Super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

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super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

Disclaimer: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO! we ended up actually doing a RP of Chiro meeting the Monkeys as well as .. a chef or even become an assistant for Mr. Gakslapper in his Hover Burger Business. "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!" Meet the Wigglenog (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Greg Cipes Chiro (voice) Chris Reccardi assistant director. Posts about Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go written by Chiro's civilian clothes look like a school uniform, so did they go to school together? .. Her act is juggling sharp knives and her assistant around- much to his dismay! .. Chiro goes out and has his first meeting with the episode's titular.

But the show makes up for it with its Characters, so its time to dive deep into out main cast of heroes and the main villain of the story. Nobody wants to see a kid try to act like an adult unless he necessary, otherwise it seems to come off as fake. However, this leads him to having all the stupidity of a teenage boy as well.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

He can be lazy, overly-flashy, and prone to outbursts. He could be full of himself and bossy, but he treats his team like friends and cares plenty for them. I think Chiro is a difficult character because he seems to switch between acting cool-headed, smart and funny to being stupid, self-absorbed and annoying.

And I never felt like this changed. I blame that on putting the character development so close to the end of the season. Unfortunately, all that comes off as being a bit too perfect. One thing we can both say about Antauri is that he has some of the best battle animations in the entire season. And that brings up another thing, actually- Antauri is a showoff.

And his job is to be a superhero. As the main Monkey brawler, Nova is the one with the most physical strength. She likes to get up close and personal with her enemies, and with that strength, knock their heads off their shoulders. She is nice and friendly, and has plenty of confidence in herself. Something to notice is that she is quick to keep some of the boys in line- mainly Sparks and Otto, who can do or say the wrong things at times.

I take that as neither needing nor specifically wanting the attention herself. And this is where we differ. She has just as little character growth as Antauri, but with a less flashy move set. So I can only hope she gets better. Sparks is just a joy to watch.

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Sparks is the one who seems the most human. He can be serious, however, and those moment work because they usually come at the right times. That can be good in rounding him out, but nothing we particularly like seeing without good reasoning. However, something we both noticed was his closeness to Chiro. Early in the season, he is often close by to his leader and they are regularly seen hanging out together. Sparks will also help Chiro out the most, covering shifts and giving him morale at times.

And there as so many similarities between them, I can easily imagine them as a pair of brothers. If you had asked me before this retrospective, I would have told you that Gibson was my least favorite of the Monkey Team. All citizens would agree that it was truly fitting to its title of the Zone of Wasted Years. Why would anyone think of venturing outside their peaceful city? Who in their right mind would linger on the mere thought of it when everyone else's would cruise by it as quickly as their hover vehicles?

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

It would in fact surprise all to know that there was one particular boy who did have a more open mind than most. A boy who may very well be the key to something greater than anyone in the city would be able to comprehend.

But one may need to ask themselves this question: Who is to say that they don't start out as average as everyone else? Someone who has their own share of troubles? Even as we speak? Amongst the busy afternoon streets, a thirteen-year-old boy was shirking through the clumps of people. He often had to adjust his white backpack's straps to avoid it stripping off his shoulders. There was sweat forming in his black hairline, but he tried to ignore it. In spite of how distressed the boy looked, this was just another typical part of the day for Chiro.

He was used to running and hiding from the older, bigger, and stronger boys who taunted him and, if they were in the mood, beat him to a pulp. It was an unfortunate occurrence that he was placed on the very bottom of the school food chain and therefore an easy target for those who stood above… in more ways than one. Chiro was determined to make it home without running into any bullies. The direction he was taking was sure to throw them off his trail.

Making sure he was not sighted by any attracted eyes, Chiro darted across the street and into a narrow alleyway. He pressed his back on the wall and stayed put for a bit to slow his heartbeat. Then with a cautious peek around the corner, he scanned the crowds with his baby blue eyes for signs of the two particular boys he was on the lookout for.

To his relief, they were nowhere in sight. With only some turned over trash cans and the musty smell of rats scourging for food for company, Chiro was otherwise alone. He had only a little way to go before he made it to the safe zone. He adjusted his backpack and walked on.

Meet the Wigglenog

He was half-way to the other end when he froze. As his luck had it, blocking his way to freedom were two older—and not to mention larger—teenager boys: Even when he wasn't grinning like enjoying the torment of a fellow classmatehis crooked buckteeth were always noticeable; a reminder of his lack of care on his dental.

The shorter and tubbier boy was Glenny. His skin was much darker and he had a brown afro puffed up on his head.

Though the differences between him and his accomplice were glaring, he had some similar features like the small eyes and hefty noses. And their pairs of eyes, of course, were fixed on one thing only: Trying to stay calm, the boy groaned, "Come on, guys… I really don't want to go through with this again. I think they'll be too much for your dinosaur brains anyway.

He didn't have time to turn around before his shirt collar was grabbed by B. It doesn't sound as—hey! Controlling his rate of breathing, Chiro ran down the sidewalk. He knew for sure B. He disregarded the looks of some curious pedestrians as he right past them, who were then startled by the two teenage boys pushing by in chase of the thirteen-year-old. Chiro's didn't slow down, but he did look back over his shoulder.

If he didn't think of something, he would be caught and… well, he didn't want to think about it.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

He looked to his right. Hover cars were zipping by without so much as leaving a remnant on the paved road. He estimated that the next crossing was a quarter of a mile away. Let's see, he thought. Running into a busy road and getting run over or getting beat up and stuffed into a trash can.

