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swap meet merchandise wholesale

Swap Meet monthly magazine provides flea market and swap meet vendors with wholesale sources from around the country. All types of products are available. New Flea Market Wholesale Products Available with NO COMPETITION! We have wholesale products for you to sell at flea markets and swap meets. Suppliers and Wholesalers of Swap Meet Merchandise products. Access companies on the USA's leading wholesale trade platform.

Wholesale Mall E. Every so often there will be a massive raid on many locations so that merchants will not be tipped off.

swap meet merchandise wholesale

But be careful police are going after the small vendors and retailers. First time offenders might end up with probation, but this will hurt your chances of getting a job, joining the military, or getting into college. Be careful when shopping in LA. If you are buying a name brand product, it might be a fake. And you might be supporting street gangs. Other Wholesale Outlets These consist of large warehouses near transportation hubs. You may need a resale license just to get access, and you need to buy in volume.

Off the between the and They sell stuff that has been returned to major retailers. They even made a commercial: But they also carry tools, candy, toys … You need to have a business to get access, they will have someone contact you. They ship to your store. Maybe not ideal source for swapmeeters. They sell a wide variety of stuff. It is hard to figure out there theme—maybe just good deals. You need to purchase by the doz.

Finding Products to Sell at Swap Meets

They only do internet sales. Despite their name, the seem to be located in La Habra. As the name implies, this is were they sell stuff to those dollar stores. The quality might not be the highest, but what the heck, it retails for about a buck. They say they are in Los Angeles, but they are actually located in Carson. They can even make private label perfumes.

The name is a bit misleading. When you log onto this site, it feels like your first trip to a Wall Mart.

Finding Products to Sell at Swap Meets - DirectLiquidation

This is where wholesellers and major retail stores get their inventory. You will be amazed at how low the prices are. You can even customize the items with your logo. Many factories have reps who quote prices so you can ask for multiple quotes.

Buying wholesale from warehouses — LA’s Wholesale District and Beyond

And if you cannot find what you are looking for on this massive site, they have a post a request feature which will allow factory reps to get back to you in a couple days with bids.

This site allows you to see photos of the products and gives you contact information for the suppliers. Many suppliers have links to their websites; and if you are looking for hand crafted items many of these suppliers are small shops so you might not have to order a ton of inventory.

The main strength of Global Sources is that they vet the suppliers. It tells you what they are all about. They visit each company three times a year and look into their financial health. They also make sure they have the intellectual property rights for the stuff they are selling.

They rate each company on a scale of They do offer free e-magazines and e-mail alerts which provide information about new products and what the suppliers are pushing. And they offer product fairs in India, China and the US. This site seems to be geared toward larger retail buyers, but you can use it to make contact with suppliers who may be willing to sell smaller quantities on a one-to-one basis.

Similar types of things to Alibaba. And we noticed some gray market goods—stuff that companies sell in lower prices in lower income countries being exported to higher income countries. This site was formed to give the little guy a bigger piece of the pie. These companies may now just be using Alibababa. But you have to pay for shipping to the port of LA, picking up from the port, and minimum quantities.

The minimum order was at least 1, items for a lot of the stuff with good prices.

Merchandiser Group Magazines | Wholesale Sources for Flea Markets & Swap Meets

Nowadays, swap meets have become the same as flea markets as less and less merchandise gets traded for other goods rather than money. Some sellers offer scrap material, some sell used merchandise while others might have electronics on offer.

No matter what the product, it goes cheap and every item has a buyer. Sourcing Cheap Wholesale Pallets Some online bloggers will claim that local distributors are the best option when it comes to finding cheap products to resell. The proximity and lack of long-distance or international shipping is the bonus that helps you get the products at the cheapest possible price. However, this search can be time-consuming and you may not get tried and established distributors.

When you are looking to sell merchandise at a flea market you want it to be cheap, in a quantity that will not be too hard to transport to the location. Neither wholesale suppliers nor retailers will be able to offer you prices that can guarantee your competitiveness on the flea market, but there is an alternative.

swap meet merchandise wholesale

Buying Pallets of Liquidation Merchandise Finding the right products to sell at wholesale merchandise suppliers or at your local distributor or retailer could be a time-consuming job and more often than not an unsuccessful one.

This is why you should turn your attention to the liquidation companies. Through liquidation companies, you get access to a wide variety of products, from top brands, all due to the exclusive relationships established between liquidators and the retailers and manufacturers. You can buy every day and even purchase smaller loads that enable you to test the demand, without committing to hundreds of units.

This is exactly what you need as a flea market seller. In addition, if you find a reputable liquidator near you, you can pick the merchandise up yourself, on your way to the stall, saving on shipping costs. We have to emphasize that you should work with reputable liquidators and when purchasing any lots, go through the manifest, a list showing the quantity, type and the condition of the merchandise within that lot.

This way, you can also go for the cheapest option, the unsorted customer returns that could hide many gems. Liquidation companies also offer the safety of working with established businesses, with all the protections that affords. They sell items at lower costs, but have the guarantee of a day warranty on many, so you can have confidence in the quality of the products.