wanted to murderer to suffer as our tradition demands.

But they do not know that your suffering will be worse. What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days. The body will be given to the people of Tondc. Murdered and murderer joined by fire. Only then can we have peace. The boy should be buried by his own people.

We were owed the pain of eighteen deaths. My village deserves justice. Everyone accepts her decision. All of our people. When do we leave? If this truce doesn't hold, I killed Finn for nothing. When Clarke and Atemis exit the tent, Raven is kneeling over Finn's body. Artemis steps around and catches Raven by the shoulders, holding her both back and up. Forcing herself to stay calm and in control. Artemis continues to hold her in place. There's a death ritual.

It's the only way to get our people out of Mt. She glares at Clarke through her tears. Artemis slowly lets go and takes a step to the side. And don't worry, I'll bring the damn radio," she says, almost spitting on the last word. Just in front of Lexa on her horse. Camping with the New Allies Lincoln sits down at the fire next to Octavia. Artemis is sitting with her back against the tree. Her fingers fiddle with a stick as her eyes study Gustus and the Commander's tent.

They think the Reaper is still inside. He looks at her, his eyes no longer staring off into a distant memory. Artemis walks over and lays her blanket down by Clarke's fire. Not so Welcome Welcome They have all stopped at the gate to the village. A Grounder holds a crate. Lincoln walks forwards and hands a knife to the Grounder. Atemis walks up behind him.

She pulls out her hip knife, places it in the box. Then she pulls a knife from either boot and places both of those in the box. Last she pulls one from her lower back and tosses that in on top of the others. Bellamy does not look happy at this news. Clarke sets her pistol in the box as Gustus watches Bellamy's reaction.

Bellamy removes the magazine before handing over his rifle. Kane hands his over next.

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Raven refuses to move, but allows Gustus to remove the knife from her bag strap and take the rifle from her arm. He then pulls a knife from her leg pocket and turns her around to find another in her bag.

The man does not. He steps forward and with one punch he knocks the man to the ground. He leans over him and hits him again and again. Clarke exchanges a look with Bellamy before she rushes to Lexa's side.

They'll blame us for this too. Lexa turns to address the whole crowd. Anyone who tries to stop that, will pay with their life. The Funeral Artemis is standing beside Lincoln, just behind Bellamy. Dinner Interrupted Artemis is standing at the table between Abby and Octavia. Lincoln looks around, taking in the surroundings. Everyone turns to watch Clarke, Kane, Bellamy, and Raven enter and take their places at the table.

Kane holds up something wrapped in cloth, "Please accept this gift, Commander. We drink this at special occasions. He hands it to Lexa. She studies it for a moment then looks up at Kane. Just ah, don't drink too much of it.

Lexa hands the first cup to Clarke. He takes a long sip, then hands it back. Tomorrow we plan our war. The room turns to chaos. Some rush to Gustus' side as he falls onto the floor. Bellamy knocks the cup from Clarke's hand.

The sky people bunch together as weapons are suddenly drawn and pointed their way. Bellamy and Artemis move in front of Clarke. You have to know this wasn't us. Nyko squats next to Gustus. Lexa leans over them.

Indra looks around, "Everyone out! Lexa glares at her, "Gustus warned me about you, but I didn't listen. He is holding a vial. Lexa looks from the vial, to Clarke's pleading eyes, then to Artemis' poker face. Octavia turns to Lincoln, "Do something.

Lincoln catches her just as she reaches the first step. Back in the former dinner hall now turned holding cell again, everyone has split apart, trying to take in these recent events in their own way. Clarke approaches Raven cautiously. If you tried to poison her, I need to know. Abby and Artemis both step over. Artemis slips between Raven and Clarke.