Swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

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swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

Instagram photos and videos posted at Swap Meet Lazaro Cardenas. ubicados en Swap Meet "Lázaro Cárdenas" (Tijuana, Baja California) •Pasillo 2: local. Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas # | Esq. Prol. Av. Universidad, Tijuana , Mexico. km from Swap Meet Siglo XXI. “I stay at this hotel at least once every . Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. Boulevard Gustavo Díaz Ordaz; Tijuana, Swap Meet Lazaro Cardenas, Tijuana, Baja California. 55 likes .

Great menu of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. Two features are of special interest - first are the quotations and pithy sayings in Spanish along all the ceiling beams. The second is the extensive use of Loteria cards to decorate the ceilings as well as the backs of the menus. Both are great for practicing Spanish while enjoying your meal. Los Arcos - Popular local place with tasty lobster, mussels and fish platters.

No English menu, but if you ask for Cesar, he can help you order. Owned by other members of the Sinaloa drug cartel but more mainstream than Negro Durazo.

swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

Albahaca - Restaurant inside Hotel Ticuan. Good mix of continental and traditional Mexican cuisine.

swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week. The omelets are great at breakfast, and at dinner the "Filet with Three Sauces" is excellent. Open for lunch and dinner. Some recipes supposedly date back to Aztec times.

Menu includes a number of items such as corn fungus, and bone marrow soup. Gringo-friendly but Spanish is useful. Prices range from moderate to expensive. Italianissimo -Blvd. Italian cuisine, a classic restaurant in Tijuana. Dishes from all regions of Italy. Excellent and innovative Mexican dishes, and great tamarindo margaritas.

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Moderately expensive by Tijuana standards but well worth it c. It's the tall building with blue lighting, you can't miss it. Directly across the street from Hotel Lucerna. A culinary experience, known to be one of the best restaurants in all of Mexico. Expensive by Tijuana standards at USD a head depending on wine pairings and menu items, but well worth it.

It's also a favorite because of it's unique menu which blends both Baja and Mediterranean flavours in it's food and wine selection. It is in the so called restaurant district on Blvd.

I Fridays, La Diferencia and Cheripan. There are many other great restaurants in the city, ranging from Mexican to Asian food. The city is also full of sushi bars, something that has caught on in recent years. Drink[ edit ][ add listing ] Beers, margaritas and tequila are available at numerous establishments starting at 10 to 15 pesos. Full cocktail bar serving a variety of imported and national drinks. Very nice interior decor. New Body is at the corner of Av. This upscale sports bar plays american music and serves a wide assortment of premium alcohol, including imported and domestic drinks.

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New Body Tijuana also features pole dancers, smoking and non-smoking lounges, and takes reservations for bachelor parties. Some are said to also accept backpackers. Postal, phone Casa YMCA children onlyBoulevard Cuauhtemoc SurColonia Chula Vista, phone and Budget[ edit ] Although travel guides and taxi drivers insist that there is no cheap accommodation to be had in Tijuana, there is if you know where to look.

Most of Tijuana's budget haunts are located in 2nd and 3rd Street, while the more outlying ones are probably less safe and certainly more difficult to reach. A number of them in Centro also rent by the hour too. Hotel Morelia, Calle 3a No Btwn. A pleasant place to stay cheap in Tijuana, right in the midst of it all, but reasonably quiet. Also note that the hotel does not require a deposit for the key, so if the clerk asks for a deposit, he is looking to pocket extra money from you.

Do not bring any valuables, because the hotel clerk may steal it from you. It's surprisingly safe as long as you stay away from drugs, do note that it's a notorious place for getting pinned by police officers because of all the drugs in the area so make sure you don't carry any.

There is a criminal element here, and cops keep an eye on the place, but you'll be fine if you keep your head down and don't carry drugs. Astor staff offers attentive friendly service. The Restaurant serves traditional International Breakfast. WiFi connectivity is available. At the north end of Zona Centro, directly adjacent to the large arch spanning Ave.

Revolucion, is the Hotel Nelson. It is reasonably-priced and clean, and has a bar as well as a restaurant downstairs. Splurge[ edit ] Grand Hotel Tijuana, Blvd. Agua Caliente Col. A more luxury hotel is the Grand Hotel Tijuana.

The Grand Hotel Tijuana is one of the most prominent feature in Tijuana's skyline, having 2 33 story twin towers. It features several bars and restaurants, and an in house shopping mall. Adjacent to the hotel is the Club Campestre de Tijuana, Tijuana's oldest and most prestigious country club, which features an 18 hole golf course in very good shape designed by Allister McKenzie, who also designed Augusta National Golf Club site of the masters professional championship.

Hotel Lucerna Tijuana is another very safe and clean hotel in the Zona Rio with a great pool, and service. It also has a very upscale bar, restaurant, and lounge area.

swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

Being renovated as of late The renovated rooms as of Octoberthe Junior Suites are beautiful, and you may be upgraded to them for free. Opportunism in the form of cons or misrepresentations can be found anywhere in the city, but fromdrug violence had erupted and then waned in Tijuana due to intense crackdown by the Mexican government and Mexican drug cartels turning on each other. However, joint action between the government and the police severely weakened the Tijuana cartel, and now all that's left is the remnants of an uncontrolled group of renegades.