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What kind of options are those? Okay, first one it is, Chiro quickly decided. He made a sharp turn and ran out onto the street. There was an alarmed yell or two as the next hover car came his way, but he didn't stop. The driver, however, did notice Chiro and slammed down on his breaks before he made impact. Chiro was already safely to the other side when he heard the driver shout something to him about staying off the road. It mostly went over his head. He continued running and chanced another look behind him.

They must have chickened out of following him across the hectic road. He couldn't help but give a self-satisfied smirk at what he imagined their faces looked like. But as the vigilant young man he was, he didn't rest until that area of the city was far behind him.

The sun was setting beyond the city, filling the normally pink sky with tints of orange. The planet's orbiting moon, Ranger 7, was already fading in.

Normally, this would be the point for kids to hurry home before dark the city had set a curfew for minorsbut Chiro instead slowed his pace. He didn't need to rush now. Familiar buildings appeared on either side of him. Most were worn-out, likely standing there long, long before he was born. These were the few in the city that hadn't yet succumb to the policy of the new structural metal that now dominated the rest. Chiro came to a stop in front of one.

This one was a privately rented out apartment two stories tall. There was hint of erosion on the top left corner of the building and a crack on one of the windows which was, luckily, shielded by a tree from any probing eyes. He smiled, a sense of serenity settling over him that would only appear when he was in the safest place in the world: Approaching the door, he reached into his pocket and fished out a bronze house key.

He fitted the key into the keyhole and twisted it. The door rattled a few times before it came loose. He stepped inside into the hallway which darkened upon him closing the door. The interior of the apartment was small. There was a kitchen and dinner table in one room.

In the hall where he entered, there was a room to his left that served as an office… if it can be called at that stage. There was tons of paperwork stacked on a desk and boxes of wires and appliances shattered across the room. He vaguely remembered that when he was four or five, he nearly got buried under them after unwittingly knocking them over… and there weren't as nearly as much as they were now.

After removing his backpack and setting it in the kitchen, he noticed a note. He smiled, well accustomed to the hasty hand-writing of it. He removed the magnet that attached it to the fridge and read it over.

Chiro, I may be home a little extra later than usual because of a deadline. Your dinner is in the fridge. Put it in the microwave for at least five minutes I'll try to be home as soon as I can.

If you're still awake when I do come home, I want to talk to you about those boys who keep picking on you. Love, Aunt Zia P. I saw your most recent report card. I'm so proud of you! There's a special surprise for you on the TV.

He groaned lightly, not liking the subject of the two bullies being discussed with his aunt.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

He wanted to solve his problems on his own; plus, she had enough to worry about. His aunt, Zia, was a very sweet and polite woman. Being the optimistic person she was, she kept her chin up in the hardest of situations and always considered the benefits of others before her own. However, she was also very busy. To support both Chiro and herself, she worked each and every day at her job, pulling in extra hours for even a measly amount of additional cash.

She usually didn't get home until late in the evening because of this. It was not that her boss, Mr. Nieli, was a tyrant. In fact, it was on more than one occasion that he insisted for Zia to take it easy or take a day off, but she never did unless it was for a chance to celebrate Chiro's birthday or she was very ill which was very infrequent. It still amazed Chiro how she was able to do so much and make sure he was taken care of when she was not home.

As far as he knew, she was his only living relative, but he loved her more than anything out there. Curiosity overcoming his hunger for the moment, he walked over to the dining area, where a small TV and a gaming console sat next to the counter. On a box wrapped in plain brown paper was written in black marker, "Con-grade-ulations, Chiro! But I'll play later; didn't get my good grades playing games all day.

As it was cooking, he opened his backpack and removed a book and notebook. He always ate and did his homework at the same time on weekdays, and he was always careful not to get his notebook messy. About a half hour later, he had finished his meal and his homework. He intended to play a little bit of his new game, but he just couldn't find himself motivated.

After avoiding getting beaten up, running home, and eating, he found himself very tired. He gained the power to posses the Power Primate, awakened the robot monkeys sleeping inside, and became the Hyperforce's leader. He's become a close friend to all the other members of the Monkey Team in his adventures with them. Other than that, many parts of Chiro's past still remain a complete mystery.

His backstory has only been touched a few times.

super robot monkey team hyperforce go meet chiropractic assistant

In the episode Skeleton KingChiro and Gibson come across a room filled with various toys and clothing. Chiro comments grimly that the stuff is his "from a long time ago. Apparently, his greatest fear is being weak and powerless. From these points, it would seem that Chiro may have a hard past. According to some of the staff, Chiro's a latchkey kid.

Since so little is known about Chiro. He becomes the subject of many fan-theories. Some state before Chiro found the Super Robot portray Chiro as an orphan with abusive parents, or his parents died and his relatives occupied Chiro's house and ill-treated him, or Skeleton King made his parents as his prisoners or sent them to some other planet or galaxy.

Some even believe that Skeleton King 's related to Chiro in some way, the most common form of this theory being that he's Chiro's father. In the episode, I, ChiroAntauri dies and his soul goes into Chiro's body. Which in turn, Chiro turns into a monkey, until the next 2 episodes where Chiro turns back to normal.

Powers Chiro's powers come from the Power Primate entity inside him. He can utilize electrokinesis, as seen in the attacks Lightning Kick and Thunder Punch. He's also seen utilizing the Power Primate for combat. An electricity based punch. An electricity based kick. Used often, but not as often as "Thunder Punch" after the first couple seasons. A bolt of lightning thrown by Chiro. Again, not used as often after the first couple of seasons.