The vast east side of Tijuana is particularly dangerous and prone to drug violence, though this also varies on exact neighborhood, there are many gated and planned communities which are isolated from it. Zona Norte can also be very dangerous if you are walking alone. Much of Tijuana's drug violence happens in these two parts of the city.

Most of the drug violence is not targeted at tourists, but rather at competing drug cartels as well as Mexican police. However, it may be possible for tourists to get caught in the middle, so like anywhere it is best to stay alert, though as of there is little a casual tourist will see in the way of drug violence unless one specifically seeks it out.

Most tourist sections for the most part are generally safe, such as heavily patrolled Avenida Revolucion, Playas de TijuanaZona Rioand Tijuana's red light district in Zona Norte.

As with any large city, use common-sense and street smarts when walking the street; especially in the red light district of the "Zona Norte" North Zoneas streets get more isolated they become more prone to opportunists.

The police are generally protective of tourists and the business they bring, but will not hesitate to act on their suspicions if they do stop you, so the less they have to go on the better. Laws differ from those in the USA. Park in well marked parking lots with security guards.

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Police enforce the laws on foreigners who commit crimes such as pedophilia or buying illegal drugs, including pharmaceuticals without prescription. Corruption still exists among the Tijuana Police Department as it does in many Mexican cities the Mexican Federal Police on the other hand is trustworthyso beware.

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But this is usually done when you are alone after a night on the town, are slightly intoxicated, and your actions make you a potential victim. When speaking to an officer, stay calm and respectful. Typically, if you have done nothing wrong, stand your ground and they will eventually let you go.

You can insist on seeing a judge, and explain what happened. If you do this, most likely the officer will try and save face, and give you a warning and send you on your way. Never offend or belittle the officer or the country of Mexico, as agitating the officer will never work.

For traffic infractions, you are entitled to a written ticket, and you can pay the fine by mail.

swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

In any case, these made-up charges are usually only a small fine, most likely less than the bribe you would offer; you do not go to jail. Remember that you are not immune from Mexican laws, if an officer pulls you over for speeding because you were speeding, it's not corruption. Illegal drugs and drunk driving are taken seriously in Mexico, as they are elsewhere.

Theft - Pickpockets can be found in certain heavy tourist areas. If you find yourself being swarmed by small children who want to sell you something, be aware that they could be trying to pick your pockets.

Swapmeet lazaro cardenas.

Drug-dealer informants - In many bars and on the street, it is common to be offered illegal narcotic drugs for sale.

Some of these peddlers work with the police. The flight to Tokyo is no longer offered from Tijuana and is only offered directly from Mexico City.

Los Angeles International Airport is the next nearest airport for a wider range of international flights. If going towards the Los Angeles metropolitan area the bus, train from downtown San Diego or rental car is usually more economical than flying unless you are continuing to another destination from San Diego via Los Angeles on a single ticket.

This airport serves as a transit point for travelers wishing to proceed further into Mexico from Southern California and the Las Vegas area on a domestic flight. See By bus in the below for a list of additional bus companies with links to their websites serving Tijuana including the airport. Buy a ticket in one of the booths at the exit of the airport.

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US dollars will be accepted. Go outside the airport and take the blue and white Mirador-Centro-Zona Rio-Aeropuerto-Otay bus, heading west from the other side of the marked intersection with the traffic lights. Revolucion areabuses to the airport leave along 2nd street Calle Benito Juarez. The trip to the airport takes under 30 minutes. These blue and white buses have 'Aeropuerto' written on the windshield.

As in many Latin American cities, buses need to be 'flagged down' to stop. Take care - the local bus system in Tijuana can be confusing [when coming from the US - e.

swap meet lazaro cardenas tijuana mexico

IATA is 25 miles 41 km north of the international border and can be used as a transit point for travellers wishing to visit Tijuana or proceed further into Mexico. Walk Across the border and take a taxi to the airport, Zona Rio, downtown Tijuana Centro or anywhere in Tijuana from the Mexican side of the border See below under On foot.

Going north, they also continue to San Diego Airport for drop off on demand. Keep in mind that only ticketed passengers flying into or out of Tijuana are allowed to cross through here. By car[ edit ] From U. Either park at the border and continue on foot or drive into Mexico. Driving from the US to Mexico often requires no stopping, but inspections driving south have become more frequent as authorities attempt to stop firearms trafficking into Mexico, resulting in long wait times during periods of heavy traffic.

However, driving from Mexico to the United States will result in a long wait, even more so during evening rush hour or on holiday weekends. If you are driving to Mexico, obtaining Mexican insurance with legal defense coverage is highly recommended, and can be bought immediately before crossing the border, or even online before your trip.

When coming into the U. Getting to the Otay crossing can be a little scary not good for Gringos at night and the border agents here don't seem as pleasant as the ones at the San Ysidro crossing. If the pedestrian line returning to the US is long, it may be faster in some cases to take advantage of the numerous van and bus lines that cross the border.